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Pitino says move to Louisville was right for family and says his wife is one who convinced him to take the job

Vaught’s note: Maybe my memory has faded, but I can’t remember knowing that Rick Pitino said yes to Michigan back in 2001 and then changed his mind to take the Louisville job. But that’s what he said at the Final Four Sunday when asked about the contact he had with Michigan back in 2001 after he left the Boston Celtics. I thought his answer was one you might enjoy, especially since he basically says it was his wife who convinced him to take the Louisville job.

Question: You mentioned that you had some contact with Michigan. Can you take us through that decision making process from 2001. Is it a little bit ironic you’re facing them tomorrow night for a chance to win another title?

COACH PITINO: It was kind of a funny story because I agreed to be the Michigan coach. I lived in Boston right on Com Avenue. We visited Las Vegas. I love Las Vegas. My wife doesn’t like Las Vegas. We had young children at the time. She said, Look, if we were all ‘let’s go,’ we have young kids. I just don’t want to go out west. I don’t want to go to a different time zone. I want to stay near our family. It wasn’t Las Vegas as a town, it was the fact that it was west of the Mississippi. I’ll go to any job, but want to stay closer to home.

So I took the Michigan job. That morning I agreed. I forget what the name was, I think it was ‘Outright,’ which when I called the Michigan AD, he didn’t want me to use my real name to get through to him. My wife came up and, as I said, I’m on the third floor, putting together all the things together with the Michigan contract.

She had a book. There was an expression in the book that, I’d rather live one day as a lion than a thousand as a Lamb. My wife doesn’t swear. She didn’t want to go to Michigan because I’ve never visited there, I didn’t know anybody there. She wanted to go back to Kentucky where she saw the family so happy for eight years.

I said to her, You don’t understand, the Kentucky coach can’t coach at Louisville. You’re just not getting it. She said, It’s one game every year, and every other year you have to visit. What’s the big deal?

I said, It’s a big deal. We don’t want to do that. We’ll be miserable. You don’t want to put yourself in that situation.

She said, You know what, that line you’re always using, I’d rather live one day as a lion than a thousand as a lamb, you’re an F ing Lamb, then walked downstair.

I said, Think about it. There’s half a million Kentucky fans in our town. It’s not like living in Lexington where if you wear red, you get shot. It doesn’t work that way.

She said, I don’t care, your family is going to be happy. Now I have to call the AD. It’s 12:00. He had a thing between 12:00 and 1:30. I think it was squash or racquetball, where he can never be disturbed unless it’s a matter of life and death. His assistant said, Is it a matter of life and death?

I said, No, it’s really, really important. It’s a matter of life and death, because I changed my mind.

I’m sorry, I can’t put him through to you, do you want his voice mail?

So now I’m leaving this long voice mail. I rambled on saying it’s one of the greatest jobs in the world, but I have to go back home where my family grew up, my children grew up. I gave a long winded story. Never till the NIT when I got a chance to speak to him in person about it. I went to Louisville. It was the right move not necessarily for me. But it was the right move for my family.

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  1. IM4UK2

    Whatever… if this was the case he should have said so a long time ago, spin spin spin, now he throws his wife under the bus after all he has already done to shame her, oh my!

    1. Kokamo Joe

      I know that his next job was going to be either Michigan or UL. None of us know what went on in his head. None of us know if he was leaning toward the Michigan job. None of us know actually what caused him to make up his mind.

      I do remember this. Pitino said much the same thing on the day that he came to UL. Was he throwing his wife under the bus then?

      So why not take him at his word and move on.

      1. IM4UK2

        Joe whats up with you taking on everyone on these messages? You have no chance to change the prevailing opinion no matter how hard you try because your position is not reasonable in a sports sense. In a Christian sense yes, I’ve forgiven Pitino for being disloyal, for his inappropriate behavior, and I’ll now forgive him for deflecting angst from himself to his wife. But regarding your request to “take him at his word and move on” no can do, because his word has been proven to be insincere many times over and I do not trust his motives in this whole discussion. Seriously, on the day his team is to play for the national championship why are we even having this discussion? He should be the one to shut up and move on, not another word and maybe we can all move on to more interesting topics? As long as he continues to try to justify his actions he will cause this sore to be reopened. And the notion that there is some insecurity driving the passionate BBN response to this discussion is humerous, the BBN will defend against any person that disrespects our tradition.

        1. King Ghidora

          While I agree with you in principle (completely) I did find evidence that Pitino did mention these things back when he took the UL job. Come to think of it I just remembered hearing about it and not believing it then either. It was a good while back so my memory is still fuzzy on the whole issue but I did find proof on the net that he mentioned this stuff back in 2001. Check my post on down the page on the subject.

        2. Charlie

          Now you’re talking. I doubt anyone here hates over a ball game. Just because a man doesn’t like someone else being disloyal it doesn’t prove he hates him. I think anybody who believes that proves hate is just wanting to put somebody else down. I’ve never met anybody that really hated someone over a game. I sure don’t so such a thing. I also forgive Pitino for what he did but that doesn’t mean I have to like what he did or think it was right. I guess some folks just don’t understand the Christian way. Hate the sin but love the sinner. That’s what I live by. And I don’t think coaching Louisville is a sin either. I just think it was a bad move that he knew would tick off a bunch of people but he just didn’t care. I don’t like that but I sure don’t hate the man. My goodness that would be crazy extreme and I don’t believe anyone here thinks that way. Some guys seem to think it means hate but I think those guys are more likely to be the haters since they seem to be going after everyone that doesnt think wht they think calling them haters and such. The guilty dog barks first is what I learned as a kid.

  2. Juan4UK

    I know that I’ve never heard anything about a Michigan job. But then again, I’m positive that, even in today’s quick release media world, we don’t hear 90% of the actual deal making until one of the parties are ready to leak it. So, I give the factual probability of this about 95%. Because, we will know by tonight if it’s true or not. Someone will confirm or deny the fact, and Rick knows this.
    Now, the part I’m curious about: is Rick really putting this decision on his wife? WOW. I don’t care if it’s true or not, that’s just bad form. Very bad form. But hey, even with the rumors of JoAnn not liking Kentucky for lack of big city variety (shopping, etc.) I just don’t see her as not understanding how this would turn out. Women, in my experience are extremely intuitive. Especially in seeing how things would turn out. Especially when recognizing how a volcanic situation might possibly effect her kids.
    Just my opinion.

  3. Theresa Crow

    And all this time, I thought that he left UK for Boston partly for her because she did not like Lexington…If the above is true, it sounds as if she apparently had a change of heart and decided that since her family was happy in Kentucky, then she needed to get them back there however she could. I don’t recall anything about the Michigan job either, but I did not keep close tabs on him in the time between UK and UofL.

  4. King Ghidora

    I think Little Ricky is cracking up. Does he expect us to buy this BS? JoAnn, who was well known to hate KY with a passion, is the one who wanted to move back??????? Was she out to prove all her critics wrong because she took a lot of flack for being so anti-KY? That crack about getting shot if you wore red in Lexington is one of the many things he said at the time that really stunk too BTW. It’s funny that he said it to her then said it to all UK fans. What was his reason for saying such a thing? He was slamming UK fans for being too tied up with the team, that’s what. He wanted to crack the Big Blue Nation and break off a few pieces for himself. Little did the pea brain know that he never had any chance whatsoever of doing that. Heck they almost called for him to be fired because he had the team wear uniforms that weren’t the exact right color (UK blue). People said they looked like Carolina uniforms and they did. He didn’t get it then either. It’s all about tradition Little Ricky. That’s something you clearly don’t understand. You come from a place where it’s always a cult of personality. Well UK is the polar opposite of that and always has been. They loved UK because it was the way of the team that made them so good. Not hot dog, hot shots like you wanted to be. I could name dozens of NYC types that fell all over themselves to be “the” guy. They didn’t want “the” team. And that’s what UK fans have always wanted. He really thought UK fans would jump ship because he was at UL. HA! All those pot shots he took at UK fans just made UK fans turn against him more and more. I think he finally learned that and now he’s trying to win them over by asking for their support now that he might finally win a title at UL. Not going to happen. People are going to do what I just did. Laugh at the insane notion that it was JoAnn that wanted to come back to KY. Even if it’s true (which I’d bet $1000 against a doughnut that it isn’t and I don’t even like doughnuts) it isn’t believable. Why would it be better to live in back woods Kentucky again instead of the big cities of the north? Ann Arbor is part of the whole Detroit / Flint metro area making it part of a huge concentration of people and money. Yes Detroit has fallen on hard times but the decision was made over a decade ago and it wasn’t nearly as bad then. And the whole metro area is not like downtown Detroit anyway. I’ve been there. It’s not all abandoned car factories and empty houses.

    Rick must not like JoAnn very much or something. He seems to be trying to destroy her publicly or maybe he thinks in some perverted way it will prove she really wanted to move back after all and now people will accept her more as one of us.

    BTW the reason there are so many UK fans in Louisville is because the city is part of the state and the name of the university in Lexington is the “University of KENTUCKY” so they feel like it’s their state university too. It’s no different in Cincinnati. You see more Ohio State fans here in the Cincinnati area (where I live now) than you do UC fans. Big success has a lot to do with it just like it does in Kentucky. I haven’t seen a single UC shirt or jacket or anything since I moved here but I sure see Ohio St. stuff.

    But in Lexington us thugs will “shoot you” if you aren’t one of us. Am I the only one that gets how insulting that is? It’s a sport Little Ricky. I know lots of people from Louisville. I met a lot of them when I went to UK. No one ever trashed them and not one of them ever got shot. I even had a friend that was a UL fan amidst a sea of UK fans and he hasn’t been killed more than 3 or 4 times. Heck when I went to Morehead people celebrated the UK victory in 1978 like mad men. No one shot at UK fans on the Morehead campus. Mostly we just laughed at our UL fan friend who was also at Morehead with me. And my daughter went to high school with a UL fan (her family lived in Loserville). Not one person ever took a shot at her that I know about and she was in your face about her support. She used to call our house if UL managed to win against UK. She loved rubbing it in when she got the chance (it was during the Tubby years). It never occurred to me to shoot her. That’s just one of many slams he did of UK and it’s fans when he first went to UL. But it was all the fault of his wife. I’m sorry Ricky. I’m sorry I didn’t understand that your wife didn’t understand. And to be honest I’m sorry I even read your lame blame game here. :)

    1. Juan4UK

      Um, I don’t think he means it literally. Just a figure of speech to point out the heavy UK fan base in the city. The overwhelming majority in UK vs UL fans. With all the blue, someone wearing red really stands out, alone.

      1. King Ghidora

        He means to say that UK fans are lunatic idiots that go too far. If you don’t find that insulting friend I just don’t understand.

  5. Komamo Joe

    I know that rumors abounded about Mrs. Pitino and how she hated Lexington. But can you site definite information to prove that fact? IMO rumors are just that until they are proven true.

    Slaming UK fans for being tied up with the team????? All an honest man would have to do is read comments made by some UK fans on this site and be convinced that there are radical UK fans who are so tied up with the BBN that they have lost all sense of reality.

    What difference does any of this make? Who cares why the man came to Louisville. How can any of us know the truth? I am afraid that some of us simply believe what will make us feel better. They placed Pitino on the level of a god when he was at UK. They feel jilted when he left. They are scared to death that he was going to elevate UL over UK. So they hate and believe what ever rumor seems to stoke the hate. Here is a truth:
    The man coaches Louisville. Louisville plays us once a year. Louisville nor Pitino is not big enough to threaten UK. So what if we had a down year and they have advanced to the finals? The proper approach, it seems to me, would be to ignore both the coach and team…that is if the reader is one of those who feels rivals are life and death. Others can actually appreciate what Pitino did here and realize that it is foolish to fear him in Louisville.

    1. Larry Pup

      I don’t fear him one bit Joe, nor do I cheer him on like you. I simply look on him as an adversary. I don’t move on rumors either. I just look at the facts. He left UK and took the job at UL. Mr. Wildcat apparently did not like the move. We know what he was about. What RP did is unacceptable for many of us in BBN. It would be unacceptable for many other fans in other states whose in state schools are fierce rivals. You don’t have to agree with that logic, but don’t continue to lecture us about how we feel. If you want to make excuses and root for UL, go ahead, but don’t act like you are true blue either. You are certainly not ignoring this coach or his team (UL) you defend them every chance you get to prove how dumb and stupid, and ignorant the rest of us are. And another thing, I never felt RP was a god, nor do I feel Calipari is either. A little bit of your talk grows old in a hurry, especially with the year UK just had. Lighten up on the love in with UL.

      1. Larry Pup

        May I just add, UL has plenty of fans tonight, they don’t need any help from us. Save all the energy and root on our football team. They are next up. Our wildcat baseball is rolling. Go Cats!!! I just want to say, no hard feelings to any of you, accept Ole Kokamo Joe!!!! Just kidding Joe. Maybe one day you will get with the program.

      2. Kokamo Joe

        I’m sorry to disagree with you about Mr. Wildcat. The last game that he saw was not UK, but UL. Of course, he wished that he had stayed at UK, but he never became bitter or full of hate. If you read Cawood Ledford’s book you would find that Cawood had positive opinions about Pitino.

        Am I “in love with UL?” Of course not. Have I ever told you or anyone else that you should not or have no right to feel betrayed because Pitino choose to coach at UL? I have not. I do say that you nor I speak for the BBN. And I say this. No body has a hold on being “true blue.” People can and do disagree and I will never call someone who disagrees with me less of a fan.

        Why do I respond to statements like this: Pitino pushed UK to hire Tubby Smith knowing that Smith could not coach and that UK would suffer for the next 10 years and that he did it to protect his legacy. Or this. Pitino ratted to the NCAA about Bledsoe’s transcripts. Or this. When Pitino said that his wife helped him decide on coming to UL he was lying and trying to throw her under the bus. Or this: UL only got to the big time because UK agreed to schedule them.

        Such statements are pure fabrications and demonstrate hate over logic. They embarrass he BBN. They play into the hands of people who degrade our fan base. Pitino was a great UK coach. He is now in the hall of fame, and a good deal of the reason for him being there happened in Rupp….where a jersey now hangs with his name printed on it.

        Pitino was a UK coach and his record speaks for itself. I see no reason to harp on rumors and shortcomings. To do so degrades a part of history.

        I hold a different opinion about a man’s right to work where he chooses. I also hold a different opinion about rivals. I see rivals as people to compete with and beat. I see rivals as a gauge to compare ourselves against. I see rivals as a challenge to push us to do even better. I simply cannot and will lose sleep because they had a better year than we had this year. Let them have their day in the sun. We come back next year……and…

        Having two national championships in two years is very good for this state…..and why not bring back one to UK next year!

        1. Charlie

          Some people just don’t get it. Pure fabrications? Where did you get that info? Did you make it up? Do you have proof those things were fabricated or did you assume and make up some facts of your own?

          Your problem is you just don’t have a clue about being loyal. What the heck does it matter that the last game Mr. Wildcat saw was a UL game? What does that prove? You making up some more facts? Your making out that you know what he thought while bad mouthing King for doing it but you don’t even know that he did it? Did you ask him if he had proof or did you just make up some proof of your own?

          You’re real big on talking about somebody else hating but it seems to that’s all you do. Did your mama spank you for asking for a sandwitch? Maybe she made you sleep with the pigs or something. You seem awful biter to me.

          Why do you respond to stuff at all? You’re just here causing trouble. You can’t decide what’s in another man’s heart. Who do you think you are?

    2. King Ghidora

      You just can’t play nice can you Joe. Go back to Indiana and leave the civilized folks alone. You’re lucky I respect the civility of this site is all I can say. I may decide to give you a taste of how I earned the name King Ghidora. Suffice it to say KG is the king of flames. Laugh if you want. But you should hope I don’t turn loose on you. You will regret playing with me.

      Here’s a surprise for you. Fans everywhere actually like their team. Shocking isn’t it?

      1. Kokamo Joe

        Calm down King. I have no intention of “playing with you.” I could care less about the king of flames. I suppose that you equate playing “nice” as agreeing with you. Life does not work that way King. Believe what you want. I will do the same. The BBN is a big tent. Glad you are in it with me and millions of other fans.

      2. UKFAN197TONE

        You are hilarious “KING”.

  6. Hooky

    No matter what he says I will never forgive him for going to Louisville. I told my brother the other day that same thing and he argued with me to as why it was wrong. My response, “it would the same thing if you and your wife divorced and I started dating her” and then he finally understood what I was saying.

  7. flippinmywiggins

    Well the real reason he took the L job was the French benefits under the table …………….

  8. Steve Moody

    I do remember at the welcoming announcement/pep rally that was televised Pitino saying it was JoAnne who urged him to take the job. He didn’t go into the detail then compared to now, but the gist is the same. I remember Jurich falling all over himself to thank her for getting Pitino to accept the job. I can’t say I necessarily believed it at the time, but I guess the additional details he provided give the story validity.

    As far as tonight goes, i just hope I can sing “Hail to the Victors” with the rest of the Maize and Blue faithful around 11:30.

  9. Larry Pup

    Who knows? He still went to Louisville didn’t he? What difference does it make anyway on whose decision it was? Where I’m from, the man usually makes the final decision on his career move? A good wife just follows, and the family adjusts. I won’t forget, nor will many who feel as I do. He is a lowly cardinal now. No more a Wildcat. He gave up the family name.

  10. LindaS

    I never heard anything about the Mich. job myself. I did hear at some point his wife and the family wanted to come back to Kentucky. THE KENTUCKY! I also heard he was expecting Tubby to take a pro job and when that didn’t happen he took the ‘other’ school job.
    If I remember correctly, Mrs. P did not like Kentucky, did not like the hicks and lack of culture and spent every moment she could back east with the la di das. If she liked Kentucky so much, why did she go back east to have the last two children?
    He will regret until the end of his days he gave up the Roman Empire of Basketball. Can you imagine how many wins he could have had. Do you also realize it did not take him as long to build a program in Lexington has it has at his new hometown. You know why, because it is Kentucky not little brother trying to catch up, which he can’t do and will never do.
    I was not upset when he left to follow his dream. I was happy for him, how many of us get to live out our dream? Not many. But and however he did not have to take the job at that ‘other’ school. He knew what would happen, he knew the majority of Kentucky fans would not except it. Anywhere, well, almost anywhere but that ‘other’ school.
    Even though we had some ‘lean’ years after he left I’m glad we have what we have now. I’m glad little slick quick rick got caught by the blonde psycho while he was at that ‘other’ school and not in Lexington. Evidently he had better security in Lexington then here, rumors were rampant that he was doing the same thing there. Someone was watching his back there or else there weren’t any psycho blondes in Lexington.
    Hell has no fury like a woman scorned, well when it is a Kentucky woman (or man) fan scorned, the fury of hell from them can’t be compared and hell will wish it was someplace other then in Kentucky. Amen!

    1. Kokamo Joe

      Linda: I remember quite well when Pitino came to UL. He was being courted by both Louisville and Michigan. Fans at both schools were on pins and needles hoping that he would come to their school. Finally it was announced that he was coming to Louisville. Local TV stations followed his van from the air port to UL with a helicopter and put it on live. His family was with him and he did comment about his wife helping with the decision.

      I would rather not mark rumors as absolute fact until I know that the rumor is fact. I do know that Pitino did get in trouble with the vixen who tried to blackmail him. That is something that he can and should be criticized about. Sadly many people don’t seem to care about immorality any more.

      They say that he has changed…mellowed….learned his lesson. It is about time. His players seem to have a high respect for him.

  11. LindaS

    One more thing, Mr. Wildcat even wondered if he was out of his head taking the job at that ‘other’ school!

    1. King Ghidora

      That clinches it. It proves all those who think he was wrong to go to UL were right. Mr. Wildcat was the heart and soul of the program for a very long time. He served under Rupp and every coach afterward. He knew what made UK tick and he knew going to UL was just wrong. But that was just the start of what he did. The comments he made about UK were horrible. Now he wants to play nice??? Let him. I’ll believe he’s changed when I see it.

      1. Larry Pup

        Amen right there!

    2. Kokamo Joe

      Re: Bill Keightley

      Rick Pitino and Bill Keightley had a father/son relationship. Pitino spoke at his elegy. Keightley wished that he had not taken the UL job, but that did not end their friendship. Bill remained friends with Pitino after he coached at UL and attended UL games. If Mr. Wildcat was able to keep his friendship with Pitino and even attend UL games, can’t we at least not use him as an example of hate?

      1. LindaS

        I did not use him as an example of hate, I only stated what little slick quick rick said.

  12. UKFMLY

    Good to know who wears the pants in that relationship. ROFLMAO

  13. King Ghidora

    OK I did some research and it turns out all this information was know at the time Little Ricky left Boston and came to Loserville. Yes it WAS JoAnn or JoAnne (however she spells it) that influenced his decision. Actually Pitino approached Michigan about their coaching job and was willing to even take less money than the football coach got because Michigan has always been a football school. But the wife got involved and he landed in Loserville. I have the proof if anyone’s interested. It’s a little hard to get to I guess. But it can be done.

    A few other tidbits. UNLV was courting him. That’s what I rememeber. I thought he was going there in fact. AND he was interested in coaching UCLA. But in the right circles all the info about Joanne is there to find. Little Ricky is being consistent! Imagine that.

    I freely admit I was wrong. But a source well known to me over the years provided this info. I got lots of back channel info there over the years and almost all of it was right. And they were talking about this stuff a lot back at the time it was happening. Go figure.

    All I can say is this came up at a time when I wasn’t hanging around the source. It was right after the end of the 2001 season and I was taking a break from the fun. I was pretty disgusted with the Smith led team that year and I took a couple of weeks off from following the team. My only info came from the news media and they never had half the info of the place I found this stuff.

    I’m still shocked that Rick even remembers what he said way back when. I’m not sure I believe him but he has more credibility now to me. You know what they say about liars forgetting what lies they told. Apparently he hasn’t forgotten what he said back then so likely he isn’t lying. Wow! Who woulda thunk it?

    You may be able to get to this stuff and maybe you won’t. I had to sign in to access it so I’m not sure if you can go there directly.


    1. Larry Pup

      Good work King. With that said, who cares. The guy still went to Louisville. Because he wanted to please his wife makes it ok? What’s the point? Maybe that him and his wife are both traitors. He is nothing more than a coach who turned his back on his own in my book. He’s a UL bird now. To bad.

      1. King Ghidora

        You nailed it Pup.

    2. UKFAN197TONE

      RP mentioned it (ESPN) the day before the NC game that his wife was the one that wanted to come back to KY and ul happened to be available. He also mentioned the Michigan job, about taking it and then being told, when he called the AD to tell him, “what’s-his-name” is not to be interrupted while he’s playing golf”. SOO, RP wasn’t able to tell the guy that he wasn’t coming to Michigan after all.

      But kudo’s for the investigation.

  14. LindaS

    He will always be little slick quick rick to me and he even told what Bil Kieghtly said on the news one night. Keightly said, What were you thinking?

  15. Sharon Jenkins

    Oh give it a rest; I am a UK fan, but if UK and WKU meet I cheer for WKU – it is the school I graduated from. If UK meets any other KY school I am for UK. Next I cheer for Louisville then any other KY school. Kentucky has a very rich heritage in Basketball, and Rick Pitino is a major part of that heritage. I always felt it was a compliment to our state that he wanted to come home to KY. He could have gone almost any where and he came back to KY – that says he loves the state. What Rick Pitino did for UK deserves some loyalty; he rebuilt UK and made Basketball there exciting. I love his style of fast paced, well conditioned play; I loved it at UK and I love it at Louisville. The man took a job in a state that he loves vs. taking a job in a state he knew nothing about and no one in. Anyone would have done the same. I love Coach Cal – he is great and a blessing to the Bluegrass state, but I will always have a fondness for Rick Pitino, and I am glad he got inducted into the Hall of Fame; it should have happened sooner, and I am glad he won the Championship game tonight. It isn’t disloyal to UK to remember, appreciate and respect the Coach that rebuilt UK or to be happy for any and all Kentucky schools who get into the tournament and most especially if they win it.

    1. King Ghidora

      Why do people feel it’s their right to tell us what to think? You give it a rest Sharon. I’ll think what I want. And I didn’t see Pitino score a single point for UK. The players brought the team back. As for that game yesterday it was sick how bad the calls went against Michigan. The announcers pointed out several bad calls. At one time I might have been more apt to believe calls work out equally in a tournament game but that isn’t what I saw last night. The missed goal tending call for example. I saw it as soon as it happened. The refs were on the floor but they didn’t see it??? There were several bad calls like that. Do I know it was deliberate? Of course not. Do I know it made a difference in the game? You bet. So that title will always be in need of an asterisk IMO.

      1. Kokamo Joe

        Why do you think that every person who does not agree with you is trying to tell you what to think? Ever thought of putting that shoe on the other foot? King, I could care less what you think. This is a discussion board. Discussion means that sometimes issues have two or more sides. When someone types an obvious disagreement or falsehood, people respond. You just did. Sharon did. Larry did. I did. People don’t march lock step to any body’s drum…yours or mine.

        So now it is the refs and not the Cards who determined the outcome of the game? Refs made bad calls for both teams. Get over it. This was the year of the Card. We will get them next year.

      2. Larry Pup

        Right on King…Louisville got away with legal mugging last night. They have been all year. Many fouls against Mich. were never called. The goal tending call they blew, a blind man should have seen it. And all of you folks who are drooling over Pitino and UL should be real happy now, but get off my back. I am beginning to wonder if you people are really UK fans. Louisville don’t need our help. There was plenty of red in Atlanta last night.

    2. KEITH


  16. eddie

    he lies and here is proof in the pudding his wife hated lexington with a passion then tell me why is she living in new york and he is living in kentucky it was his choice sorry folks but i do not believe him

    1. Kokamo Joe

      Maybe his wife hated Lexington. Maybe she did not. Do you have proof of either? Any Mrs. Pitino statements?

      She lives in New York? I have seen it written that she lives in Florida.

      Know what? When the Pitino family came to Louisville it included children. The kids enrolled in Louisville parochial schools. I could never understand how Mrs. Pitino could mother her kids from New York or Florida. Do you suppose that there is at least a small chance that this rumor is false?

      My point Is not to praise Pitino. That is not the point. If there is proof that the woman hated Lexington. Post it. If there is proof that her primary residence is anywhere but Louisville, KY, post it. I have heard these rumors for years. If they are true, lay it on us. Prove it and I will sing that song to high heaven. I, for one, don’t believe in putting something on the world wide net for all to see if I don’t know if it is true. That is the point.

  17. hawaiibillT

    Pitino is a east coast yankee and speaks with a forked tongue says this west of the Mississippi Cat fan.

    1. LindaS

      hawaiibillT…I have used those exact words at times in the past!

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