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Randall, you don’t need to apologize

Vaught’s note: Vaughtsviews.com regular Jo Ann Rice suggested before the South Carolina game that WLEX-TV (Channel 18) find a way to print T-shirts with Randall Cobb’s No. 18 on them since she expected him to set the UK all-time touchdown record — and he did exactly that. So it’s really no surprise she made this post I wanted to make sure everyone saw.


I will keep this short and sweet. Randall Cobb has no reason to apologize for his comments on Twitter. He was honest and direct. If people are upset, perhaps they resent those remarks because they RESEMBLE those remarks.

At the start of the game, I was also disturbed by all the empty seats that I saw in the stadium, especially in the student section. I was disturbed by those individuals sitting around me that said they were leaving once the score reached 28-10.

I was disturbed when the men’s basketball team was introduced and up to that point in time, the men’s team received the evening’s biggest round of applause. At that time, there was a change in the game’s momentum and the football team needed the fans’ support. I was encouraged, however, by the individuals around me that said, “They need to get the basketball team off the field. This game belongs to our football team!”

So Randall, you don’t need to apologize. There are fans that truly appreciate the fact that you and your teammates are committed to playing the game with all you have until the last second of the game.

Just know that there are fans who will remain in the stands cheering you all on until the last second of the game. And by the way Randall, I wear my 18 jersey every time our football Cats take the field.

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  1. Coach K

    No UK football player should ever criticize our fanbase after what we have endured through the years. In return, fans should not/never ‘Boo’ players either.

    Do we not recognize the football team at basketball games?
    Has the UK football coach not spoken at Big Blue Madness (previous years)?

    I have never heard a UK fan from a basketball game complain about another sport being introduced or recognized. UK is UK.

  2. UKFAN

    I think it’s about time to put this dog to rest. Randall is the team leader and has a right to his thoughts. I don’t think he said anything that isn’t true. As fans we love to hear the great things about UK. We should understand there are negatives about this program and try to change them. I thank Randall for being a man and telling it like it is. Anyone who doesn’t either didn’t have a ticket or wasn’t in their seat at the start of the game.

    I also agree with Larry’s comments. Why purchase a ticket then not show up for the beginning of the game. Give it to someone who cares about UK Football. Randall sees the double standard between our fans when it comes to FB and BB. Fans were in their seats at MM before it started, for practice. If I were a FB player this would make me mad. The greatest fan base in the nation waiting until half time to show. Name me a time this has happened in basketball. In closing if you want to talk about the old days stay home. The last 4 years have been the greatest in this programs history. This year could be the same if we choose to cheer for our team.

  3. gmoyers

    And those cheers will be needed Saturday against Georgia in another huge game for Joker’s Cats

  4. Martyman

    I, speaking solely as a fan of UKFB as well as UKBB and UKHoops love all of UK sports. That is why I am called a fan. I also understand RC’s frustration with the small element of the fanbase that is fickle and mean and always think we should be Sugar Bowl Bound. These are the fans that RC failed to single out in his generalized all incompassing comments on Twitter. He has a right to express his views but, he also has to be very careful on how he does it and how he says it and take into account how it will be interpreted by everyone, when he includes everyone like he did. This is where he is at fault. He doesn’t need to apologize for being truthful and sometimes the truth needs to be said and is painful to hear. We do have an element in the fanbase that is on the fringe of being inappropriate most of the time. They do give the BBN a bad name and they do not care. I’ve seen them, I’ve heard them and I know that the UKFB team has, too. They do not into account that these are young me putting their hearts and souls and bodies on the line for our state university and for their entertainment. I feel bad for the UKFB team to have to be subjected to such comments as RC spoke of in his Tweet. The actions of a few taint the color of the entire BBN….

  5. Hugh Ward

    Randall, to the real FB fans, you don’t need to apologize. We know what you meant. I get irritated with those small group of fans that wander to their seats somewhere in the middle of the first quarter, disturbing everyone else sitting in that row, may be intoxicated, leave at the beginning of the fourth quarter (using various excuses), are profane and vulgar, and do nothing but boo any play that does not result in a UK TD. Sadly, they have been with us for years. We don’t care for them either.

  6. Martyman

    Hey Larry V,
    What would be the possibility of the UK fans (THE REAL UK FANS) that make up the majority of the BBN send the UKFB team an apology in kind and a rousing standing “O” when they come onto the the field this Saturday? It needs to happen!

  7. larry vaught

    Good stuff guys. And Marty, that is a perfect idea. Let’s spread the word

  8. bigbluefans4uk.com

    Yes, a great suggestion, and I would offer a friendly amendment to Marty’s proposal that the true UK fans make it a point to not let the noise die down once the team makes its initial appearance until after the victory is securely in the Cats’ W column.

    Make Commonwealth the loudest, from start to finish, that the stadium has ever experienced for a football game. Make our visitors leave with a resounding knowledge that we not only support our Cats but we understand and appreciate the game of football.

  9. Tana

    Probably not at all surprising (smiley face), this Kentucky football fan would absolutely LOVE for Commonwealth to be the LOUDEST it’s ever been prior to the game and throughout the game, except when we’re on offense, of course. That would, indeed, show Randall how much we are behind him himself AND our entire Kentucky football team (as our apology for that small segment of our fanbase, Martyman).

    In addition, I would also love for our fans to give our players a standing ovation again when they return after halftime, regardless of whether we’re leading or trailing at halftime. That such does not even remotely happen really bothers me a lot (and I see fans doing that for their players at some other SEC stadiums). Let’s SHOW THEM OUR LOVE!!!

  10. UKFAN

    What’s happened to the Catwalk. This is a way for the fans to show their support before the game.

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