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Q&A with UK junior Eloy Vargas


Here’s what Kentucky junior Eloy Vargas had to say about his play while the Wildcats were in Tampa last week for NCAA play:

Question: Do you feel like your play improved late in the season?
Vargas: “The coaches have been telling me I have played more better than I did before. I try to play harder to help my team than I did earlier. I do have more confidence. At times early I kind of let my ego get in the way and I was afraid to make a mistake. Now I just go in there and don’t think about anything except playing hard.”

Question: Was it hard to understand just what your best role on this team would be?
Vargas: “It was at first. Then I had a lot of things on my mind, too. Now I just play.”

Question: Are there more things we can see from Eloy Vargas next year after a full offseason to improve?
Vargas: “For sure. The summer will be great for me. I can come back and play more minutes and do more things.”

Question: Did not being here last summer when you were finishing junior college classes hurt you more than you realized at first this season?
Vargas: “It probably did. I missed the three games when they went to Canada (for exhibition play). If I had been here and gone on the trip, it probably would have helped me a lot.”

Question: What things do you want to work on during the summer?
Vargas: “I have to work on my lower body and get it stronger and get more quicker to  jump higher. That’s what I really need. I think my offense is pretty good. I just have to concentrate more on what I am going to do. This year I have concentrated on defense and trying to help my team more than offense because we have a lot of people who can score. I just go into games and try to get rebounds and block shots. If I get an offensive rebound, then I put it back up.”

Question: Does practicing with Josh Harrellson and Enes Kanter help you?
Vargas: “It helping me a little bit. They are big guys and make me play tough defense.”

Question: With Harrellson graduating, do you truly expect to be a major contributor for UK next year?
Vargas: “Yeah, I have my mind set for that and think I will be fine for next year.”

Question: Are you always happy? Do you ever get down or depressed?
Vargas: “I always be happy. That is way I am. I like to keep people happy, including myself. I talk to teammates and make fun of them to try and make sure everybody is having fun.”

Question: Do you get to talk to your family often?
Vargas: “I talk to them more like every day on the computer so they know what I am doing. They keep up with our games and watch them. The games are on over there, too, or if not they go online and watch.”

Question: Will you get to go home this summer?
Vargas: “I will be going on right after the season is over for a couple of weeks.”

Question: Has it been harder on you or your mom, especially with your father’s death, to be away from family?
Vargas: “It is kind of hard on me because I want to see my mom. She be fine and she tell me not to worry and all will be fine and she is fine, too. But I am a mamma’s boy.”

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    I truely expect good thing from him next year(and the rest of this year). If he keeps improving the sky is the limit!


  2. Karen Sprinkle

    He’s really made a lot of progress in the last month or so. If he keeps the attitude he has and continues to put in hard work, I think he will be very helpful next year.

  3. Ron

    he actually shoots better than i thought he could. go cats!

  4. gmoyers

    He’s really happy with how he is getting better — and so is Cal

  5. Rod

    Really wish him well and believe he continues to improve. Look to see him a lot next year. I have been pleasently surprised by his improvement lately, keep up the good work E V

  6. Tana

    Eloy has certainly shown improvement lately. Too, Eloy just might surprise some folks next season (and Josh did that big-time this season, of course). Thanks for interviewing him, Larry. GO CATS!!!

  7. larry vaught

    What Josh has done should give Eloy, Hood and Poole all hope for next year

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