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Reader believes UK coach John Calipari should find spot for Jarrod Polson on his staff

UK coach John Calipari talks to point guard Jarrod Polson during the win over Missouri Saturday. (Victoria Graff photo/all rights reserved)

UK coach John Calipari talks to point guard Jarrod Polson during the win over Missouri Saturday. (Victoria Graff photo/all rights reserved)


Our own Linda Sinclair, a huge UK fan who lives in Lexington West (she refuses to say Louisvlle), had an interesting post on senior guard Jarrod Polson. In case you missed it, see what you think.

“I think it would be in Cal’s best interest to hire Jarrod Polson at the end of the season. He could sure tell the incoming crew what it means to play for Kentucky and he could sure show a PG how a PG is supposed to act on the court. I have always felt confident when he is on the court because he acts like a PG. He governs the court, he knows how to set up a play, he knows where his man is, and he is there, always there.

“He is not worried about rushing to the basket, going through a line of defense to try to make a basket, knows when to go, knows when to hold ‘em, to pass and when to shoot the 3, the short jumper or go to the basket. He is not a show boat, he wears Kentucky proudly on his chest. He thinks and acts like a point guard. That is my feelings and I’m sticking with it.”

Agree or disagee?

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  1. Sarah White

    I agree with Linda. Hire him as a coach or graduate assistant. PS Don’t forget how he doesn’t mind going to the floor for a loose ball.

  2. LindaS

    Wow, what a pleasant surprise this morning. Thanks Larry.

  3. Little Baron

    Nice article/post. I read the post & agree it is a good topic to discuss.

    If he can influence this group to stop looking ahead to the draft, then he has dfinitely earned such a reward. So, the jury is still out. No question about his dedication, loyalty, 110%… but conveying it to a group of freshmen who have already been told that this is a “player first” program, he has a lot to overcome.

  4. Mark Bales

    Linda: You are right on the mark!

  5. Terry

    I agree he a Ky boy and can be a big help by telling new players coming in what it’s like playing at KY !

  6. Mike

    Linda I hope you were watching the game this past weekend soon as coach cal put Jarrod in the game Missouri start coming back.

    1. LindaS

      I did Mike and he does it every time. You can’t deny his value to the team.

  7. ManCattan

    If Jarrod is interested in coaching and is in a 2 year masters program (I don’t know what grad school program he’s in) then I would say it would definitely be in his interest to be a grad assistant next year if there’s an opening.

    But, if he’s only in a 1 year program and wanted to get straight into coaching, I’d say he looks elsewhere initially and I’m sure Calipari would help place him somewhere. The reason I say this is as a young coach, it’s all about expanding your network and learning as many ways to do things as possible. He’ll likely have to start out as an operations guy or something. He already knows how Cal does things, now expand upon that and pick up things from others.

  8. jimharris

    I can’t imagine that any fan who tracked our teams over the last three years could disagree with the idea of a coaching slot for Jarod. He’ll be a good one some day in any event but I’d sure like to see itstart at UK.

    Most of us probably never come close to understanding how tough it is for a high school star to come in, humble down, work hard, be totally unselfish and then sit on the bench and WATCH games being played in front of 23,000 supporters. I can’t remember any player at UK who played this kind of role with more willingness and effort. Maybe a tough situation; for sure a tough kid.

    Unfortunately, Cal always seems bent on dealing with the names that have national recognition. He does love to rattle off the stream of PG names that he’s coached. Talk aboiut the “greatest day for UK ball” in referring to the NBA draft, the many Exes in the NBA, etc. Cal can’t take much credit for a lowly player who only stepped up in a few moments of need–and got the job done, perhaps saving a game or giving a star a breather/ Truth be known Cal probably feels he’d done enough for these bench guys by letting them be there on the bench during games and practice against the starters during the week.

    But Jarod won’t have any trouble getting into HS coaching in Ky, or elsewhere, I’d just like to see him get a faster start because I think he’ll be a great coach once he gets grounded in that profession.

  9. LindaS

    Jarrod’s daddy posted on my FB page today after I shared the story. He said he thought Jarrod was always a born coach. I won’t live to see it, but I hope one day he will be the coach at UK more so than any other player that has played at UK. You can’t help but love him. He not only is a good example of a Kentucky basketball player, but he is truly a great human being. You never hear anything derogatory about him, he gives back. He makes Kentucky proud, not just the University but the Commonwealth also. A big thank you to his parents, they raised an exceptional young man.

    1. larryvaught

      Amen to that Linda. No one finer than Jarrod

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