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Redshirting Clemons and Faulkner best for them and the UK football program


Sophomore Josh Clemons, UK’s leading rusher last year when he injured his knee midway of the season, likely will be redshirted — a decision that seems right for him and Kentucky.

“Josh is again week to week and not getting any better,” Phillips said earlier this week. “The further along we get, we will have to make a decision about whether to redshirt him.”

Phillips indicated Thursday that Clemons “likely” would be redshirted because of the knee failing to respond since he’s already missed four games and is not close to being ready to play again. All summer several sources close to the team predicted Clemons would not be able to play and four games into the season it seems clear he needs the redshirt year.

He said it is the “same” with sophomore safety Glen Faulkner, who injured an ankle in the preseason. Phillips said he will be out another two to three weeks.

“Is that enough time to get him ready and use up a year of eligibility,” Phillips said.

The answer obviously is no and Faulkner should be redshirted, too, because that’s best for him and the the program.

Clemons and Faulkner were two of the top players in UK’s 2011 recruiting class. Faulkner did not get cleared to play academically until just before preseason practice opened and then played sparingly last year.

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  1. Tana

    Thanks, Larry. Too, both of those young men have surely had some “bum” luck. Both were true freshmen last season, two of the most talented members of that class, reportedly (and a third, Daryl Collins, failed to get to play last season because of an injury). Four-star recruit Glenn Faulkner had arrived late and was thus behind and played only special teams, and Josh Clemons, who was showing much potential, went down early with the injury. Now that both are evidently not getting to play again this season is, again, “bum” luck for them, and I feel for both of them.

    Actually, I think it would be fair to say that Coach Phillips had also had a bit of bad luck himself, particularly with ones who had been the most highly rated commitments the past couple of years — Faulkner and Clemons, plus Collins. Too, something not mentioned is that Kentucky essentially had only its fourth-string running back available against WKU (with no offense intended toward Jonathan George, who performed quite well). Yes, injuries are part of the game and they cannot be used as excuses, but they surely can make a difference in a season (and I firmly believe our numerous preseason offensive line injuries impacted last season early — the Louisville game, in particular).

    Anyway, again, I feel for both Faulkner and Clemons, two talented players who had also been impressive as young men in the conversations I had with them prior to the season. Yes, though, it seems like redshirting both is necessary — but, again, for both, it will basically be two straight years without football. I’m surely hoping that both have really fine seasons next year. GO CATS!!!

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