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Russell’s mom wants more info about her son


She’s tried to avoid reading Internet blogs and listening to chatter about what might be wrong with her son, Kentucky sophomore running back Donald Russell. However, Tanya Russell plans to make a trip from Florida to Lexington this week to ask head coach Joker Phillips eye-to-eye what has happened with her son.

He started the season No. 2 on the depth chart, dropped to No. 3 behind freshman Raymond Sanders and eventually started two games after Derrick Locke was injured. However, he dropped back behind Sanders for UK’s game at Mississippi State and even walk-on Coshik Williams played more than him, including the final two drives when UK had a chance to tie the game.

Russell lost his spot after a fumble against Georgia that led to a Georgia touchdown in a loss to the Bulldogs two weeks ago.

“We do not want to cause any conflict between the coaches because we are not that type of family. I don’t know what message, point, position, stance they took Saturday night with my son. (Coach) Joker (Phillips) said his game plan for the game was ‘we can’t put the guys in there that are just careless with the ball.’ Donald was not in the game lo fumble the ball, so what’s their excuse now,” Tanya Russell said.

She spoke to Phillips, who has gone home to Franklin, Ky., today because of a death in the family, on the phone Sunday morning and plans to meet with him to find out exactly what her son’s role might be.

“We love Kentucky and we want to bleed blue, but I am running out of motivational speeches for my son after every game. The fun of football is being sucked right out of him every weekend, especially when he talks to so many of the other players that are just so unhappy,” she said. “I have heard from all of Donald’s coaches before. He is one of the easiest players to coach because all you have to do is ask him to do something and he will do it.

“How could a staff allow such a player with good character and talent slip through their fingers (and I’m not saying this just because he is my son). I try to find the good out of everything bad because that is the Godly way but when he is faced with this and not being supported or encouraged or being developed by the coaching staff, this is not an Operation Win for us.”

Phillips had said Russell had an “adequate performance” in UK’s win over South Carolina. “There were some runs that he missed, but he also made some huge plays especially in the passing game. He didn’t turn the ball over. He caught the ball well. He protected it well.  He played good enough for us to win,” Phillips said.

Why did Russell not play more at Mississippi State?

“We just thought Raymond was seeing things and late in the game when he went out for a  couple of snaps and we went for Williams who came in and gave us something, picked up blitzes and hit a couple of runs and was seeing things also,”  Phillips said.

Russell did play special teams at Mississippi State. He was also in the backfield and threw a block to give quarterback Mike Hartline extra time on the first-half touchdown pass to Randall Cobb. The next time Sanders needed a break Russell had a 5-yard run before Williams got the call with the game on the line.

“I am continually trying to motivate him to hang in there and get through these rough times,” she said. “I tell him you have to fight back. That is the competitiveness of the game.

I just want to talk face to face. But he doesn’t understand now what he can do to make them believe in him. I am stumped about what to say to him and that’s why I want to talk to Joker. We do not want to leave at all as some are speculating.

‘I got on him (Donald) Friday and tried to get him to snap out. He is surrounded by negative thoughts. I said, ‘Do you love football? Get back to that. You are losing it. Get it back.’ I got on him. You have to take time to analyze and ask what I can do better. Were there times you missed plays. I told him he was going through the motions. He admitted he was just going on and playing tentative because he knew if he made a mistake what would happen. If you are afraid of making a mistake, you cannot play your best. He’s been playing under fear, not motivation. I told him he had to get back to playing like he did last year or against Auburn this year.”

She was also disappointed that she didn’t see any coaches console or encourage her son after his fumble or during the Mississippi State game.

“Nobody came when he was there with his head down,” Tanya Russell said. “Joker has the right not to put him in. This is Joker’s team. This is his team. I support that and understand that. We are proud of him and respect him. But for them to do what they did to Donald at Mississippi State was shocking. He was in the right mind frame to really play, and he never really got a chance

“I want Joker to be a mentor. He has my son. He is in charge of him and he is the one molding him and his teammates to be men and teaching them how to handle adversity. I respect that, but I just have some questions about Donald I want answered because he’s a good kid, a good player and he truly wants to help this team.”

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  1. Andy

    Oh boy when parents get involved this is never good. I hope she finds the answers she is looking for!!

  2. Jan in Indiana

    Andy, let’s hope it will be good this time, she does seem to have the right attitude, has tried to pump him up and get his head back into football, as a parent it has to hurt to see your child hurting and down on himself especially if you live many miles away and can’t even give him a hug when he gets home after the game.

    Sounds like several others are unhappy also, it is hard to keep everybody happy when things are going good, but when things aren’t going like you want them to it is even harder.

    I hope things get really better for Donald and the rest of team and coaches, after all the season is not over yet, you still have a chance to go to a bowl, maybe not the one you would have liked to go to, but going to a bowl would make you feel a whole lot better than sitting home.


  3. J

    She has every right to be upset. And I think she’s done it in a manner that’s respectful but still showcases the problems with this staff and the internal turmoil of this team that has been bubbling all season long.

  4. uktim122000

    I for one hope Donald Russell does not leave the program. Joker has alot problems right now with this team. 1 Players breaking team rules,and being supended for one quarter.2 Awful special teams play. 3 Receivers running the wrong routes,and not being on the same page as the QB.4 Defense
    I know this is his first year,but i did not expect this team to have some of the problems listed above. Now you’ve got player parents wanting anwers. This is not good for team that is trying to go to a fith straight bowl game.

  5. michael

    I’d normally have a hard time believing a mother is w/out bias, but based on Joker’s comments, I fear she is correct. I hope there’s more to this than is being let on.

  6. Andy

    I wonder what is going on that is causing certain players to be unhappy? Is it playing time? Agree with Jan that at least she is doing it the right way and trying to keep Donalds head up. Hopefully Coach Philips will figure this out.

    I am however frustrated at the season overall. We have the talent but we are killing ourselves with turnovers offensively. We proved it against SC but we lack consistence. No discplined route running at times, drops, fumbles. Defense cannot stop the run and IMO coach brown wont match players with their strengths!!

  7. JC

    The only thing I can go by is production on the field/and off.

    Both seem like good young men with high character.

    On the field:

    Sanders – 58-238yds 5.6 avg and 3 tds
    Russell – 53-182yds 3.4 avg and 0 tds

    Who knows?

  8. Jim

    I hope it works out for the young man and his family. Turnovers are killing the team and it is spread out among a host of players, including the starting QB.

  9. Bryan.M

    If only every parent of all of the players would insist on talking with the coach about how they feel their child should be allowed to participate in games (hopefully my sarcasm is obvious). The players aren’t children, they’re adults. Mommy and/or daddy talking to the coach isn’t going to make the coach a better coach, or make their son/daughter a better player. I think it’s great Donald Russell’s mom wants to help her son, but fighting his battles isn’t the way.

  10. Jason

    Seems like she is exactly the type that likes to create conlflict, because that’s all that comes from this approach. {Look at how terrible they are treating my child……the whole team is unhappy…..} Yeah, I can see how she is avoiding creating conflict by putting her “percieved reality”, out there for the public. Also, it’s obvious to anyone paying attention, that Donald did not get benched just because of a fumble, Sanders fumbled against Mississippi State, and carried the ball on the very next offensive play. She is doing her son no favors here.

  11. GoHard

    Vaught It pain me that you write yet another one of these. As if Russell is the only one with a mother who is concerned. Whats the ties here? This happen everywhere all the time. Joker wants and needs to win therefore will play who he belives can help get that done.Its all about winning in any sport at this level.

  12. AJ

    Let Joker coach and you be the parent.
    Give me a break. He decides who plays and that is bottom line. This is not open for discussion or negotiation.
    Joker needs to put an end to this absurdity.
    Parents are the problems with most teams. They believe they know everything that is going on, yet they aren’t even at practice or in the huddles.
    Parents should stick with being parents.
    Joker better put his foot down before this gets out of control….

  13. GoHard

    When Did coaches start explaining why they are playing who they are? Is Russell on scholarship? Enjoy the ride.

  14. gmoyers

    Just a mom looking for answers to some of the same questions many fans are also asking. Would be stunned if Joker did not have solid explanations for her and I admire her for going to the coach in order to try to help her son. Notice she has not knocked any other players and the parent in me knows how hard it is to cope and be away and wonder. She wants what is best for Donald, but also wants him to help the program.

  15. JHB4UK

    UK doesnt have great talent, our margin of error is tiny….throw in obvious player lockerroom turmoil and you get a 4-5, 1-5 team. Someone has been suspended for a quarter or a game just about every week folks. Pay attention to the key phrase from Donald’s mom “so many other players are so unhappy”, unfortunately sounds like several are also in his shoes, it just hasnt been brought to the public.

    Just so disappointing to see this in Joker’s team. I can take my UK football being mediocre and 6-6, 7-5, if they are wringing the most out of their talent against a tough schedule. but to have that record due to bad coaching and poor handling of personnel off the field and losing to teams who are clearly not that much more talented than us is just depressing.

  16. william

    What answers can she find. Don’t fumble inside your own 10 yard line. Would she be saying the same thing if Locke was not injured and her son still watching from the sideline. Parents getting involved is a bad move. Winning would take care of everything.

  17. Jason

    Larry there are like 80 something Moms on that team, and this is the only one I see going to the message boards, and talking to the media. That is not where you find answers, if that is indeed what she is looking for.

  18. Tony

    I do agree. I think it is okay for the mom to have questions and wanting to support her son. I’m even okay with her talking with Joker about it. However, taking it to the message boards and media is the wrong way. We don’t need to know this information. It only breeds more discontent and controversy on a team that doesn’t need anymore distractions.

  19. EyesWideOpen

    I just feel that everyone is on the outside looking in. You guys have on clue or no idea what goes on in the meetings, at practice, etc. I’m a former player that was in this same position and I just set back and watched things slip away from me. The other parents probably don’t speak up because they are excited that their child is on the team, or tell them not to worry because you’ll get your chance, or well you are going to school for free so enjoy the ride, or not rock the boat. You are missing the point.If you think I would sit by and let people talk about my child and say things completely out of character you are sadly mistaken. I’m sure all of you would pretty much do the same thing. So think about from a different perspective and put yourself in that position.

  20. Suziecat2

    This discussion should have been kept “in house”. No one benefits from a public display such as this.

  21. Sarah

    I can understand her wanting answers – but, going to the media is not the way to do it. Better yet, he is young, but he is an adult. He needs to talk to the coach and find out what the problem is. Mama should be a last resort. I do not think this is the right way to get answers. I don’t blame Larry for writing the story. Of course he will if the parent talks – that’s his job. But, a parent’s job is to protect, and I’m not sure spounting off is the way to do it.

  22. JC

    I agree with SuzieCat2. I’m still having a hard time understanding the value of writing this story? Shouldn’t this be a inhouse issue and not some one sided story?

    Joker has 80 kids to look after and he’s trying to win games. Russell is only a Sophmore with plenty of time to get on the field. If he(and mom) are team players they should have kept this out of the media IMO. And Larry should have done the same, IMHO. Now Joker has another mess to clean without the courtesy of meeting with him first. Oh well.

  23. Peggy

    I also deplore the airing of laundry in public. If he needs comforting after he fumbles the ball, why are his teammmates not there for him?

    I hope they can work this out, and I hope this is the last time something like this happens. Come on Donald; we’re pulling for you. But we need you to do your best on the field, for the team and university. God bless!

  24. Ron B.

    I too believe the coach should be able to coach and the parents be the parents, but this doesn’t seem to be an isolated situation. Yes, Mrs. Russell spoke up, but if she doesn’t or hadn’t, what’s in store shortly down the road. There are problems no doubt. What they are, only players and coaches know, but don’t blame Mrs. Russell. Now that this has been brought to the forefront, maybe things can be smoothed out. Joker needs to quit trying to be John Calipari, and just be Joker Philips

  25. J

    The whole story isn’t here. Only parts of it and kudos to Mrs. Russell for being so diplomatic. I wouldn’t if the coaches had told my son to transfer because he isn’t in their plans after he fumbled in the UGA game.

  26. Beth

    She is a mother first and foremost and is tired of seeing her son down. She has a right to go and talk to Joker. Tywanna went and confronted Billy G and we were all happy about that, so what is the difference here? If they have a no fumble tolerance policy, then why did Sanders keep playing? Why has Derrick Locke, Chris Matthews, and Randall Cobb all stayed in the game? I know you’re probably gonna say “those are our best players”. Yeah, but they are reasons we lost the Ole Miss game. Sanders lost the ball against MSU at a very, very bad time and he was right back in there. From what she says, the team just isnt happy right now. Wouldnt that be a big hint as to why they just havent been that great on the field? If you’re not happy or fearing your gonna make a mistake (ie Darius Miller to Billy G) you arent gonna put your best performance together. Something just isnt right with this team. They have way too much talent to be 4-5. I have been optimistic all season long, but it’s just gotten pathetic. And now to know that there are players who arent even happy, I’m afraid there will be transfers. And if recruits get wind that players arent happy with things, that may be a deterance for them. And I agree 100% with her. As a coach, when a player makes a mistake like that, you should go talk to them. Calipari had no problems goin to Boogie or anyone else on the bench who was down on themselves about something they done wrong. Joker better get it together and find a way to motivate and rally his team because it appears to me that plenty of them out there are giving up on him. Something just isnt right inside the locker room.

  27. Beth

    And to those saying she shouldnt be saying anything…at least she is doing it in a respectful way instead of like Alex Legion’s mother.

  28. john l

    As a parent of a kid who played football,i cab understand Donalds moms’ frustration.You want you kid to succeed,and you want the best for your kid,and when they don’t get significant minutes or opportunities,especially when the team is not playing well,you wonder why can;t my kid play.

  29. Brett

    Why is it that everyone is assuming she has anything close to the whole story? All she is getting is one discontented player’s impression of the way things are going. Some of the comments are indicative of a growing problem in athletics – parents run amuck. Part of being a parent is teaching your children how to deal with disappointing situations, themselves. I never would have considered even voicing these concerns to my parents growing up, because I know what the answer would have been: 1) Work harder, and 2) I guess you should go talk to the coach. It certainly would not have been “I will talk to the local writer about it BEFORE I talk to the coach for you.”

  30. BlueinMemphis

    You’re crazy if you think this public laundering of “perceived” issues is going to help things. Just like Harrelson was wrong to tweet his dismay at a lack of a pat on the back by Cal, and the subsequent tweet by Cal responding, it’s just the wrong way to handle team issues.

    We in the public DO NOT KNOW all of the angles. And we don’t need to know. The University hired the coach to lead this team. Let him do it. And if he doesn’t do it, guess whose job it is to handle it? The UNIVERSITY.

  31. Tony

    No one is associating her with the Legion situation. The problem is that this shouldn’t be handled in this type of manner. Does she have a right to know about her son? Yes. Should she be doing this in the public forum? No. I’m a parent of a football player too not at UK. On my son’s team he didn’t play much last year. This year he has played more. However, you don’t take it public. You take it straight to the coach for answers. Even if there is more to the situation, you take it straight to the person. That is a fact of life whether you are on a football team or in life.

  32. BlueinMemphis

    Amen, Tony.

  33. Mike C

    She doesn’t deserve an answer with her approach. This should have never made it to the media and I’m surprised Larry let it go this far. This is the last type of publicity this program needs as we are struggling to get to the next level.

    Shame on Larry Vaught for running this story and making this an issue. You are supposedly in the game to help the program yet you run with a “high school parent unhappy” story that is going to create more havoc than Cobb’s twitter. Stick with basketball and leave the true football fans alone.

  34. J

    The playing isn’t the reason. The reasons for the playing and what the coaching staff are telling him and his family are.

    These issues are a lot deeper than one kids playing over another.

  35. Keith

    I am right in there with Tony. We don’t need to hear about this in the public. If she has a problem with Joker call him or text him and I am sure that he will get back with her. There is no need to go put all out in the media I don’t care how CONCERNED of a parent she is.

  36. gmoyers

    Have to agree that this is about more than playing time and just a mom that is concerned. As she stated, they don’t want to leave UK. Donald loves it here. HOpefully it all works out well for everyone — and I think it should.

  37. jauk11

    So Donald’s mother has been spending time in the locker room, how interesting. And if she hasn’t then her information is second hand, just like the rest of us, or even worse from a disgruntled source.

    I can understand her concerns as a parent, and I hope they can work their problems, but parents shouldn’t be badgering coaches at any level of football.

    As for the discipline problem, I am glad to hear Joker insists on discipline, it will pay off in the long run. Would you rather have Dooley, who should be in jail for harboring fugitives from justice? Or at least concealing evidence, I have no doubt he would know (and probably does) which of his players should be in jail, “defective” video tapes or not.

    JHB, you must have read all the facts I have given on the talent level UK faces. “To have that record because of poor coaching” and “losing to teams that clearly not that much more talented than us”. Sorry, pretty opinionated and unfair statements, to me, what is your source? A disgruntled mother?

    UK has lost to five SEC foes, any of which can beat you if you give them a chance. I think we were UNDERDOGS to every one of them. The two Misses have had 25 and more four star recruits in the past five years each, they are the worst of the bunch and have less half what Florida or georgia has. Auburn and USC aren’t far behind. We have ONE four star starting, on O or D. So yeah, they aren’t that much more talented than us. We BEAT a top ten school with 38 four star commits in the past FOUR years, and oh, did I forget to mention ANY of the five stars like Newton and Lattimore that play on those teams, in addition to the four stars. Could UK use our last five star, Couch?

    How do you teach a player not to fumble when someone hits the ball full speed with a helmet, or two others strip the ball when you are fighting for yardage? Do you think they should just tell them not to fumble? Should they have pulled Hartline after the first interception, and all of them wasn’t his fault. We would have been in the middle of or winners of most of our losses if we had got the breaks the other team did.

    Our coaches do a great job with the players that they have available (steadily getting better) due to too many factors to discuss now.

  38. Beth

    If the internet was invented 20 years ago and fb, twitter and all these other social sites and blogs were around, team issues would have been made public just like they are today. Only difference is that we have access to the players that we never had before. She never once trash talked Joker or ridiculed him or his staff. Besides, she said she plans on talking to Joker. I really dont see a problem with her saying anything. If she would have had nothing but negative comments, then yeah, she shoulda kept her mouth shut. And her knowledge or whats goin on comes from her son and what he sees inside the locker room. There’s apparently an issue and if some of you havent noticed it, then check out the 4-5 record again.

  39. f

    Vaught lets just stop it. There is no way we should be entertaining this mess. It simply is too selfish. Their are a lot of boys that not even hitting the field. Lets bleed blue Ms Russell!

  40. UKFAN

    Unfortunate situation for both parties. I agree the mother has a right to speak with our coach. She shouldn’t air this out to the public. Yes times have changed with the internet sites. It still isn’t the right way to handle this problem. It only creates problems for Donald, the coaching staff and our team. Playing time for her son shouldn’t be at this time of the season. Anyone who has coached has dealt with parents thinking their son’s or daughter’s should have been playing more. A coaches job is predicated on winning games and playing the players who give them the best chance at accomplishing this feat. We have 85 players on scholarship probably half of them don’t play. Imagine the turmoil we would have if all these parents were complaining about their son’s playing time. Mrs. Russell by trying to help your son you have just created another problem for him. I hope it works out for Donald but it will be difficult now.

  41. Legions Mon

    Thanks Mrs. Russell. I’m off the hook as the most obnoxious UK parent. You will soon realize that all this negativity is only hurting your son and the program.
    Could it be that players are unhappy because Joker is holding them accountable and not settling for lackluster play. Not backing Joker, his problem is controling whoever is doing playcalling wether its Sanders or himself. The run up the middle is not working no matter if its Locke, Sanders, Russell.
    The 7-yd pass does not help when its 3rd and 15. Thats the problem with this team. Mrs Russell, you are only adding to the problem. Ask Billy Clyde

  42. Jeffro

    While I can understand that sometime parents are concerned or even upset when their son doesn’t get as much playing time as they feel they deserve, I don’t understand nor agree with a media person (Vaught) giving that parent a public forum.

    I am very thankful my parents did not go to my coach to complain or ask questions when I was benched. A few parents did, and it wasn’t helpful. Go speak to the coach after the end of the season to voice your concerns, but have the discipline and maturity to bite your tongue during the season. Taking it to a reporter and the reporter publishing it—pure bush league, Mr. Vaught.

  43. BPB

    I cant believe this mommy Russell story has gone on as long as it has. Joker is the head coach of a Division 1 NCAA football program in the toughest conference in the country. Russell juinior is not in pee wee football any longer. Mrs. Russell is crushing her sons image and needs to go away!

  44. Tana

    While Donald’s mother seems like a nice person and tries not to get out of line with her comments, that this “laundry” — or one-sided view of “perceived” injustices — has been aired for the public to read strongly bothers me, just as is the case for many others here. I will also say that I doubt Joker complains because he’s such a “good guy.” I can only imagine if the media had published a Rick Pitino-coached basketball player’s mom’s concerns/complaints. Like others here, I also see it as an unneeded distraction for a program that needs no more of those as it deals with narrow, disappointing, frustrating losses (and, sure, players are not happy if they’re not winning) and needs, instead, to better focus on winning, one game at a time.

    Frankly, I don’t think it’s any of our business, and I had, thus, not responded yesterday but have decided I should take a stand on something about which I feel so strongly. Referring to Louisville again, I would imagine their recruiting coaches, in contrast to ours and many of us Kentucky fans, are rather pleased that negative discussion about our coaching staff/locker room is going out in print for all to read. Some folks’ comments here could even be used as anti-Kentucky recruiting by rival instate recruiters — even though I myself had seen nothing within the player’s mother’s comments to warrant such. Again, I am troubled by this airing of my football team’s “perceived dirty laundry,” for that’s all it is. Just my sincere, humble opinion on the matter.

  45. Pacman

    I think if you want answers look at production on the field. Sanders and Coshik Williams both looked better than Russell against Miss St. After seeing Williams play I was hoping he would play more in the future. Seems to play with the passion this team needs

  46. S. Ramey

    This is a tough one! I really debated about whether to weigh in with my opinion on this one. Many of the responses I read were thoughtful and informed. They brought up good points worth talking about and thinking about as both fans and maybe even as parents. My child didn’t participate in sports during her school years, so I can only imagine how hard it is to sit on the sidelines and watch your kid give it his all, get bumped and bruised up and not have much to so show for it. My child did face other challenges during her growing up time that required that same decision from me and her father that faced Mrs. Russell. When or even should I become involved in my child’s activities if it is something that he or she can handle themselves, learn from, and grow into a stronger, independent adult. I think you are selling your child short Mrs. Russell. You aren’t giving him enough credit for being able to resolve what’s troubling him and find a solution to his pain, his fears, his problems for himself. Being unhappy isn’t the end of the world. We all need to experience unhappiness in order to be able to fully take notice of when we are happy. Hard times help us to learn, make hard choices and grow up. Donald deserves his opportunity. By all means a parent should step in if he or she thinks someone is being abusive either physically or verbally to their child. I wouldn’t and couldn’t believe anything of the sort about this entire staff. So, here’s what I do believe. The young men on this team are unhappy because they are losing. Winning will help. I believe that Donald Russell isn’t the only young man on this team that is unhappy with playing time or being pulled from a game after a mistake and not put back in to play again. I believe that it is the head coach and his staff’s responsiblity to coach in a manner they see fit to produce a winning attitude on the field and in life. Being a former teacher, I have respect for the job that they do and the task they have in front of them. I wish only the best for Donald Russell and every other young man on the Wildcat team.

  47. oldcoach

    Joker is taking a page out of Bill Currie’s play book. When a player fumbles in a critical time of the game he has a hard time getting back in the game.

    Personally I didn’t like the pitch on the goal line because we don’t run that play very often anyway. It would be different if we used that play a lot. The more you do it, the better you get at it.

    As far as mom’s and dad’s go, the coach can love their son, but he can’t love him as much as the parents do. Some coaches motivate by tough love, others motivate with a pat on the back at crucial times when mistakes are made. Joker hasn’t been a head coach long enough for me to say how he will motivate. But players need to learn to concentrate on the job at hand. Coaches need to learn what buttons to push on each player. All young people respond differently.

    I really thing Joker is going to make a great head coach, but it, like the Cats, isn’t going to happen overnight. Go Cats!

  48. Anthony

    This is all so innapropriate. Can’t believe you some of you guys actually approve of the way she is handling this. She should have talked to Joker and only Joker about this. Larry, U shouldn’t be giving her a platform to do this. She says she doesn’t want to cause problems with the team. Well, her actions are speaking much louder than words. Hypocritical if you ask me.

  49. Anthony

    On second thought, it’s probably not fair for me to call her a hypocrite. Judging from what she said, it sounds like she wants to be supportive, but simply doesn’t understand what true support means. Misguided is a better word. Either way, this was a very bad move to spout off to the media while Joker is grieving the loss of a loved one.

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