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New Kentucky assistant coach John Robic knows John Calipari well after coaching under him at both Massachusetts and Memphis. Robic also has been a head coach himself and knows the transition for both players and coaches when a coaching change is made.

Still, he says the goal at Kentucky is to make big changes in the program as soon as possible.

‘That is the goal. Our goal at some point is to try and win a national championship. We were close at Memphis. I just think you have everything in place here for that to happen. Whether it does or not or when, you don’t know. But it is a great goal to have knowing you have a chance to do that. There are a lot of places out there that your goals are different — just win your conference championship or just get into the NCAA Tournament. Our goal here is to try and win it all. That started when he took the job.
“Can we win this year? We don’t know, but you have to believe it. These fans here definitely believe that. It is a different animal, a different atmosphere. It’s the top of the food chain right here.”

9 Responses to Robic says big changes coming to UK

  • chris says:

    I would say BIG changes have already occured. The spark, and fun is back in the program for us all..

  • larryvaught says:

    So just think would other big changes might be coming. But I agree 100 percent with you

  • Paul says:

    I think there is at this moment a desire by some people to pass judgment on Cal’s decisions before he coaches a single game. The reasons are simple: the media and other “insiders” are in I Told You So mode since the ouster of Gillispie and feel emboldened to not let Cal get one over on them the way they feel Billy did. I was in the minority who felt Billy G deserved a third season (regardless of his personality and public perception) to field a team of his own making. I will now give Cal the same benefit. We were wrong about Rich Brooks, and I do mean WE. Maybe we were wrong about Billy G.

  • larryvaught says:

    We includes a lot of folks when it comes to Rich. And you are right about Billy? The summer before his first year, I don’t remember any skeptics then, either. So maybe there is some extra caution there now. Very good post

  • Ed Niemeyer says:

    I think there is a small percentage of UK fans who aren’t happy, no matter who is coaching. BCG almost killed our program, so it may take them a while to realize just how great this basketball program is going to be.

  • john vicini says:

    I was born in lexington.I was taught to say “go big blue ” as soon as I could talk. we need to get back to where we were in1996 thru1998.in1996we were ranked 1st most of the season if not all season.I think our regular season margin of victory was around 22 points,. I know the margin of victory was awesome.I used to say”the next best thing abeside back to back championships is a second place inbetween”.I also thought gillispie should get a third season. I was not excited about that prospect.I am glad to be excited again.billy was not the man for kentucky basketball.john Calipari has the recruiting power to put us back on Calipari is the man.

  • larryvaught says:

    Could be right about some fans having a hard time ever being totally happy. Will have to think about that. And I do agree that Cal is the man. No doubt about that


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