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Portland coach believes glass is still overflowing at Kentucky


Portland coach Eric Reveno has played against UK three straight years and offered some interesting observations after Saturday’s loss to UK in Rupp Arena.

Question: How does this UK team stack up against past teams he has faced?
Reveno: “I don’t know. I appreciate you asking my opinion, but in my humble opinion, I feel like they were competing and were focused and it looks like a group of young guys trying to do the right thing, trying to compete, trying to do what their coaches are asking of them, trying to make the smart play, rotating on defense. I know my team is going to be better in two months and I know under the coaching staff, this team is going to be better. So, I always say when speaking of my team to people that are asking that it really is a matter of the observers’ perspective. The glass is either half full or half empty. It says more about the critic than it does about the team. There is a lot in that glass at the University of Kentucky. You know, from my perspective their glass is overflowing, so they will be fine. They are working through some early-season issues like everybody. ”

Question: Can you compare this UK team to the 2010-11 UK team that went to the Final Four in Houston?
Reveno: “Yeah, compared to two years ago, thinking back, again, I appreciate the opportunity to have this experience of playing them three years running and I would say they seem a little bit more similar to that team. I think that is a fair comparison in terms of not hitting on all cylinders. Again, don’t quote me and highlight that only quote. ‘Coach says Not Hitting on All Cylinders’. Be very careful. They are very good. They look like they are hitting on all cylinders to me. The veterans they lost, they look a little younger. There are some similarities. I wish we had put some more pressure on them to see.”

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  1. Dave / New Mexico

    I only wish this team had not been over-hyped by the so-called experts.

    1. UKFAN197TONE

      I only wish the fans wouldn’t go crazy when UK loses a few games, but we all can’t help that.

      1. Dave / New Mexico

        Yeah…it’s not fair to the kids. Folks seem to forget that most of these kids were playing in high school gyms last year. If UK makes the dance and gets to the sweet 16, that should be considered a remarkable success, IMO. It would be fantastic if they do better.

    2. Larry T Clemons

      I don’t think the hype hurts, But, the # 3 Ranking was stupid and intentional, imo.

  2. LindaS

    They never should have been rank #3 at the beginning of the season. Unproven talent, young, no leader, etc. I am not unhappy, I am happy, it’s UK basketball. Cal will get them there but I won’t be disappointed if we don’t win the big dance. Basketball is fun again, who would trade this ride we have had for the past 3 years. Not me. This might be a bumpy ride this year but I’ll take it and love it. Livin’ Blue & Lovin’ It!

    1. Larry T Clemons

      YES ! Thank You…

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