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Robinson, Sanders, Blue share thoughts on loss to Vanderbilt

Kentucky WR Demarco Robinson
On reaction to today’s game:
“We’re always down when we lose. I feel like we move the ball good at times, but we’ve gotta learn how to finish, to stick it in the end zone.”

On the first interception:
“It was just a bad pass, a little bad luck on our part, but you know, we work hard to make it better. We just have to keep going.”

On being a close game:
“It definitely hurts a lot. Obviously, we see the chance to capitalize on turnovers and things like that, but you know we just have to work harder to capitalize and stick it in the end zone when we can.”

On what is keeping the team from finishing drives:
“I’m not sure. It’s a mixture of things. Whether it’s someone not doing their assignment or jumping off sides, penalties or anything, dropped passes, or missed holes. It’s everybody’s fault. We just have to come out and work harder.”

On Coach Stoops’ reaction:
“He was real fired up. He said we fought good. He liked the effort, but like we said we have to get the W.”

On dominating first half and still being down:
“We always just take what we got. We aren’t looking at it bad or good, we just take the situation we got and move forward.”

Kentucky RB Raymond Sanders
On being more of the same:
“We just gotta learn to finish plays. We got started a couple of drives and didn’t execute on third down plays.”

On what’s preventing the team from improving:
“It’s the momentum. We need to learn how to pick things up. When a penalty is called on us, we can’t just get down from there on, we just have to learn to come on and bring ourselves back together.”

On being tougher because it’s a close game:
“This really was a disappointment. We just have to keep going. Keep it up at practice, keep going, and start over on Georgia next week.”

Kentucky WR Javess Blue
On the close loss:
“This really was a disappointment for us. We gotta keep going and keep it up at practice. We’ll start over on Georgia next week.”

On the cause of the offensive struggles:
“It’s just momentum. We need to learn how to pick things up. When a penalty is called on us, we can’t just get down from there on. We just have to learn how to bring ourselves back together and get the first down.”

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  1. Ira

    1. Learn to keep their feet in the backfield.
    2. Break some tackles.
    3. WR’s go up and make a play on the ball aka fight for it
    4. Stop the penalties
    5. QB improve your screen throws geez
    See I came up with 5 things for the team right there to correct just for the GA game

    Now if we improved 3 out of 5 for next week just think where we’d be against GA

    1. Larry Pup

      Let me add, DB’s and LB’s get some picks and TO’s.

  2. Shinny

    That a way Ira tell it like it is! Let me expand on your list–#1 I will say it SANDERS!!! #2 I will say it SANDERS!!! I will say it ROBINSON AND BLUE!!!! I will say it OFFENSIVE LINE & SPECIAL TEAMS!!! I will say it HARD TO IMPROVE ON WHAT WE DON’t HAVE!!! The Tenn game is going to be HUGE we need to WIN to send the guys off with a good feeling about 2014!!! If JOKER can do it with a converted wr surely “Stoops Troops” can do it with a total team effort in helping a qb in training!!!

  3. Ira


    We as a team are so razor thin everywhere on talent, on depth, we can’t afford mistakes of any kind. No team will play mistake free I understand that, but you can limit a bunch of the simple ones and we flat didn’t do it on the Offense for the Vandy game. Cost us the game.

    I hope the offense as a group gets to sit down and watch this game and I hope they are embarrassed by it. Don’t break it down by groups, but the whole O. This way everyone can see all the misques together, the stupid penalties, boneheaded plays. Then get up and go apologize to the D, they deserve one.

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