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Postgame notes from UK’s 64-48 loss to Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt guard Kyle Fuller (11) moves the ball around Kentucky guard Jon Hood (4) during the first half of an NCAA college basketball game at the Southeastern Conference tournament, Friday, March 15, 2013, in Nashville, Tenn. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

Vanderbilt guard Kyle Fuller (11) moves the ball around Kentucky guard Jon Hood (4) during the first half of an NCAA college basketball game at the Southeastern Conference tournament, Friday, March 15, 2013, in Nashville, Tenn. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

–Kentucky drops to 21-11 overall and Vanderbilt improves to 16-16 on the season.

–Despite the loss, UK still leads the series 138-46. The Wildcats are 7-2 against the Commodores in neutral game sites, but have dropped each of the last two with both coming in the league tournament. The series is now tied 3-3 when the teams meet in the quarterfinals of the Southeastern Conference Tournament.

–Kentucky’s all-time SEC Tournament record now stands at 119-24.

Team Game Notes

–Kentucky used the starting combination of Willie Cauley-Stein, Archie Goodwin, Ryan Harrow, Julius Mays and Alex Poythress for the fifth-straight game. That combination is 4-3 this season.

–Jarrod Polson was the first sub off the bench for the Blue and White. He has been the first substation seven times this season now.

-Poythress connected on Kentucky’s first made 3-point attempt. The basket extended UK’s 3-point streak to 859 consecutive games which is a standard that ranks as the third longest such streak in the nation. Vanderbilt holds the second-longest such streak and pushed its run to 865.

–Kentucky trailed 37-23 at halftime. UK is 2-10 this season when trailing at the break.

Individual Player Notes

#4 Jon Hood
–Hit a 3-pointer on his first shot attempt of the game. He has now connected on at least one long-range shot in five games this season.

#10 Archie Goodwin
– Reached double-figure scoring for a team-high 24th time this season with 12 points.

#12 Ryan Harrow
–Hauled in five or more rebounds for the sixth time this season.

#15 Willie Cauley-Stein 
–Tallied six or more rebounds in seven-straight games.

#22 Alex Poythress
–Drew his third charge of the season early in the first half.
–Knocked down a 3-pointer in four of his last six games.

#33 Kyle Wiltjer
–Notched his second drawn charge of the year.
–Scored in double-figures for the 16th time this season with 10 points.

#34 Julius Mays
–He has now made at least one 3-pointer in 19 of his last 20 games and in 29 games overall this season.


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  1. Anonymous

    Young, very inexperienced, very, very soft…don’t think they deserve or will get an invite to the Big Dance-sorry!

  2. Doug Ridley


  3. Anonymous

    I think Cal did everything possible to get to these guys but for some reasons it just didn’t work…I hope they all come back next year.

    1. Kokamo Joe

      Teachers will tell you that when report cards come some mothers will storm the principals office and place the blame for freshman Johnny’s three first quarter Fs on the teacher. Other parents will sit down with Johnny and say “We still love you, we will do what ever it takes to help you, but the F belongs to you. Next quarter will be better, won’t it Johnny.” Calipar was the coach. The failure of this team belongs to him. We start over next year. Next year will be better. Calipari is still our coach. When we win next year, the credit will go to him, just as the responsibility for this year must also go to him.

      If all these freshmen come back as well as Harrow, can they play over the super new recruits? If they can, then I think that we will be in trouble next year. If the new kids take all the playing time will this year’s kids get the exposure to all them to eventually move on to the NBA? I doubt it. If they get a sniff, they had better go. Harrow might want to look at an a small college, if he would be eligible.

  4. goUKats

    I If UK does’nt get an NCAA bid,i sincerely hope that they turn down an NIT bid.I had hopes that this group had turned things around after the Florida game,but tonight showed they just don’t care,and the season is over.
    Also,as a lifelong fan.over 60 years,i hope some of these guys move on once the season is over.They have really turned me off this year,and with the talent coming in,i really see very limited playing time should they return next year.

  5. Gene T.

    Way toooooo soft. Starts with the point guard

  6. Gene T.

    I agree with goukkats, I will not watch them in the NIT. Let’s just move on if we are not in the NCAA, which I don’t think we deserve. Can’t wait for FOOTBALL and Next year Basketball.

  7. Larry T Clemons

    NCAA or NIT, I’ll take every Game we can get, We Need The WORK ! I watched Florida yesterday and I watched Kentucky…” How did we (UK) ever beat Florida …This feels like INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS, somebody or something stole Our Wildcats ! The only way this could be Worse, would be if we where ranked # 2 in the Country and lost to unranked Maryland…

  8. Redpup

    I hope none of these guys come back. We don’t need their terrible work ethic and laziness to be around our new team next year. These guys have zero respect for our program or the name on their jersey. Except for Stein it is best if they all move on. Let’s give their scholarships to kids that want to represent the program with heart and hustle. If they stay it will be like adding a bad apple to the barrell.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      BOO ! You are a Bad Sport…and your a Terrible APPLE !

      1. Kokamo Joe

        Larry: I don’t know about the pup being a terrible apple, but his point does need a bit of thought. Let us say that you came to UK with thoughts of the NBA and millions of dollars dancing in your head. Things went sour and the coach could not motivate you or your team mates and there were possible undercurrents of discontent on the team. Your golden dream evaporated and you had to go back for a second year, even though you were a McDonald’s all American and were originally thought to be a top 5 to 10 recruit. Your coach recruited over you and the new recruits proved better than you so you are getting little playing time. Might there be problems? Would our freshmen be better off to go on if there is even a good hope of being drafted?

        With my blue glasses I would think that all freshmen come back. This year’s bunch meshes with next year’s bunch and they form a community of fellowship devoted to winning and there will be no jealousy or disappointment over playing time. Every ego is muted. etc. The glasses could also tell me that even if the assembly line gets clogged, the tip top recruits will continue to drop on the beginning of the line. Maybe so, but the glasses can fool one sometimes.

        1. Larry Pup

          I say let them all come back if they so choose to. They would have a ton of experience and know first hand what is expected to win in the sec and ncaa. If one does not think this freshmen class and the new recruits would not be a dynamite team next year, you are kidding yourself. Freshmen can grow up. This team would have something to prove big time. A year can make a ton of difference.

        2. Larry T Clemons

          Just hate seeing ” My Team ” (BBN’s), kicked while they are down…I’m sure you understand.

          1. Kokamo JOe

            Indeed I do understand. Just yesterday I predicted a win over Vandy and even posted that they could win it all, meaning win the SEC and then get a NCAA seeding higher than any of us could imagine. You can see my—our disappointment. At this late date, I think you have to recognize that we have bitten into a wormy apple, and that there will be better apples in the future…but the apple is still wormy and frankly it deserves to show a little rot.

  9. Larry Pup

    Amen LarryT..I’ll still pull for them in the NCAA or NIT. Probably the latter now if they even choose to go. They would still have KENTUCKY across their chest. I’m disappointed too, but you have to take the good with the bad. I think youth and fate got us this year. We had already beaten Vandy twice this year. Now we must face a hot shooting Vandy team in tournament play who has a ax to grind with UK. It just got us. The SEC better celebrate now cause next year there is a new sheriff in town. Some of our fans take it far to personal. Get over it. We are very fortunate fans and have much to be thankful for. It is only a game and nobody is dodging bullets, there will be another day. GO CATS!!!

    1. Kokamo Joe

      Is it not ironic Larry, that we had a slot in the NCAA tournament to play for and Vandy was just playing for pride. That the Vandy campus was just down the road, but that the BBN sold out the Nashville area. That Vandy was the aggressive team?
      And Vandy dominated the game?

      Surely that can be a lesson that Calipari will teach over and over in future years.

      1. Larry Pup

        You are so right on that Joe. By the way, we disagree on some things, but I love to read your stuff. It is good stuff. This whole year is a teaching model for the future. Hey, kids grow up a lot between their freshman and soph. year. Why not this bunch. The bottom line, this team is just not real good right now, but they have a ton of potential.

  10. Larry T Clemons

    KJ, see see the Apple with a little rot, matured past ripeness. I see the Apple, a little Green, needing a little more Time on the Kentucky Basketball TREE OF LIFE…

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