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Readers share information confirming Thaddeus Snodgrass highest rated receiver ever at UK

uk footballBy LARRY VAUGHT

Thanks to vaughtsviews.com readers, here is exactly why Ohio receiver Thaddeus Snodgrass is the highest ranked receiver ever to commit to UK.

Tim Robbins shared this info I didn’t want you to miss: Snodgrass is the 24th ranked WR and 198th ranked player in his class. Chris Matthews was rated as a 4 star recruit in 09 but did not receive a national ranking as he was a Juco transfer. Aaron Boyd was a 4 star, 40th ranked WR, in the 2008 class but did not receive a national ranking. Boyd was rated as the top WR in Kentucky in the 08 graduating class.

At least based on Rivals rankings, no other UK WR commit was a 4 star recruit going back to 2002. Based on Snodgrass’ overall WR ranking in comparison to Boyd’s I think it’s fair to say he is the highest rated UK WR recruit, at least since the 2002 class.

The fact that Snodgrass received a national ranking, and Boyd did not, also suggests Snodgrass as the higher rated player, but it is possible that the cutoff for national rankings has changed since 2008.”

And here’s more from Dan Fugitt: Google says the following —  Aaron Boyd ranked a 4*, 40th best receiver, a 5.8 and NOT nationally ranked. Thaddeus Snodgrass ranked a 4*, 24th best receiver, a 5.8 and ranked 198th nationally.

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  1. David

    Now lets get the highest ranking 4 star ever at UK at every position. I am glad we got him and really want to see more talent like him so we can compete in every game we play in the SEC!

  2. Ed

    Thaddeus Snodgrass is an outstanding addition to the UK offense and we give him a sincere Kentucky welcome to our University of Kentucky. Additionally, we would love to welcome the likes of Mikel Horton and Derek Kief to come across the Ohio River and play football in the SEC at UK. We would love to have all of you!

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