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Postgame notes from Kentucky’s 64-50 loss at Notre Dame


UK's Alex Poythress  puts up a contested shot inside in the loss at Notre Dame. (Victoria Graff photo)

UK’s Alex Poythress puts up a contested shot inside in the loss at Notre Dame. (Victoria Graff photo)

– Kentucky falls to 4-2 while Notre Dame improves to 7-1.
– The Wildcats are 42-19 all-time against Notre Dame and 5-3 in Purcell Pavilion.
– The Wildcats are 172-74 all-time against the Big East.
– Ranked Kentucky teams are 31-4 all-time versus Notre Dame and have won 12 of the last 13 times it entered a game against the Fighting Irish ranked.
– Kentucky returns to action Saturday hosting the Baylor Bears. Tip-off is scheduled for 12:30 p.m. ET and will be televised on CBS.

Team game notes
– The Wildcats used the starting combination of Nerlens Noel, Archie Goodwin, Alex Poythress, Kyle Wiltjer and Julius Mays. UK is 3-2 with that line-up.
– Jarrod Polson was the first sub off the bench for UK. It is the third time Polson was UK’s first sub in.
– Kentucky extended its streak of games with a 3-pointer to 833 games, the third-longest streak in the country.
– UK shot 40.4 percent from the field, snapping a streak of three-straight games shooting better than 50 pct. from the field.
– The Wildcats trailed the Irish 36-25 at the half. It was UK’s largest halftime deficit this season.
– Kentucky is 0-2 when trailing at the half this season.
– Notre Dame’s 20-point second half lead was the largest deficit UK has faced this season.
– This was only the second double-figure loss in Calipari era. The other was against UConn in the 2010 Maui Invitational against UConn, 84-67. Kentucky bounced back from that loss to advance to the school’s 14th Final Four.
– UK’s 50 points were the fewest points in the Calipari Era. The previous low was 55 against UConn in the 2011 Final Four.

Individual game notes

#3 Nerlens Noel
– Finished with 10 points, seven rebounds and two steals.

#4 Jarrod Polson
– Took his first charge of the season.

#10 Archie Goodwin
– Grabbed a team-high seven rebounds and dished out a team-high five assists.
– Broke a streak of six-straight games scoring in double-figures.

#12 Ryan Harrow
– Saw first action since season-opener against Maryland.

#33 Kyle Wiltjer
– Finished with five rebounds and two steals.

#34 Julius Mays
– Has hit a 3-pointer in every game this season.
– Has connected on seven 3-pointers in last two games.
– Hit a season-high four 3-pointers and was UK’s leading scorer for the first time this season.
– Shooting 10-11 from the free throw line this season.


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  1. eddie

    very disapointed tonight hope we can beat baylor on sat. on a side not i am rooting for FSU to win the acc championship cause our football coach is on the sidelines if any football fan wants to do the same feel free too maybe get a preveiw of what our defense could look like.

  2. Jim Boyers

    This was an absolute, total and complete embarrassment. It was, hands down, the worst performance by a UK team in the Cal era. I was prepared to be (and have been) very patient with this team and the progress they were making, but there was no excuse for what occured tonight. They were lost and imcompetent in every phase of the game. It was made even more disappointing by the fact that I have been of the belief that they were progressing nicely. It turns out that it has just been the total lack of decent competition they have faced. This game showed that they are no further along than they were in the first exhibition game. I can’t even imagine what Baylor, a much more athletic team than Notre Dame, is going to do with them on Saturday. Unless this team makes a complete 180, it ain’t gonna be pretty.

    I am just going to stop there, before I say something that I will really regret.

    I don’t want to be a “the sky is falling” type of fan, but there just appears to be some underlying problem with this team. It just looks like they are all reading from a different page. They don’t appear to be in sync, at all. Their decision making and execution is ofter very poor. It has worked out for them in 4 games against crappy teams, but they have been dominated in the 2 games they have played against decent competition. It is early, but there are definitely some deep rooted problems going on.

    1. John

      Pretty harsh assessment this early.
      We did not play with the effort needed to win.
      Now we need to understand that these guys don’t have alot of experiencece at this level. Effort can overcome that, but it was missing.
      We also do not yet, know who our point guard is going to be. That is THE most important cog in Cal’s machine.
      The game against Baylor will be an athletic type game, one that we should be OK in. ND and Duke and even Morehead played us physical and we either didn’t or were slow to respond.
      I think that has been the strategy against us early since Cal has been here.
      Our coach, one of the best in the business, is not a magician. He will find tweaks and adjustments needed to make this team as good as it can be.
      Let this play out. I do agree with you that there is an underlying problem. I think the main area that will make us look like a Cal coach UK team is getting the pg situation settled. AND EFFORT. We cannot win on the road like we played last night.

  3. john l

    I’m sure improvements will be made,if not,not one of the current freshmen will continue the one-and-done scene.In fact it may be one-and -none.

  4. TheProfessor

    Great teams play very efficiently on both ends of the floor, but over the course of many games, the offense can take a vacation in some games, and the team must be able to rely on the great defense to survive those type of games. This team’s defense has been atrocious, and tonight when the offense was not working, this team realized it did not have that defense to fall back on.

    They have not been playing it, they did not play it tonight, and until they understand that the defense is a team’s mainstay, they will continue to have nights like this as they move ahead.

    The defense has so many areas that need attention, but again tonight, the rebounding was weak.


    They did not play well tonight which is obvious but I am still preping for Atlanta. If they weren’t paying attention before they are listening now. They looked a little shell shocked but I still believe we will be fine. I also thought Cal waited to long to get the regulars back into the game in the 1st half when they made their run.

    It’s just one game and I will remind all that I was in NJ to watch a team with 8 losses beat UNC for a trip to the Final Four. It’s early and they are young.


  6. Steve Landram

    A game doesn’t make a season. People seem to forget that it took a last second John Wall shot to beat Miami of Ohio when that ultra collection of talent was just getting started. There is no way to practice for the kind of environmnet that this young team faced in South Bend last night. The only “embarrasment” would be if they don’t learn from the experience, stop supporting each other, and start listening to all of the nay sayers. I t will be fun and interesting to watch this team develop and actualize their talent as individuals and more importantly as a team.

  7. donv

    Way to early to jump off the bridge. How quick some people forget that all of Cal’s teams progress with March in mind. We will be alright.

    1. UKFAN197TONE

      A team with this much talent doesn’t get walked on, on National TV. There is a problem with this team. Plain and simple. Yes, March in mind is a good philosophy to have, but a TEAM has to get there first…

  8. Good Riddance

    This is the best thing that could have happened to the latest crop of little boys Coach Cal has recruited. The all needed to be knocked off of their collective high horses and hopefully will begin to listen to what the coaches are attempting to teach them. They have been coddled and praised their entire young lives and have probably never taken a thumping like they took last night by a bunch of men that played as a team. I have faith in Coach, but this is definitely going to be his greatest challenge yet during his tenure at the helm of Camelot.

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