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Practice skirmish that tweaked shoulder shows how Ryan Timmons plans to be more physical


Ryan Timmons did a little bit of everything for Kentucky as freshman.He started six of the 12 games he played, was second on the team in receptions with 32 for 338 yards and two scores, and also ran for 91 yards on 12 carries.He had a career-high six catches against Florida and made five receptions for 69 yards and a score against Mississippi State.

Kentucky offensive coordinator Neal Brown hopes for even more big plays from Timmons, who caught five passes for 47 yards, rushed once for eight yards and was the team’s No. 1 punt returner in the spring game.

Timmons needed off-season shoulder surgery, but says it went well and is doing fine.

“I kind of tweaked the other one in spring practice, but it’s fine,” Timmons said earlier this summer.

He admits he tweaked the other shoulder in a practice fracas, something that seemed a bit out of the ordinary for the normally mild-mannered Timmons.

“I think it was me trying to be more physical out on the perimeter with our defensive backs, but it wasn’t nothing personal. It was just football. Two guys going hard and frustration set it. But we are fine now. It was just practice,” he said.

Are practice skirmishes good?

“That is a big difference. Last year we didn’t see a lot of the scuffles. Not just fights, but guys being physical after the whistle. That is something coach (Mark) Stoops was emphasizing about being more physical on the perimeter with the wide receivers, so that is one thing we are trying to focus on more,” he said.

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  1. RJ

    Guys are learning how to play with the big boys! Finally!! That is something that has been seriously lacking in the past. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about bad sportsmanship which we have had plenty of; but, aggressive play all around.

  2. Todd

    Timmons is a playmaker but I’m scared staying healthy is going to be hard for him. In HS his team won many games but never was he leaned on. He’s very dynamic but he also seems injury prone in HS he seem to have a lot of nagging injuries… Hopefully he really is 100%, we need him for at least 10-15 touches a game.

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