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Roark hopes fans forgive “stupid mistake”


Kentucky junior receiver Matt Roark has a simple message for Kentucky football fans about his DUI arrest a few weeks ago.

“It was a stupid mistake and I hope the fans forgive me and still will be rooting for me because I will still give it all I have got,” said Roark.

He was arrested the morning after UK’s loss to Georgia and was suspended for the next game at Mississippi State. He played last week against Charleston Southern and expects to play again Saturday against Vanderbilt.

“The last few weeks have been hectic. I have had to do a lot of stuff with my conviction or whatever. I had to do a lot of stuff to fix that, pay the fine and stuff. Football-wise, it was not much of a change. I have done the stuff I normally do in practice except I did miss the Mississippi State game when I was suspended. I was practicing, but I didn’t play and I understood why,” Roark said.

“I have learned that it is not a good idea to do what I did and that we are held to a different standard than a lot people who are not athletes and when we make a mistake it will be magnified to a high degree. I have learned not to do anything like that again so I don’t put my team or myself in that position again. It was just a stupid mistake on my part.”

He wasn’t quite sure what to expect when he had to tell head coach Joker Phillips what happened.

“I came straight here after it happened and talked to Joker. He said it was a stupid thing to do, but he was going to help me get through it and support me. I have had to do a lot of extra running. I thought I would lose my scholarship or something like that. I was probably lucky I didn’t,” Roark said.

“I feel good about what lies ahead. I keep progressing and progressing. I have not stepped back any because of that. I still think my future can be good. Our new receivers coach, Tee Martin, has really helped me out a lot. I have a good relationship with him and he has really helped me. I am not really sure what more I need to work on. I just have to get better and not make any more stupid mistakes. I have learned from what I did and it won’t happen again.”

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  1. Beth

    No one is perfect and we all make mistakes. As long as he learns from this experience, that’s all you can ask for. I forgive you! Now go beat Vandy!

  2. gmoyers

    Hope more folks will pay attention to what he said. Thought it took some guts to talk to me and answer questions rather than avoid the subject. Heck, I was not perfect myself at that age. I had plenty of faults and stupid moments — and probably still do

  3. rod m

    Amen! Sweep Tennessee!

  4. Beth

    You’re right Larry. I saw on facebook comments that people wanted his scholarship taken away and him kicked off the team, I told them that was completely absurd. He seems like a very mature young man, just made a bad decision. We all have.

  5. larry vaught

    Amen Beth. Forgiveness is something we all should be willing to give

  6. Andy P.

    Larry, if reports on the message boards are right, this was a very puny DUI, if there can be such a thing. As I understand it, Matt was at a friend’s apartment and was asked to move his car that had another friend blocked in. He went out, got in the car and, in the process of moving it someplace else in the parking lot, backed into another car. The police were called because of the fender bender.

    That’s what happened here. The kid wasn’t weaving down Richmond Road, so shame of any “fan” who thinks this kid should lose his scholarship, or even be suspended for the remainder of the season.

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