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Running back Josh Clemons doesn’t want special care now that he’s back playing


One player that every Kentucky fan coming to Saturday’s Blue-White Game should be wanting to see — and hoping he succeeds — is running back Josh Clemons.

He missed most of the last two years with injuries that required surgeries. Yet he’s not only back on the field, but he’s on the field making plays and impressing coaches.

“We had one scrimmage where we just wanted to hold him out and not want to get him hurt,” said running backs coach Chad Scott. “He has shown us throughout practices that he can play, make plays and help this football team.

“We are all about protecting him and getting him to the season because he’s a good football player, but he didn’t take that too kindly. We took it back and allowed him to go through scrimmage and he had a good day for us.”

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  1. Edward

    Josh Clemmons has heart and is driven by his passion for this game. Josh Clemmons I hope you make All American before you leave Kentucky.

  2. Edward

    Josh Clemons, forgive me for misspelling your name.

  3. Greg

    I hope he does too!!!

  4. Larry Pup

    He has shown shades of greatness in the past. I like Josh Clemons and I hope he breaks records in 2014. If any player deserves it it is Josh. What heart.

  5. Gene T.

    He was the best running back we had his freshman year, and I hope he can pick up where he was and just get better.

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