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Readers points out need to “pray” for Thomas brother to use second chance if they get one


Sometimes vaughtsviews.com readers make better, more thoughtful comments than I ever could. That was the case with Georgia Blue Thursday after news broke that brothers Pancho and Khalid Thomas had been dismissed from the UK football team after being charged by Lexington police July 6 with possession of a controlled substance.

Here’s what Georgia Blue posted in case you missed it:

“We need to Pray for Pancho and Khalid Thomas, because its sad to see a young men make Bad Choices not thinking about the CONSEQUENCES that come with it if you get CAUGHT. I just pray that if given a second chancesby a team that they don’t make the same mistake and that they take full advantage of a second chance.

“We still got to remember that these are kids and that we hope they do the right thing. Football hasn’t even started yet and there is so much going on in the NFL and COLLEGES about PLAYERS getting into Trouble.”

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  1. Larry Pup

    I agree with him, a hearty AMEN!!!

  2. Larry T Clemons

    I support there Future….But, Wildcat Football, should be worth Sacrificing for ! Many Players and Team Mates give up Personal pleasures and freedom for THEIR TEAM and Coaches every day. This for sure sets a tone early, don’t ja think !

  3. King Ghidora

    Amen! They are kids and kids make mistakes. But there needs to be consequences for mistakes of course. But I would like to see them get a second chance but it shouldn’t come too easy.

  4. Kokamo Joe

    Stoops is going to have a clean program. This means no drugs and no alcohol. Anybody remember a few years ago when a number of football players would gather at a certain bar and drink themselves silly. Remember when a couple of players and an EKU student drove off to hunt deer and had an accident which killed a player and the kid from EKU. What did the UK athletic director do? He established a no alcohol drug and alcohol policy that was broken within a week or so by a little used basketball player.

    A recruit comes to a college to play sports. That is a privilege that hundreds of Kentucky kids would love to have. They don’t have the talent. These brothers blew it and Stoops is not going to stand for it. The program will be the better because he took a stand and IF THE BROTHERS HAVE LEARNED ANYTHING THEY will be the better for it as well. They don’t need prayers. They will have a second chance. They will have the opportunity to redeem themselves. It is up to them. Prayers are for those who are unable to help themselves.

    I am even more excited about what Stoops is about to do at UK. He has proven that this program will have quality and he is not about to sacrificed his principals in order to win a few games his first.

  5. Larry Pup

    Woe Joe. You telling us prayer don’t work or help. You must not be a believer. That is exactly what these two need, and all they can get, no matter if they get a second chance or not. Prayer works, I’m living proof of it, and I would say others on this blog would agree with me too. There is more to life than football and sports my friend.

  6. Larry T Clemons

    Well Analyzed, Great Comparisons and I agree 100 %…….Wildcat Football is deserving of Loyalty from ALL the Team & Coaches…” A New mindset “.

  7. Larry T Clemons

    Hell LP, I’m praying Right Now ! It Works…Amen .

  8. Kokamo Joe

    I did not say that prayer won’t help. I said that prayer is for those who cannot help themselves. People who are sick. People who have lost loved ones, people who have a sick child…you get the picture.

    These are two healthy young men. Some school will gobble them up. I hope, for their sakes, that their new coach has the same high standards that Stoops apparently has. We need to give these two, and the others that Stoops put on the road some credit for being able to learn from their mistakes. It they have the intelligence and character to correct their mistakes they will be winners. I believe that God helps those that help themselves.

    I am delighted that they are gone and I wish them the best for their futures, but only if they are men enough to follow the rules at their next school. You are right…there is more to life than football and other sports, I might add winning at all costs. Our program is in good hands.

  9. Larry T Clemons

    My 10:16 pm, comment was for you KJ….the “reply to” has been off lately.

  10. Ben

    Prayer is for all things! God is in control of all things and we need to rely on him in all that we do. When we get away from that concept, that is when we all get in trouble. I thank God for all that happens in my life each day. I am ready for God to use me for his purpose. We all make mistakes and forgiveness is found in God alone. I am more concerned with your attitude then these players actions. Leaving God out of the situation is just asking for disaster! Good always comes when our heart is with The Lord.

  11. Larry Pup

    Amen Ben!!!

  12. Larry Pup

    Joe even if these guys get a second chance at football, and help themselves in that department as you put it, I am praying they get their lives in order before it is to late. Prayer is the key to every situation in life, both the good and bad. We all need prayer, I know I do. I also thank God for just being able to get up in the mornings and face a new day.

  13. dWade

    We are spirits inside of physical bodies that are controlled by thinking brains. Mind, body , and spirit all work together. Each part can and does affect the other. Prayer is that communication link between God and man: Spirit to spirit. Sometimes the only way to get through to someone taking the wrong path is by God’s Spirit giving that person a nudge or a whisper to their inner being. Sometimes God just flat out orchestrates circumstances to get our attention. Sometimes we just reap our own sinful seeds (which He warned us about.) Our part in prayer is to ask God to “work on” that person for their benefit. We are a community…a body. We are interrelated as well and we affect one another. Let’s do that for these boys: by prayer, by encouragement, by offering counsel (if able).

  14. Kokamo Joe

    Ben: Attitude? My attitude? Young men should be held responsible for their actions. These young men violated team rules and they disrespected their team mates and their coaches. Like it or not, athletes, especially at UK are role models for our kids. Stoops decided that they did not fit the image that he wanted for his team. I respect his opinion and I am highly in favor of the type of culture that he is building.

    This could be a life changing event for these young men and the others that Stoops has sent packing. But that is strictly up to them. They could dedicate themselves to following the rules of their new team, or they could continue to dabble in drugs. It is strictly up to them. Go one way and they could become a winner, go the other and they could end up in jail or worse. I could pray until the cows come home and it would not change their free will. I worship God, and I pray often.

    Do I hope that they succeed with their new team. Yes. Beyond that I can do nothing. Their success, or lack of success is up to them.

  15. Kokamo JOe

    One final thing Larry: God does work in mysterious ways. Maybe the Creator saw a couple of young men going down the wrong path. Maybe, in His wisdom, He decided bring their attention to what they were doing and give them a golden opportunity to turn their lives around. A new school will give them that chance. I would not presume to actually quess what was in the mind of God. But that process has started for these two young men.

  16. Larry Pup

    Joe we support what Coach did here. That is not the issue. These guys made there bed. What some of us took exception to was your quote “They don’t need prayers. Prayers are for those who are unable to help themselves.” How do you know they can help themselves? Drugs are addictive, and they may be hooked on them, you don’t know. What we are trying to say is yes they do need prayers lifted up to the Lord on their behalf.

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