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Kentucky senior running back Raymond Sanders says not to worry about a team letdown because of the four-game skid and 1-5 overall record after Saturday’s loss to No. 1 Alabama.

“We’re going to have a lot of fight. I can tell you that,” Sanders said. “We’re going to call people out who’s not giving 100 percent every play, no matter the score. We’re going to see that.

“We’re definitely not going to be a team that gives up. We’ve got a whole new season and me and some other guys are going to make sure of that, call people out after this film and see who wants to play and who wants to play the whole game and give 100 percent for the team to win.”

9 Responses to Raymond Sanders: “We’re definitely not going to be a team that gives up”

  • phillip Barker says:

    You don’t give up…I don’t give up! Go Cats!

  • Mike says:

    If RS and most of the other guys have this same feeling then we should be o.k. with that and be willing to give all of them our support moving forward.

  • Edward says:

    We are with you Mr. Sanders, we will back you up and we will be there. Go Big Blue!

  • chuck west says:

    We are behind this team 100%

  • Mike in Alabama (and at Commonwealth Stadium for entire UK/AL game!) says:

    “Don’t give up, Don’t ever give up”–Jim Valvano…front of shirt
    February 15, 1994 UK 99/LSU 95 Don’t ever give up…back of shirt

    DGU/DEGU…attitude of fighters with purpose, heart, teamwork, leadership, fearlessness/courage and sacrifice…I love it! I am sitting on O, let’s go! We still have great times ahead of us this season!

    This transcends various sports…thankful to see it in UK football!! Go CATS!!

  • Andy says:

    Behind you a 100 percent Raymond. Win lose or draw I bleed blue. Give em hell.

  • UKkathy says:

    Great mind-set, Raymond. The fans realize what a tough schedule this is and it’s players like you who make it worthwhile for us. Keep up the hard nose work. The BBN is behind you. Good luck the rest of the season and GO CATS!

  • Thomas says:

    You boys may as well give up. Especially since your fans barely acknowledge the existence of a football program at Kentucky and your the laughing stock of the SEC

  • John says:

    Sanders should not be playing anyways…Guess if you get caught with pot at UK you just get to keep on going…pot…meet kettle…


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