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Jarrod Polson “honestly” expects Kentucky to win national title

By KEITH TAYLOR, Winchester Sun

LEXINGTON — Kentucky guard Jarrod Polson saved his best for last during the Blue-White game last week at Rupp Arena. The former West Jessamine standout scored the blue team’s last basket — a dunk — in a 126-104 win over the white squad. Polson missed his first three field goal attempts, but had four rebounds, collected a pair of steals and two assists. At 6-foot-2, Polson even pulled down a rebound.

Polson took a few minutes to answer some questions following the intrasquad scrimmage.

How much has Terrence Jones improved this season?
“Terrence is a new guy. He’s a new player and he even came in the summer and just worked harder than I’ve ever seen him work before. Obviously it showed off (in the Blue-White game) and it’s going to show up during the season.”

Are you surprised that he came out and scored 52 points in the Blue-White game?
“Not really. We have been practicing with him for a month or so now and he’s done that in practice. He’s a totally different player and he’s played so hard this year. It’s going to be hard to stop him.”

What about you? What have you gotten better at?
“I’m just learning more about the offense. I’m probably not going to be a scorer this year. If I can get in there, play some good defense and control the offense. That’s what I’m trying to do. I probably going to play the one or two most of the time, so if I’m at that point-guard position, I’m just working to get the team into place and do what I need to do running (the team) and things like that.”

How far do you see this team going this season?
“Obviously, our goal is to get to the national championship and I honestly see it (happening). We were just talking (after the game) and we have so many different players and so many good players who are good at different things. It’s going to be really exciting this year.”

What is the difference between this team and last year’s squad and the progression of the two teams at this point in the season?
“We might be further along this year (at this time) than we were last year in certain areas. We’re doing more dribble drive this year than we did last year. Last year we were more like a team that came off the pick-and-roles and the screens and stuff like that. We’re definitely more of an up-tempo team this year, but that’s because of the way all of our guys play.”

How much have Darius (Miller) and Doron (Lamb) improved?
“They’re just like Terrence. They’ve put in the work last summer and it’s helped them elevate and improve their game. With Darius, I haven’t seen him miss a shot in a while. Doron struggled at first a little bit, but he had 31 points (in the blue-white game). They have both improved and they’re definitely going to be ready for the season, too.”

Are you guys ready to play an outside opponent such as Transylvania Wednesday?
“It’s going to be really nice to get some competition in and actually have a real-game experience.”

What about being picked to win the Southeastern Conference? Is there some pressure involved with that?
“We have a lot of expectations this year. I don’t think it adds pressure. We know what to expect. We’re going to work our hardest and see what happens from there.”

How do you handle that pressure, especially after going to the Final Four last year?
“You just have to realize this is a new year and it really just comes down to one game at a time and trying to get better at some category every game. We just have to take every day seriously in practice.”

What about the freshman class? How good are they?
“They’re unbelieveable. They’re all different in their own way, but at the same time, they’re all just great players. They’re all really mature and they work harder than any freshman group I’ve seen. I think they’ll be ready for the season.”

Did we see how good they are in the Blue-White game?
“You probably haven’t seen their best. I mean they all played pretty good, but they definitely have more in store for this season.”

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  1. Mike Flannery

    The success of this team is directly related to how hard they work on defense and rebounding. There will be multiple nights “on the road” when the shots will not fall, this year it will be up to Miller, Lamb and Jones to be mentally ready for road games….Freshmen are always up and down. If this team plays defense like last years team…….it will become immortal! Go Big Blue! We must give this team time to gel and Cal will get them there!

  2. TheProfessor


    Enjoy this read about a scrimmage held Sunday afternoon.

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