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Randy Sanders counting on Dyshawn Mobley, Justin Taylor to add power to Kentucky running game


Kentucky offensive coordinator Randy Sanders is counting on freshman running backs Dyshawn Mobley and Justin Taylor, who both weigh about 220 pounds, to give UK a new dimension this season.

“They are both, big physical guys. From what I saw today (in Saturday’s scrimmage), usually when they hit in there, the pile falls back,” said Sanders. “You didn’t see them getting knocked back.

“It will be interesting to see how much better they are in the next scrimmage from what they were this scrimmage. The first scrimmage it is always a case with me that running backs you work on their footwork and everything else and they get out here and start running and they usually just take off. They are not executing their reads. They are just running like they always have.

“Once they get disciplined and really executing their footwork, they get better. And these two guys have the talent and strength to really do some different things for our offense.”

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  1. John

    I am glad to see a couple beefy running backs.
    It seems we run the ball up the middle way too many times will our smaller, speedy backs. It is hard for them to absorb a hit and keep moving. Through the course of the game they loose some speed from all the hits they take up the middle.

  2. Ira

    Be nice to see Josh Clemons, Mobley, and Taylor just wearing down a defense all day long. Having 3 big running backs all going over 210lbs and beating down a defense would be beautiful!

  3. Michael

    I get the feeling, as much as the coaches are hyping both Mobely and Taylor, that they are expecting to rs Clemons at this point. Sucks, but I’d rather them be safe and not get him re-injured.

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