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Ryan Timmons on Neal Brown: “He’s hard coach, but that’s what you need”

Ryan Timmons

Ryan Timmons


Question: Is offensive coordinator Neal Brown different as a coach than the guy that recruited you?

Ryan Timmons: “He is a lot different. The recruitment is obviously nice, but we are business and serious on the field. His anger and frustrations come out a little more than I thought it would be, but I was kind of expecting that. I know recruiting is coaches being the nicest person they can be, but on the field it is a lot different. I saw that when I came to practices. So it was not anything that shocked me.”

Question: So is he a lot more intense than you maybe thought?

Timmons: “Yeah, I was thinking that he was lot more intense than I saw before. But he is a great coach. He’s a hard coach, but that’s what you need. If a coach is not coaching you hard, then obviously you are doing something wrong and they don’t expect you to reach your full potential. So I see it as a great thing for him to show his frustration with me.”

Question: Do you study more film with him or receivers coach Tommy Mainord?

Timmons: “As a whole, we watch film as an offense for certain things that coach Brown wants to talk about on certain plays. Then we usually watch film with coach Mainord. They show us both what we did wrong and another play what we do right and trying to be consistent with right routes, right depth. It is mostly the wrong things that we did on the field.”

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  1. Jim

    Mr. Timmons has to be a leader for his team, this season. Hoping to hear “Touchdown Kentucky” after he catches the ball, may times, this year.

  2. Larry Pup

    Timmons will leave his mark at UK before he’s through. He is a great athlete, and seems to be a fine young man with character. I am glad he can take hard coaching. He can learn from it, and grow into a better player.

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