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Reader would like to see basketball Cats honored at Blue-White Game Saturday


Reader A.J. Palmer has a great suggestion for the Blue-White Game — one so special that it probably can’t happen. But here’s what he would like to see happen Saturday at Commonwealth Stadium:

“It won’t happen, but I think it would be awesome if UK did the following: Sometime in the first half of the Blue/White game when the crowd is at it’s maximum stop play for a couple of minutes hand Cal a mic and have him bring Julius Randle, James Young, Jared Polson, and Jon Hood out of the tunnel one at a time so the crowd of 40,000 can give them a raucous ovation. Then have Cal introduce his returning lettermen one at a time as they run out of the tunnel, or in Willie’s case ride his scooter out. The last two (twins Aaron and Andrew Harrison) choose that moment to let the world they are returning and run out together and the crowd goes absolutely nuts.
“That’s what I would like to see.”
Even without the dream ending for UK fans with the twins or perhaps Randle and Young having autograph tour commitments already, why not let Calipari trot the other players out for fans to applaud. It would be a much larger reception than the team got when it returned from the Final Four. The game will be on TV, so that will reach a large audience and replays are going to be on FOX.
Would it take away from football? Absolutely not. Football uses basketball. Remember Vince Marrow doing the Y at Rupp Arena or the early signees all being introduced at Rupp. What about the times coach Mark Stoops has been cheered at Rupp?
Plus, with the football injuries and the game likely to be shortened, there will be plenty of time to do something like what Palmer suggests.
It probably won’t happen, but what a win-win it would be for fans and players.

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    That would be AMAZING! ! !

  2. Larry T Clemons

    Wonderful suggestion…

  3. Edward

    Yep, that demonstration will really impress ALL the recruits we are trying to convince that Kentucky is more than just a roundball school. Why some of the most top rated recruits would probably be so overwhelmed at such a display that they might just commit right on the spot. Better yet, we should post this letter on the SEC Network so that Nick Saban, Miles and the old ball coach himself could visualize the wisdom of such an outstanding moment for football recruiting.

    Now if you want to be really serious for a moment Mr. Palmer, maybe we could convince the school’s best WR to suit up and take a few passes. WCS running pass patterns is surely something ALL true football fans would love to see!

    1. Larry T Clemons

      Have the Harrison Twins Follow WCS out of The Tunnel and THROW HIM A PASS, on his scooter ! ” The Twins Are STAYING & PLAYING “

      1. Edward

        Are you by any chance related to Josh?

        1. Larry T Clemons

          Only By Blood…” We Both Bleed Blue “

  4. ipcisco

    horrible idea!! Saturday is about the FOOTBALL TEAM. Not the basketball team. If you want to show the football recruits(and team) that basketball is really all we care about, go for it. Basketball had their day a few weeks ago and only 3K showed up. Don’t disrespect the football program in this manner.

  5. The Wiz

    Saturday is for football. We need to honor our football players! I agree with Ipcisco.

  6. John

    Horrible idea. We already are doing everything we can to fight the notion of being a ‘basketball only’ school. That would do nothing but take away from the football program which needs all the attention it can get.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      Now, that I read these comments and see the Real, (Best) Picture….If the Basketball Team, Just showed up in Kentucky Football Jerseys and sat all together, ” That would, Honor are Road & Support of a New Mindset in Kentucky Football !

      1. Edward

        Error LT, the mind set is not new, but a flicker or hope carried through the decades since the former gridiron glories. In spite of the attempts of the roundball followers to extinguish its’ flame, it has continued to survive. It has been a long time since the “Bear” departed Lexington, but the fire he started is still alive and is about to come roaring back to life. The great fear of the roundballers is the realization that Kentucky is actually a football school just waiting to happen.

  7. Larry Pup

    This is football time right now. Football is in the spotlight at UK tomorrow and come fall for sure. It’s spring game football time in the Bluegrass people. We are going to see a new UK QB perform. Basketball has had their turn. These recruits in the stands tomorrow are not coming here to play basketball, or see basketball players, their football players, who want to see some passion for the grid iron boys. They need to see that UK is a football school by a big turnout at CWS of football crazies, are you kidding me. That’s my view on the idea, and I love and cherish the basketball team, but give it a break, geez.

  8. Nick Lyons

    Y’all got it right. It’s football time in the Bluegrass, but I’d still like to see WCS catching a goal line fade from whoever the QB will be.

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