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RB Horton does backflip after taking pass and scoring on UK LB commit Dorian Hendrix


Lakota West coach Larry Cox said running back Mikel Horton was “far and away the best player” at the Rivals Under Armour All-American Camp Saturday hosted by Lakota West that included many of Ohio’s top juniors.

“Not much he did really surprised me. I know how talented he is and what’s he capable of,” Cox said. “I told someone there, ‘Don’t take it wrong if I am not excited because the players are still in shorts and T-shirts. Put on helmets and pads and you find out the real players.’ With his size and athleticism, you can respect watching what he does. A few high school coaches wondered why Ohio State was not on him hard. They all said Ohio State would get interested now, but it’s done now.”

Cox said Horton especially separated himself at the camp “because he catches the ball so well for a big back” and then knows what to do when he catches it. Linebacker Dorian Hendrix, also a UK commit, found that out.

“Once he went against Hendrix one on one. He caught the ball, did a cut back inside and scored. After he scored, he did a backflip. Everybody went, ‘Whoa!’ To see a 230-pound guy do that is pretty impressive,” Cox said.

Former Kentucky standout John Conner and former Louisville star Josh Chichester, who both played for Cox in at Lakota West in West Chester, both worked the camp.

“Josh kept looking at Mikel and said he was going to change his mind and get him to Louisville and John would tell him it was a done deal and was over. But they were both really impressed by him,” Cox said.

Horton’s teammates, offensive lineman Kyle Meadows, signed with UK in February. Cox said Meadows’ decision didn’t make a big impact on Horton.

“Kyle did not hurt, but I am not sure how much his decision helped,” Cox said. “Kyle is really happy to have Mikel coming to Kentucky. He knows the caliber of talent Kentucky is getting. Kyle told me, ‘The only people I want coming with me are people who can help us win and I know he can help us win.’”

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  1. Lary Pup

    Like I said, UK is very fortunate to have Mikel commit. He will be a hero and a legend before he’s through at UK.

  2. Georgia Blue

    Larry, I am glad Stoops is recruiting OHIO hard, but SABAN , SPURRIER and FRANKLIN is recruiting the Metro-Atlanta hard again this year. Stephenson is loaded again. They have a RB already committed to Vandy. They have a Sophmore in KHALIL LADLER class of 2016 with OFFERS from every big name School in the SEC. They have about 12 or more SENIORS with D1 offers. Spurrier has made it his GOAL to get 2 or more recruits from STEPHENSON every year. Coach Franklin has come in and has gotten a player from STEPHENSON to play on his defense. You know we didn’t sign a single player from Georgia. South Carolina , Alabama, Vandy and Ole Miss raided Georgia backyard with some players that you will hear about in the SEC this year and the years to come from METRO-ATLANTA. Larry , Stephenson probably will have 2 of their former RB starting this year in the SEC. Mike Davis , South Carolina and Raymond Sanders Kentucky. Metro-ATLANTA is loaded again for the Class of 2014. We need to recruit hard in Metro- Atlanta , because it is a Hot Bed with a lot Great Football Players

    1. larryvaught

      Georgia Blue, it does seem Kentucky has just abandoned Georgia. Not sure if Stoops just doesn’t feel comfortable there or have contacts there. But you make an obvious case for the talent there

    2. Anonymous

      I think we should let this play out. Let Stoops forge his own road for a bit. I’m positive there are HS all over the country that produce talent yr in and yr out. Right now, Stoops major pipeline is mainly in Ohio.
      And if you remember, Joker got plenty of recruits from Ga.
      So far, so good with Stoops. FB recruiting doesn’t work the same as bball. Long time relationships are necessary much more with FB. And Stoops bread and butter are in Ohio. Once his rep is forged as a head coach, he can start dipping in other areas, and I’m sure he will.

  3. David

    I hope Ohio State does not come a knocking, that would take the air right out of my balloon. I know he said he is shutting down his recruitment but its a nasty business and Ohio State will make a pitch to try to get him change his mind. Stay the course Mikel, wear the Blue not the Red

  4. Larry Pup

    You can make much hay with football recruits from OH, and FL. I would take them any day of the week. I doubt they will write GA off either. I think you have to have a presence every where there is football talent. I think Stoops will go get em anywhere he can in due time. UK needs some success on the grid iron in the next couple years, and then watch him go. With him being from OH and his FL contacts, it is pretty obvious he will recruit those places hard, JMO.

  5. MikeF

    Time and time again you will hear a recruit say he wants to “play against the best” in the SEC. Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania are all great recruiting areas that SEC teams, for the most part, do not recruit, unless, it is a 5-star recruit. I feel there is a great opportunity there along with Georgia, South Carolina and Florida. Who can not be happy with the recruits the Stoops Coaching staff have already inked and gotten now have committments from?

  6. Love SEC F-Ball

    Thanks for the update on Georgia players, Georgia Blue. You are right, there are a lot of very good players in Atlanta & the state of Georgia. I agree with Larry Pup, we probably have not written off Georgia. I think that we do have about 18 offers for 2014 in Georgia. It is just the success in Ohio has overshadowed our effort in other states. Vince Marrow knows how to recruit!

    Like Mike said- I am really happy with Stoops recruiting efforts!
    I check this site every day to see who is next. Can’t wait – Hope we get good news on Sat.

  7. Matt Slone

    I, for one, have had a new found excitement since Stoops has taken over. Getting into Ohio and our own city of Louisville for that matter is huge to me. This was obviously a lost cause with our last regime!! Recruits also seem to be genuinely excited about what were starting @ Kentucky. But Georgia Blue is correct about that state… its been a real hot-bed for us in the past! Hope to get back into Georgia as a staple for BBN.
    Thanks Larry!
    Go Big Blue!!!

  8. Jeffro

    I agree, Anonymous. Let’s not be too quick to rush to conclusions about the recruiting strategies of a coach and staff who have only been going at it since Dec/Jan.

    Also, lets look at some facts here Georgia Blue and Larry Vaught. My notes show us having extended at least 30 offers to guys out of GA for 2014. Here are the guys I show, and I probably don’t have them all:

    T. Paulk
    S. Williams
    A. Choice
    D. Kitt
    E. Beal
    O. Brown
    A. Duckett
    L. Carter
    A. Williams
    D. Sawyer
    K. Freeman
    T. Tomlin
    K. Rogers
    D. Gates
    B. Allen-Williams
    W. Green
    D.J. Smith
    K. Bessent
    M. Parrish
    N. Ruffin
    N. Glass
    C. McDowell
    A. Artis
    J. Tucker
    K. Hackett
    T. Googer
    S. Truitt
    C. Williams
    J. Pittman
    C. Samuel

    Larry, I think you have to admit that your use of the term “abandoned” as it applies to recruiting GA was completely was truly offbase/inaccurate.

  9. Jeffro

    Love SEC F-Ball, my notes show us with at least 30 offers for 2014 in GA. I listed ‘em by name in another post below.

  10. Jeffrey

    In addition to the list of 30 offers (so far) out of GA for 2014, I’d like to follow-up on the particular reference to Stephenson HS.

    Do you believe that Stoops & staff are inept or maybe it’s your alma mater or something? Let’s look at the 2014 class……

    The RB (D. Rivers) who has committed to Vandy, very nice player, but he’s not nearly as highly-regarded and ranked by the various recruiting services as Mikel Horton or Braylon Heard. We may be done with recruiting RB’s or we may add one more, such as an APB like Stanley “Boom” Williams, who is another guy more who is more highly regarded and ranked (and out of GA by the way).

    The next 2014 guy from Stephenson who is in the GA Top 100 is a guy we’ve offered, J. Tucker. Another very nice player, who is ranked as the #43 Safety in the country. Like I said, we have an offer out, but also keep in mind that we are in very, very good with more highly regarded/ranked 2014 guys at Safety. Yes, plural…..guys who are Top 25, Top 20 in the country.

    My point? 1) If you and Larry think we’ve abandoned GA, you are grossly mistaken with your facts. 2) Just because we may not be recruiting your favorite player from your favorite school, please keep in mind that we may already be in with and recruiting other guys who are more highly regarded and fit what we want to do better.

    We have a head coach and a staff who are working hard, who have a plan, who have a process, who have raised the bar, and who are from all accounts meeting or exceeding the early expectations.

    Instead of wringing one’s hands in an effort to micro-manage a process that you haven’t been entrusted with managing, let’s get behind this staff with enthusiastic support.

    Go Cats1

  11. Georgia Blue

    JEFFREY, I don’t have a favorite player. I am from Metro- Atlanta and has been following HS football for a long time. I know talent when I see it and I know that Metro-Atlanta is a HotBed. OREGON, UCLA,OHIO STATE, TEXAS TECH, OKLAHOMA STATE, STANFORD and etc have started to recruit heavy in Metro- Atlanta. And i am not talking about the State of Georgia just Metro-Atlanta. The top 2 players in this year NATIONAL CLASS was from Metro-Atlanta Carl Lawson and Robert( Alpharetta and Grayson High School. You named just 30 players. Well outof 122 scholarships in Dekalb County 47 signed with D1 schools( 24 FBS and 23 FCS. And i didn’t mention Gwinnetti, Cobb, Fulton, Fayetteville, Rockdale or Henry County all Metro-Atlanta Counties. I would love too see UK recruit harder in Metro-Atlanta. Not just the State of Georgia. Its a lot of HS in Metro Atlanta and UGA and GT let other ACC and SEC SCHOOLS RAID THEIR BACKYARD BECAUSE THEY OFFER LATE. Then when LSU, ALA. ,SC, CLEMSON, TENN., N.C and Fla. offers in the spring, Uga and Gt offer in the fall and lose out.

  12. Georgia Blue

    Georgia is right behind The State of Florida and Texas in Football recruits. We are right behind or might have pass Florida in Players on SEC Rosters. So if you are looking for SEC PLAYERS. You better come to the State of Georgia.

  13. Larry Pup

    What’s all the buzz about. If Coach says he is recruiting GA then they are. These UK coaches know the score. This is not their first rodeo. You would have to be on the inside to know what is really going on anyway. I say relax and let Coach do his job. We need good football players from everywhere, coast to coast.

  14. Love SEC F-Ball

    Jeffro – You are right about the numbers – I am not sure why I got only 18 yesterday. There are a lot more offers in Georgia than I thought.

    Georgia Blue is right about the quality and number of Georgia players but I agree with others that we need to just let this staff work it out. They did a wonderful job in two months on the 2013 class.

  15. Jeffro

    Georgia Blue, I and I believe everyone else can agree that there are a great # of quality recruits out of GA. The facts back it up. No one doubts that you know talent when you see it. How about extending the same courtesy to Coach Stoops and staff. Do you not think they know talent?

    What we’d like for you and Larry to agree on is that it was unfounded to say we have abandoned recruiting GA. We have at least 30 2014 offers out in GA and we recruiting the state hard. We are heavily in the mix for a # of very highly regarded recruits out of GA. I’ll name just a couple that I’m sure you’ve heard of: Stanley Williams & Dante Sawyer, both 4-star guys.

    It’s April and the new staff is having to play catch-up as they walked-in behind from Day 1. Ohio and KY are our “home state” base and it is much easier logistically to get unofficial visits from kids who live within a couple of hours from campus while high school is still in session. We are recruiting Top 50 kids from GA hard…..patience.


    I never said that Stoops and Company wasn’t recruiting Georgia. I said that Metro-ATLANTA is a Hotbed for the SEC and ACC Schools. Then you have the Big 12 and Pac 12 coming into Metro-ATLANTA and recruiting hard because of the HIGH LEVEL of Talent in the AREA. Stoops already know about South Georgia and the Atlanta area coming from Florida State. What i said was that we didn’t sign a single player from Georgia last year. When fan keep talking about getting SEC type players. The State of Georgia is No.1 in sending players to the SEC and Metro-ATLANTA is the REASON WHY. Our 3 STARS are better than a lot of other STATES 4 and 5 STARS. It’s a man game in Metro-ATLANTA. Our kids be ready to play their FRESHMAN YEAR

  17. Jeffro

    Okay, but take a look at the original words from you, then the direct reply to your post from Larry Vaught”

    Georgia Blue: ” Larry, I am glad Stoops is recruiting OHIO hard, but SABAN , SPURRIER and FRANKLIN is recruiting the Metro-Atlanta hard again this year.”

    Georgia Blue: “We need to recruit hard in Metro- Atlanta , because it is a Hot Bed with a lot Great Football Players.”

    Larry Vaught: “Georgia Blue, it does seem Kentucky has just abandoned Georgia.”

    See how from your original comment that even Larry Vaught took it from your post that UK wasn’t recruiting GA, and Larry goes on to state (mistakenly) that it seems UK has abandoned Georgia.

    I provided you a list of 30 2014 GA guys we’ve offered. If you want to be stubborn in denying that we aren’t recruiting Metro Atlanta and/or GA hard, then that’s on you.

    It’s April and we are taking an inside-out approach to 2014 recruiting. The inside is Kentucky and Ohio, the outside is FL, GA, AL, Carolinas. We are and will continue to recruit Metro Atlanta and the state of GA hard. To think otherwise is misinformed.

    1. larryvaught

      UK coaches do insist Georgia remains big part of recruiting plans. We’ll see how it goes this year, but Cats could have seven or more starters from Georgia this year

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