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Regina Poythress knows her son is driven to succeed and will be successful in whatever he does


Kentucky freshman Alex Poythress’ mother, Regina,  has no doubt he’ll continue to improve the way UK coach John Calipari wants and be a special player this season. He always has and there’s a reason he’s consistently projected as a top 10 pick in the upcoming NBA draft. He has the size, strength and athleticism scouts like along with enormous skills.

“From day one, the prospects of playing in the NBA was a dream. We have always put education first. Alex excelled in academics and basketball. He began playing basketball as a means to offset his education, but as he played he got better and everyone else put those expectations on him,” Regina Poythress said.

“He is a 19 year old that wants to enjoy his college experience and have fun playing basketball. He is driven and will succeed. He is tough. My son worked during high school (at Wendy’s), had advanced classes and played AAU basketball. That is not the definition of lazy. It is the definition of someone who is wants to be successful. When it plays out my son will be successful in whatever he does.”

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  1. Judi Cole

    I believe that, Regina. Alex has you to thank for his good upbringing and great attitude. He will do well at UK and wherever he goes in life.

  2. Larry T Clemons

    Alex is a Star in the making…there is a lot of success already attained, ” he plays for The Kentucky Wildcats ” !

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