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RB Raymond Sanders likes spread offense that puts him in space to make plays


Count UK senior running back Raymond Sanders as a believe in the new offense being installed by coordinator Neal Brown.

“I knew it was an offense that would get me in space and let me challenge some guys in space and set me up for a lot of home runs,” Sanders said. “I came from a Wing-T offense that was kind of similar with the sweeps and the different things, but it wasn’t similar. I feel like this is a spread style that I can fit in and get in space and make guys miss and take it to the house (end zone).”

He’s not struggled picking up his blocking assignments, either.

“It has reallly been a smooth transition for me. In the last offense, I knew most of the calls the quarterbacks were making and was helping those guys out sometimes,” Sanders said. “This is simpler than the last offense. Making the call is a lot simpler. It’s not as difficult. You just have to know what you are doing and study and make sure those guys come along with me.

“I am a small guy, so I have to try and get under those guys. They try to bull rush me and I have to make sure I am using the proper technique. I am not perfect on but I am just going to keep correcting and try to get better. But I definitely am not going to be afraid to stick my nose in there. I have to protect the quarterback and make sure he is able to help us make plays and keep him healthy.

Sanders said he knew his versatility as a receiver would help him in the offense, but he also likes the way UK will run th ball.

“I knew that it was a passing offense and I can catch out of the backfield, but we also have a lot of talent at running back that I knew they would see when we got to scrimmaging and running. There are a lot of guys who can run the ball,” Sanders said. “And we are in the SEC, so we can’t be one dimensional. The coaches understand all the different stuff that comes with it. I am pretty sure running the ball is going to be something that we are going to be able to do.”

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  1. Larry Pup

    Raymond sounds ready to me. I hope he has a big year, Clemons too. I hope Mobley can give us some quality help in the backfield.

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