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Pitino: “I love Kentucky. My eight years there were Camelot”

Vaught’s note: Louisville coach Rick Pitino was asked at the Final Four in Atlanta today how eager the Louisville fan base is for a national title after Kentucky winning the title last year. Enjoy his answer.

Question: You understand the state of Kentucky as well as anybody. How would you describe this fan base right now and how starved are they for this after Kentucky won it last year?

COACH PITINO: I’m sure they are. But to tell you the truth, I have about as little interaction with fans and the media as any person probably in coaching. I just live in my own cocoon. I don’t read, I don’t listen. I just coach and enjoy that aspect of it.

I have probably one of the best relationships with the Louisville media as any coach in the country because I don’t read ‘em and I don’t listen to ‘em. That’s not a negative. There are great writers in our town. It happened a long time ago when I was in Lexington. I made up my mind with the media. I want to treat everybody as if they’re my friends. You have to say bad things about us sometimes because we have bad nights.

I don’t know what’s going on. I’m sure they’re enthusiastic. I’m sure they’re fired up. I can tell you one thing, I don’t subscribe to the fact that Kentucky won it. I don’t get into that. I love Kentucky. My eight years there were Camelot. I got nothing ever negative to say about them or their program. I love Louisville. I want us to be successful.

I rooted for them to win the championship last year. I think 90% of the Louisville fan base wanted them to win it. There’s 10% on both sides that don’t subscribe to that.

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  1. wes

    I am as big a UK fan as anyone and I think UK is were it is partly because of what coach Pitino did for us while coaching at KY. I hope he/they bring the trophy back to KY. Go cards

  2. Sully

    This is a great UofL team. Hard to pull for the Cards, but they would be a deserving champion, and they have a great coach who obviously did a lot for UK. Let’s hope they bring it home.

    1. larryvaught

      Sully, love the way the walk-on Henderson made such a great contribution. Believe I saw him play in the All A classic a few years ago

  3. ukcrazycat

    I sincerely hope that Coach Pitino brings the 11th National Championship to the state of Kentucky.

    1. larryvaught

      UKCrazyCat, Cards are about a 4 1/2 point favorite tonight

  4. Derek

    My two favorite teams are UK and whoever’s playing Duke. I only want Louisville to lose when they play UK.

    I’ve never been mad at Coach Pitino. I thought he made a mistake leaving UK, and he eventually came to the same conclusion. Louisville’s as close as he’s ever going to come at this point.

  5. King Ghidora

    Little Ricky has certainly softened his position on UK over the years. I think he realized he was never going to win the UK fans away and that his best bet was to try to make friends with them instead. I’m glad he’s not still shooting his mouth off about how he didn’t like UK as a kid and all that. But I’ll have to see a lot more from him to be convinced he has actually changed and isn’t just trying to attract as many fans as possible. I actually found myself wanting them to win against Duke. I don’t know if that’s progress or not. I was rooting for the Shockers yesterday. I think they got a raw deal down the stretch but it was just a bad call and that’s part of the game. It just came at a VERY bad time.

    I hope Rick continues to make peace with the BBN. He brought on all the antagonism himself. He really thought he could make the Cards the state team because he was there. Yeah that didn’t work out so well for him. The BBN fans had a lot to do with bringing the team back from the edge of the cliff. The Unforgettables had more to do with it than anyone and that was mostly motivated by BBN tradition. Rupp made a career out of taking players like Pelphrey, Feldhaus, Farmer and Woods (though he wasn’t a KY kid) and making a great team out of them. Pitino just cashed in on that tradition of basketball in eastern KY. He happened to coach them exactly like Rupp coached teams like the Runts too. Pitino played his part but I do believe he thought he was the only reason the team came back. I actually think the team got into a worse position with Smith and Crazy Clyde running the show. RP had nothing to do with UK coming back after that.

    And before anyone forgets what it was like when Cal came to town they should dig out the first UK/UL game from their tape collection and watch how Little Ricky’s team played that night. They said they would get Cousins ejected and wow did they ever try. They helped peg him with a reputation that has cost him millions. I never saw so much dirty play in my life from elbows to people being kicked in the head to grabbing player’s feet so they would land on their face in the crowd, etc. etc. etc.. They were all over Cousins like mad. I really never saw anything like it. I’m pretty sure I still have a copy of the game if anyone wants one. Pitino had his players play as dirty as he possibly could. He wanted to kill Cal’s reputation before it had time to grow. Too late now. Now his only hope is to reach out to try and make peace. Heck I remember when he did the same thing to Dale Brown at LSU. He tried to start a fight with Brown, who just happened to have been to a couple of final 4’s and had players like Shaq and Chris Jackson coming to school there. Pitino did destroy Brown’s career. I’m not about to forget that he can be a real snake in the grass. What he did in that first game against UK with Cal as coach was unforgivable. It was downright deadly dangerous the way he had that team play. I really thought he should have been fired for having his team play that way.

    So Pitino has a LONG way to go to get my trust again. You just don’t cut people’s legs out from under them, grab their ankles so they fly into the crowd, kick them in the head, have 3 players at a time elbow a player, etc. etc.. I’ve seen lots of dirty basketball in my life and that game ranks very near being the worst one.

    Yeah he loves UK. He loves their fan support. He wants their fans. He tried to steal them. Now he’s trying to con them IMO. Not buying it.

  6. goUKats

    I would’nt believe Pitino on a stack of Bibles.He loved Kentucky and UK so much he spent his entire stay here ,eight years,trying to get away.He dinally succeeded when he left for Boston.Prior to that every year he was here was will he stay or will he go.

  7. hawaiibillT

    I don’t have much respect for a guy who does what he did to his wife and family.

  8. Kokamo Joe

    I was very pleased with Pitino when he was at UK. Who wouldn’t be. We were on probation and embarrassed by an alcoholic coach. Pitino brought a breath of fresh air to Rupp and we thought that he could do no wrong. Just like Calipari, there were rumors that he might leave to go to the pros. He finally did and our feelings were hurt. After all, UK is the promised land. Why would anyone want to leave us for any other coaching position. Then he took the best college job available. He then became “Traitor Rick” and we began to fear that UL would surpass UK as the top team in Kentucky. I KNEW BETTER ON TWO LEVELS. UL will never surpass UK. Of course there will be years when they are better, but they will never surpass our team. Pitino was never Traitor Rick to me. In this great country people have a right to work where they please. I took it as a compliment. I felt that the man wanted to come home and if he could not coach at UK, then at least UL was in the state. And I felt and still feel that the better his team does, the more pressure will be on UK to be even better.

    I have heard Pitino say good things about UK ever since he came to UL. Last year when UK beat his team he immediately said that he hoped that UK won it all and that when unless UL was playing UK he hoped that UK had a great year.

    I am not into the hate…Little Rickie…type stuff. To get into that type of stuff would be the same as attacking Rupp. Both men helped build the UK basketball tradition and I can have no part in attacking either man.

    Finally. You are wrong. Dead wrong. I cannot see Pitino trying to destroy Calipari’s reputation any more than I can see Calipari’s reputation.

    My advise to those who simply cannot get beyond the hate…to the point that they actually attack our own history…would be to completely forget about UL and it’s coach and concentrate on our team

    1. King Ghidora

      Where do I start. First off that “alcoholic coach” had been on the wagon for a long time when he left UK. And what exactly did he do to embarrass the school? Nothing is the answer to that. That envelope thing was a joke and so was the Eric Manuel situation. But Sutton had zero to do with either. And if you think the NCAA didn’t just want a chunk of UK’s hide you just don’t know the score friend. I’ll ask you one question that proves they have their agenda. Where are the sanctions against North Carolina after they ran a fake class scam for a decade. The NCAA punished their football team. Then it turned out the basketball team was involved too. But not one thing has been done about it and you don’t hear a word about it from them. Ask Auburn how it feels to be on the other side of the fence where they slam them all day long about one grade supposedly being changed. UNC faked hundreds of grades. They gave credit for classes that didn’t even exist. UNC claimed it only started in 2007 then transcripts turned up showing it started much earlier. Still – nothing. The NCAA wanted a chunk of UK because of Mel Turpin shooting off his mouth because he was bitter about how the NBA treated him. He should have been bitter. They treated him awful. But he said some things that were awful too. Who knows if they were true? The NCAA investigation into those claims turned up NOTHING.

      Then there’s the fact that when RP left for Boston I never heard a peep from anyone about it. Everyone knew it was his dream job. He did his part to help UK and we were grateful and we understood why he wanted to leave. The money alone was staggering. Anyone who turned down that much money would be insane.

      It was what he did when he came back to Kentucky and took the UL job that irked people. If you don’t understand that I don’t understand you. People care about their team. It’s called loyalty. It’s called being a fan. He would have gotten the same result no matter where he would have jumped from one rival to another. And worse still was the things he said at the time.

      You don’t seem to have a very good grasp on how things work in the world of sports friend. Can you imagine Woody Hayes going to Michigan after leaving Ohio St.? Can you imagine Coach K moving to UNC? If you think those things are ok you just don’t understand the nature of sports fans.

      Talk about the “haters” all you like. I sometimes think you hate us. You sure spend enough time bad mouthing us. You started off here supporting Indiana. I still wonder if you really are a UK fan. You do have an Indiana city’s name after all. And it’s northern Indiana at that. It’s well north of Indianapolis being about halfway from there to Lake Michigan anyway.

      My advice to you would be to stop giving us advice. If we want it we’ll ask for it.

      1. Kokamo Joe

        Eddie Sutton on the wagon? Really? Surely you know better. Then there was Gillispie. I suppose that picture taken in Lawrenceburg was a fake. No Sutton was a drunk and Sutton got us in trouble. I wished that I did not have to acknowledge this about two ex coaches, but both are proven beyond a doubt. It is foolish to deny what we know as the truth. The NCAA did not frame us. Roselle tried to make our program honest. The NCAA has a lot of faults, but I am not one who thinks that they have the destruction of UK at the top of their agenda.

        Regarding Pitino coming to UL. I could care less. I don’t fear him. I respect what he did here and I refuse to savage his reputation because I believe that that represents attacking our program.

        Do I have a grasp of what goes on in the world of sports? I think I do. People have different opinions. There are those who believe that you have to hate the rival and they glorify in every rumor…true or false…that comes down about the program or their coach. They live for the rival to lose. There are others…many others … who support their team especially when they beat the rival, but they have enough sense to realize when you beat a rival and that rival does well a good reflection falls on your team. I believe a false fear clouds the minds of the haters in the case of Pitino.

        Stop giving advice? I am giving you no advice. I know that you will do and think as you please and that is your right. This is a discussion board and we all have the right to express opinions and I hope that you continue with yours, as I continue with mine.

        1. King Ghidora

          You really are ignorant about the program. Sutton was told to dry out or leave. He dried out. And I’m still waiting for you to tell how he got UK in trouble.

      2. Larry Pup


  9. Anonymous

    Lets bring that trophy to the State of Kentucky–If UK can’t get it, then any other Kentucky University is who I’m pulling for-just can’t be a hater.

  10. Larry Pup

    Pitino is a great coach, I will give him that, but as far as I’m concerned that talk is all spin. If he loved UK so much why did he take the job at probably UK’s biggest rival when he left Boston. That is like Mike K at Duke going to North Carolina. Why did he leave to start with? He was making good money wasn’t he? UK paid him well. Besides, how much money does one man need in this life? If some of you want to coddle up to him, be my guest. I don’t hate the man King, I just don’t like what he did and how he did it. As for Louisville, I pull for any team that plays them.

    1. Larry Pup

      Rupp never bailed on UK either did he?

    2. Kokamo Joe

      Here we go again. If Pitino loved UK so much why did he go to Kentucky’s greatest rival? Why did he hurt our feelings? Our beloved ex coach choosing to work at the school that we play one time each year. Old Traitor Rick. Cuddle up to Pitino? How about respecting what he did for us?

      Ignore Pitino. Get over it. Move on.

    3. King Ghidora

      I never said I hated anyone Larry. I just think Little Ricky is a low life that will say just about anything to promote himself. He’s done it before. In fact there’s a long list of low life things he’s done and we all know it. Anyone who acts as recklessly as he did with his family is a low life IMO. You just can’t do those things these days. It was always a mistake. We just thought we could get by with it for a while. What a terrible situation that created.

      Still I don’t “hate” him. I just don’t trust him, I don’t like him, and what he did for UK really doesn’t cancel out what he tried to do “to UK”. And this isn’t all ancient history either. What he tried to do to Cousins was terrible.

      1. Larry Pup

        Amen King to everything you say…and my hate remark was directed toward Kokamo Joe. I mistakenly said your name in my reply. Sorry.

  11. RJ

    Pitino make a career move when the gettin’ was good. It didn’t work out, so what. When you want to reach the top of your game, you gotta go for the ring. Otherwise you will end of a bitter old man saying “what if”. I never held it against him that he left KY for the pro’s. I understand about career moves. It’s business, not personal.

    1. Larry Pup

      RJ I agree with you that Pitino had the “right” from strictly a business point of view and a career move to leave UK. No doubt about that. But I also have the right as a UK fan to dislike what he did to us in leaving. All I see him now trying to do is coddle up to UK again with all the love rhetoric. He made his bed. I don’t even like to hear his name even mentioned with Rupp. Rupp dedicated his life to UK basketball. I have great respect for that alone. I don’t hate Pitino, but I lost a lot of respect for him. To each his own. I like loyalty in a person. Not much of that left anymore.

      1. larryvaught

        Have another post coming in a few hours about who made the decision for him to go to Louisville. Anxious to get reaction from readers to that as well

    2. King Ghidora

      I agree completely RJ. But I agree with Larry Pup here too. I have the right not to like what he did in taking the Louisville job. I never had any problem with him going to Boston.

      I’m anxious to hear Larry V’s report on what made RP choose to go to UL. That should be good.

  12. ruppsrunt

    One can easily tell when pee is telling a LIE–just watch–whenever he opens his mouth!!

    A shell of a human, devoid of decency and integrity. His “record” is readily available–the court “RECORDS” have it!!

    Why would anyone believe a word he spews?


    1. TheProfessor

      Exactly, and the Pitino clan orchestrated the “leak” of Bledsoe’s high school transcript to the press, and the Pitino clan played a role in the discussions about Billy Donovan to UK when Smith left, and again when Gillispie was fired. Pitino made statements that Travis Ford is worthy of the UK job when he knew UK was about to bring in Calipari.

      Pitino should not be trusted, especially on the basis of his public pronouncements.

      1. Kokamo Joe

        Can you document the “Pitino clan that orchestrated the leak of Bledsoe’s transcript? Was it not the Birmingham board of education that did the investigation and decided that in spite, of the obvious transcript problems they would not question a teacher’s grades, thereby keeping the NCAA out of the investigation.

        Donovan and Ford were former players who performed for Pitino. What is wrong with the man making a plug for the man? If you will remember, much of the BBN was giddy over the prospect of getting Donovan. We even were thrilled when it was reported that a plane had landed in Lexington with Florida markings.

        Some of us are suspicious way beyond reason. It is every one’s right to hate. Go to it. But don’t expect every one to buy it. And, don’t expect every one to bite on spins that are cast out as truth.

      2. King Ghidora

        He also was the bug in the ear that put Smith in the hot seat at UK and he HAD to know Smith wasn’t up to that job. He set UK up to suffer for a decade because he knew UK couldn’t fire Smith quickly given the media’s penchant for calling all things UK racist. He didn’t want anyone topping his legacy at UK. Well that worked for a while but…

        1. Kokamo Joe

          Smith was on the staff. IMO, UK had had enough of the false racist claims. The roster was stacked with players who won the national title for Smith. I expect that Pitino might have recommended him, although I have no way of actually knowing what went on in the AD and president’s office.

          It is quite a stretch to assume that Pitino had in mind to set up UK for a decade of suffering. It was not Pitino who hired Tubby Smith. At the time Smith had credentials which indicated that he would be successful at UK. If fact, his record would be considered good at most schools, but not at UK.

          So, I think that it is a false assumption that Rick Pitino, as he went out the door, schemed to destroy the school where he had had such success. He wanted Smith because he knew that he would fail, and therefore his legacy would stand? King, what is is. Pitino’s legacy will live on just as Rupp and Calipari’s legacy will live on. Can’t you see how foolish such a claim is?

          Hate all you want, that is your right. But, really, don’t you think that claiming that Pitino somehow forced UK to hire Tubby Smith so as to destroy UK and make him look better is just a bit too far fetched?

          1. King Ghidora

            Wow you really know nothing about UK. Pitino told the AD that he “had” to hire Smith to put an end to the racist accusations. It didn’t work and anyone with a brain knew it wouldn’t work because it was never about actual racism. It was about the media hating UK.

            I’ve seen the reports from the 40’s claiming Rupp was a racist. State law prohibited blacks from even attending UK at the time but the media was pushing the idea it was all Rupp’s idea. That’s pretty good proof it had nothing to do with anything except trying to hurt Rupp and UK.

  13. JKM$CAT

    No wildcat fan should ever be mad at Rick P. He saved this program from its lowest point! Those teams were fun to watch and we went to 3 straight championship games!
    98′ was Pitino’s team. If he had stayed their would have been another banner or 2.

    1. Larry Pup

      Yeah but he bailed on us didn’t he. And then he goes to probably our biggest rival in the land, Louisville, after he crashed in the pro game. As wildcat fans, there are lots of reasons to be sore at RP.

    2. King Ghidora

      I think the Unforgettables were the big reason the program came back so quickly. Pitino played his part but so did the BBN and the UK tradition which is what drove the KY boys that showed the world that we still grow some great basketball players in the state. Those guys grew up dreaming of becoming Cats. They all went there expecting to bench warmers their whole career. Sutton was putting together a team that actually rivaled the team Cal is putting together now. It would have been something else. I think the NCAA didn’t want that and they took any opportunity to sink that boat. I mean really – an envelope that “fell open” and $1000 fell out???????? Anyone who believes that fairy tale should have their head examined. That was just their excuse for an investigation and they really found NOTHING. They just punished the team anyway and that cheese bag David Roselle sold the school out. It sure is funny how he ended up with the highest paying university president job in the country right after that. And it was a NE corridor prestige job being the “Ivy League school of the public universities”. He sold out UK. They should have fought that mess. Rupp would have. And I learned about life from the Baron. I have always remembered what he taught me when I listened to his radio shows. The guy did things right despite what the media tells you. It’s the guys who do things right that they hate the most because they feel guilty about their own sins. It’s the same with Cal if you ask me. They see his charity work, his player first mentality, his success and they hate him for it. They want cheaters to win. That’s why they never talk about how UCLA cheated or how UNC cheated. Both were institutional in their cheating but the media loves them for it. It’s like Bill Clinton. They loved him because he was a liar and a scumbucket because that’s what most of them are. Darkness always hates the light.

      1. Kokamo Joe

        You cannot change history. There is no doubt that Sutton was breaking NCAA rules. We cannot dispute the fact that Sutton was sending money and that Sutton was trying to fake SAT/ACC scores. Roselle did not sell out the UK program, he was trying to make it honest and save it. Sports Illustrated labeled us “Kentucky Shame.” Fighting the mess would have made it worse. Face it, we were the cheaters that you claim to dislike.

        So we accepted our fate and hired Rick Pitino, who promptly took a bunch of great Kentucky kids and inspired them to win 14 games and that electrified the BBN. And our preconference schedule was not filled with cup cakes. We played Indiana (14), Kansas (2), North Carolina (24), Louisville (8), and Notre Dame.
        The next year we went 22-6 and our preconference schedule included Cincinnati, Notre Dame, Kansas, North Carolina, Indiana and Western Kentucky.

        Those were probation years. In Pitino’s remaining 6 years UK won 5 SEC titles, 3 final fours, two championship games and one national championship. And he left the a roster of players that Smith used to win a championship.

        No, King. It was not tradition that turned the program around. It was coaching just as much as it is coaching that brought us back from Gillispie. King, if tradition won for us, there would not be a Smith, Sutton or Gillispie.

        Pitino brought us one of the greatest chapters of our illustrious history. I feel the same about trashing Pitino as I do about those who trash Rupp with claims of racism. Both damage the program.

        1. King Ghidora

          What rules was Sutton breaking? Sports Illustrated? You are so far out of touch it’s shocking.

          You are clueless about so much it’s amazing. Any UK fan who quotes SI is obviously a fake UK fan.

          I think I’ll take on the tactics of SI and the rest of the media (stuff you have defended in the past) and aim it at you to see how you like it.

    3. Kokamo Joe

      Good point JKM. A minority of our fan base reminds me of a guy whose wife left him. While they were married he worshiped her with a passion. Now that she is gone he manufactures tales of how awful she has become since she left him. To make matters worse, she has remarried and he does not believe that she has thar right. The truth has little meaning to him since white hot hate has replaced what once was love. He broadcast his hate to any that will listen and hopes that they will believe and join in on the hate.

      Pitino saved UK and you are right. Two of those national championships belong to Pitino. Now the once beloved coach coaches the rival. To the hater, he has no right to hurt their feelings. It just is not done. It is an insult to those who once worshiped him. So, if the complements our program, he has to be lying. He has to be out to destroy our new hero, John Calipari. He is working behind the scenes to destroy us and he is eager to report any thing to get us in trouble with the NCAA. Of course all of that is not true…but if it makes the hater feel better….let them have a go at it.

  14. Theresa

    I loved Pitino when he was at UK (the 1996 team is my favorite team of all), and I knew he was making a mistake when he left for the pros. It was his mistake to make though, and he thought at the time that was what was best for his career. Turns out it made him a better man instead of making his career–I think that it taught him that he was not “king”. He was only “king” while he was at Camelot and Boston was not Camelot. I think it taught him a lot about himself and what was important–taught him humility. I will never hate him because he brought us out of a nightmare and made us relevant again. Same with Coach Cal–he also brought us out of a nightmare and, not only made us relevant again, but took us to the top of the mountain. Rick knows that he can never be “king” of Camelot again because Cal is now “king” there. (Thank goodness, Coach Cal brought his own humility with him…he learned that lesson long before Rick did and the BBN will reap the rewards of that insight by Cal.) I will never hate Rick Pitino, will be forever grateful for what he did for BBN and wish him well tonight. (Since I have not lived in KY for a long time, I do not have to put up with the L’vlle fans so it is much easier, I suppose, to be magnanimous.)

    1. King Ghidora

      Actually Boston was the true Camelot of basketball. Their incredible string of championships plus more during the Bird years made Boston the Mecca of basketball. $20 million didn’t hurt either. Red Auerbach himself lured Pitino to Boston because he liked how he got his players to play unselfish. Too bad the pros don’t want to be unselfish. That’s the big reason I don’t watch pro basketball much.

  15. IM4UK2

    Bottom line, most of Pitino’s trangressions over the years can be debated as to whether they are significant indicators of his judgement and character EXCEPT FOR TWO OF THEM:

    1) It is never, ever ok for a Coach who is held in high esteem by a university where they formerly coached to then solicit and take the head coaching job at a rival school, expecially if that school is in the same state. No reasonable person can justify such an action, it is beyond comprehension that a person taking such an action would expect his former school to embrace his success at the rival school.
    2) His actions with Karen Sypher, in the restaurant, while paying for an abortion, and while sending her to jail, are deplorable. She is certainly no saint, but we’re not discussing her right? There was not one single honorable action on Pitino’s part in that whole debacle. Its actually gross and speaks to a very deviant person who is a master at manipulating situations to his benefit. I’m amazed at how he has escaped ongoing judgement for this incident.

    I rooted for UL when Crum was there and they had success, I’ll not root for Pitino to be successful, that’s my bottom line.

    1. Kokamo Joe

      Re: Sypher

      Yes, his conduct was disgraceful. I am old enough to remember when morality was considered the standard of this country. That has changed. John Kennedy is considered one of our greatest presidents. His infidelity and crudeness is legendary. Bill Clinton is one of the most popular men in the country and in three years he will be our first man after Hillary becomes president. An ex Kentucky governor with infidelity issues becomes president of Pikeville College. Tiger woods….there are many examples. Clearly the majority of American people, especially young people, could care less about infidelity. IT IS THAT CHANGE THAT I REFER TO RATHER THAN PITINO IN THESE REMARKS.

      Re: coaching at the rival
      We have no reason to fear that Pitino will take UL above UK. That simply is not going to happen. Does he have a right to work where he pleases? Of course. Our goal is to beat him and then look to the rest of the season. It is never right to coach a rival? Really? Were you uptight when UK football assistants agreed to coach at UL or when UL coaches came to UK? Why not get over it and move on?

      1. Larry Pup

        Joe in all due respect, assistant coaches don’t count. Let Mike K. bolt from Duke to coach at UNC and see what happens. It would be like Ed Diddle in his day going to EKU from Western. Are you kidding me? Or Rupp taking the UL job. There are some things in life you just don’t do. Didn’t you ever learn that? You have a right to your opinion, but don’t lecture those of us who have not moved on and won’t.

    2. Larry Pup

      I agree with your every word. And they just voted him in to the basketball hall of fame. Character I guess doesn’t matter anymore.

  16. Ruralvillefan

    Man, Some of you folks have some issues. Lots of bitterness you’re still holding. The fact of the matter is that with all of this success in Louisville it is painfully obvious that many (not all) of the UK fan base is having self- esteem issues. Whether we win or lose tonight we’ve gone as far as we can go & there are some 318 D-1 teams who’d gladly trade places with us right now- including Kentucky!

    UK made a huge step forward when Pitino came & I think that Cat fans have been very afraid that what he did at UK he would do at U of L. Well, it’s taken a little longer than I’d hoped or expected but he’s finally on the path to doing just that & more! Go Cards!

    1. Kokamo Joe

      You are right about the bitterness and the fear. I expect feeling jilted and the fear that Pitino will elevate UL above UK is behind much of the hate. I might add this. The hate comes from a minority of the BBN. There are many, if not most, of the BBN that is pulling for the Cards to win it all tonight. I for one am one of them…but I stress this…We will be loaded and we will get you next year.

      This year UL is riding high. As you posted, win or lose tonight Pitino has the Cards at the apex of the college game. But, our bitterness is misplaced. Pitino and the Cards will challenge us, but they will never become the dominant program in the state or country as long as there is a BBN. So bring it on. I appreciate the competition. It makes us better.

      1. Larry Pup

        You first paragraph is spoken like a true UL fan Joe. Way to go. As for Ruralvillefan, Go Michigan! This is a Kentucky blog. Go find a Cardinal site to talk your trash.

        1. Kokamo Joe

          Did you really read my comment?

          Many Cat fans are pulling for the Cards tonight. I think that having two national championships in the state followed by UK’s next year will be great for the state. Note this statement: We will be loaded and we will get you next year. Note this also: Pitino and the Cards will challenge us, but they will never become the dominant program in the state or country as long as there is a BBN. So bring it on. I appreciate the competition. It makes us better.

          Now, Larry, if that is not a ringing endorsement of our program, what is?

          Can we deny that Louisville exist? Can we deny that they have both their men’s and women’s teams in the championship game? Of course not. But that does not mean that we have to bow to them. We play them next year. We get the men in Rupp and we will beat Pitino’s team. When we do that THE SUCCESS OF LOUISVILLE THIS YEAR WILL MAKE OUR WIN EVEN MORE SWEET.

          1. Larry Pup

            You talk like a fan with two hats on Joe. One is blue and one is red. No I don’t deny Louisville exists, but you seem to play both ends of the rivalry in a way that don’t quite square with a real die hard UK fan. We are getting no where. So let it lie.

  17. UKFMLY

    I live in Louisville and the 90% of ul fans rooted for UK is just flat out BS. Especially those older ul fans. I did an informal poll here at work today and not a single UK fan here(and there are a bunch at my job) would agree with that 90% statement based on the ul fans they know and are related to, not a single one. The number is more like 20%. Believe me when I say the ul fans are saying so much bs it unbelieveable. And I have at least 15 text on my phone from them showing UK fans jumping of bridges, kicking their dogs and stuff like that after we did not make the NCAA.

    So I for one will not be pulling for them. Not a snowballs chance in hell! ! ! I hope they get beat on a last second shot so they can spend the summer thinking what if! ! LOL



    1. Larry Pup

      Amen! You got it my friend. The UL fans in my area are cocky and arrogant and proud of it. Always have been. They are so thrilled UK got bumped this year, and are celebrating our defeat in the NIT. The UL fans I know in Louisville hate UK’s guts, despite what Kokamo Joe says. I was born and raised there, I know what I’m talking about. I don’t agree with him about the number of BBN whom he calls Pitino and UL haters being in the minority either. I wish Larry V. would do a poll on this site and see where it stands with his followers on VV. I could live with the results no matter what.

      1. Kokamo Joe

        The CJ ran a poll several years ago. Well over half of those who responded reported that they sometimes pulled for the other team. We tend to associate with people who agree with us. I each breakfast occasionally with a group of UK fans. Most of them want the Cards to win it all. We are in a disagreement about Pitino coaching at Louisville, but we all agree that the better UL becomes the better it will be for UK and that is especially true for football.

        There are haters who support both UK and UL. They tend to get together often, I suppose, because they see the back and forth as fun. Some of go too far and take the hate from being good fun to becoming an obsession which drives those folk to believing any and every rumor that comes down the road that applies to the other team.

        1. UKFMLY

          I live in Louisville and work in Indiana. I polled the fans of all three schools and to a man even the Hoosier fans call the 90% BS. So Joe you believe what you want. But I can tell you this. There are no Ohio state fand hoping Michigan wins it all because there rivalry goes back a long long way. And there is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with any UK fan that does not root for ul because it AMERICA we have the right to choose and it does not mean we are haters or need to let it go./ It means we don’t give a rats A@# what rp and ul do. It a rivalry.

          I bet UNC fans were not rooting for Duke just because they are both in NC.



  18. Larry Pup

    Don’t agree with you Joe on this stuff. For one, I never liked the C-J. I still don’t. They print what is most favorable for the point of view they are trying to convey. Especially in politics. Just like all the other liberal rags today. Most of the time I just ignore their stuff. They will stick a knife in UK every chance they get. I still say a true blue UK fan don’t give a hoot about Louisville or their program. For the theory that UL’s success helps UK get better is a pipe dream too. Louisville wouldn’t even be in the big time had we not scheduled them years ago. The more success UL has the more it hurts UK. Recruiting for one, revenue for another, and finally for perceived top dog status in the Commonwealth. So no I don’t buy your mind set. All these UK fans you associate with, where do they live? All the UK fans in my parts pull for the Blue and White only. and they are proud of it.

    1. Kokamo Joe

      Sorry Larry, I have to comment:
      I agree that the CJ has a liberal slant. I don’t read that paper. But to say that the CJ will stick a knife in UK every chance that they get? Some of us tend to be so protective that we believe that every one is out to get us. Pitino schemed and forced UK to hire Smith knowing that he would cause a decade of failure. Pitino was the cause of the Birmingham school board investigating the Bledsoe transcript. Cannot you see how foolish this is? UK is the most powerful basketball program in the country. We have the best recruiter in the game and we will be loaded next year. The NCAA cannot hurt us. Pitino cannot hurt us. The CJ or the LHL cannot hurt us. Why must some of us creep around suspecting that every body on the face of the earth is out to do UK harm?

      A true blue fan don’t give a hoot about Louisville. Larry, is perfectly all right for true blue UK fans to have opinions other than yours. For those that really have a problem with UL or Pitino the very best option is to simply ignore them, just as you say. Nobody, you or me have sole right to define what a true blue UK is or what he or she can believe.

      Louisville would not be in the big time if UK had not scheduled them…..No team can match UK’s record, but UL is no slouch. UL was good enough in 1959 to go to the final four. UL is 5th in all time NCAA appearances. UL is 6th in NCAA wins. UL is fifth in all time NCAA final fours. UL is 8th in all time wins. So, no playing UK did not make UL big time. They were big time long before the dream game. I am sorry, but statements like that make us look foolish.

      UL hurts UK recruiting? Calipari and Pitino don’t seriously recruit the same players. They have entirely different systems. No body, but no body gets the type of recruits that Calipari gets.

      UL hurts UK revenue? How so? UK sells out Rupp. UK will sell out Commonwealth and will continue to sell out Commonwealth, but that depends on the success or the lack thereof of the UK football team.

      Top dog status? Want to be top dog in football? Compete. Why do we have Stoops? IMO losing to UL on two consecutive games and seeing UL beat Florida helped move it along. Are you serious about UL challenging UK for top basketball status? Won’t happen. We are the flag ship school. We have the largest fan base. We have Calipari. UL may have a great tradition and UL may have an occasional better year than us, but they will never supersede UK. Put that worry out of your mind.

      1. Larry pup

        I swear Joe, you must be on UL’s payroll. I have never seen a self proclaimed UK fan such as yourself spend so much time building up the other in state program, our biggest rival. It is weird to see. Who are you to lecture many of us in BBN. Do you live in Kentucky? Where do you live? You seem to be one of those kind of guys who has an answer for everything. You run off at the mouth with all your facts and figures and forget that many of us go way back with UK. Here are some facts, UL’s football team has kicked UK’s ass for two years straight and has a top 10 team coming into CWS in Sept. Their basketball teams, men and women, are playing for national championships this week. So who is top dog right now Joe? And we as UK fans are supposed to support them? Give me a break pal! I don’t like it, I don’t like them, and I don’t understand how so called UK fans can be happy and all giddy about it. It does UK no good whatsoever. Are you kidding me? UK better get it in gear. GO Michigan! Hows that Joe?

        1. Kokamo Joe

          Larry: Using facts to prove a point is not building up the UL program. We can’t say that UL is big time because we agreed to schedule them and not have it challenged. Truth is truth and admitting it cannot build up or tear down something that has a record.

          Where do I live? Born, and bred in central Kentucky. Used to cry when the Cats lost. Listened to Claude and Cawood before TV. Never been to Kokamo, Indiana.

          It is true that UL has much the better football program NOW. I have followed UK football since the Bear. Aside for a very few good years (one actually), we have never competed with the SEC. I have believed that UK choose to put it’s eggs in the basketball basket and was willing to take the SEC payoff in exchange for losing. UNTIL NOW. We can’t keep playing second fiddle to UL and we can’t keep losing to middle level SEC teams and keep our respect. Barnhart has agreed to invest big bucks in the program and he hired a great staff. In three years we hope to surpass UL and begin to climb up the SEC latter. Know what? Having UL PUSH US IS A GOOD THING! We can’t let little brother kick us around….so Compete. That is the way to get the best of a rival.

          Every program has a down year. We had our basketball down year this year. We don’t really need the kick in the rear that a victorious UL might give us because losing IS NOT A UK HABIT. As I have posted, look what is coming to UK next year. We get UL in Rupp. Think they have a chance? I don’t. Let them have their day in the sun and think about how good this is for the state, but this championship does not make them top dog. They have three…we have eight.

          Fear not. UK football is on the upswing. UK basketball has no equal. UL, Pitino, the Lexington Herald Leader, the NCAA, the Courier Journal, or any body or thing cannot derail it.

  19. James Jones

    Kokomo joe,I know in my heart that any true blue fan knows that you are “NOT”,and as a result of you trying to act as one if I ever see you at a UK game I will beer with you >>>>>

    1. Kokamo Joe

      James: You are under the mistaken opinion that every one has to have the same opinion. You are welcome to yours, as I am to mine. If you mean that you would have a beer with me if you saw me at a UK game, I’d say good. I welcome all opinions. Would it not be a poor world if every body had to believe the same way. Discussion is the spice of life.

  20. James Jones

    You remind me of China…

  21. LindaS

    Camelot has a new King, nuff said. He might have enjoyed his time here, but he left it and now it is time for him to get over it. He will never have it again.

  22. Katbluefan

    I have loved reading all these comments. As a born KY boy/man, VietNam vet. from KY., I love my KY Blue. When I worked for the KSP in Elizabethtown the KSP had no authority in Louisville or Jefferson Co. which lead me to believe that these two did want anything to do with the State of KY. I have NEVER had a great feeling for those two areas of KY because of what I dealt with while working in E-town. It took an act of the KY gov. to get the two Univ. to play each other and that was started by UL. I could go on & on as to why most KY fans don’t like L’ville and why they have a very bad feeling for Pitino but that would only be repeating what all know. My main gripe is the way L’ville’s Admin. handled Pitino’s “Table Affair”. This is the most degrading thing that a wife and family should have to thru in the Public Arena. Then what is WORSE is for the Univ. of Louisville to PRAISE Pitino for what he did be giving him a raise and contract extension. As a father of three sons I would not have let them play for a coach with such LOW moral standards. H e made himself and the Univ. of Louisville the “Most Disgusting” program in college basketball. Just the other day we have a coach fired for abusing his players then the Univ. President resigns. This is bad, but what Pitino did is just as BAD. I guess the Universities no longer hold their coaches to moral standards just abuse standards. What a sad world college sports has come to.

    1. LindaS

      Totally agree with you Katbluefan, I would not have let any of my sons play for him or for booby knightmare. You send your sons someplace you hope they will be safe. What kind of an example are either one of these coaches for young boys.
      If he had gotten caught at UK he would have been fired, he would not have received an extension nor a $5 million dollar bonus. Rumors abound about what he did while he was at UK, everyone seemed to know what he was doing but they turned their back.
      What gets me, when he went to Boson and Winston Bennet had a discretion, little slick quick rich fired him immediately.

      1. Kokamo Joe

        Linda…if everybody knew when he was at UK and if UK would have fired him, why did they not fire him. One possibility is that the rumor was not true. Another is that Pitino was a winner and every body lives a winner.

        Are we willing to put up with a coach who has behavior problems? We kept Sutton until he got us on probation, even though it was common knowledge that he had a problem with the bottle. We did send Gillispie packing, but would we have done it if he had won? I would not attempt a guess on that one.

        1. King Ghidora

          How did Sutton get UK on probation (notice I didn’t say “us”)? I want to hear this one. Do you really know UK at all? Because the stuff you say seems to come from the media.

          You really don’t even know what Pitino was up to at UK do you? The things I could tell you and they aren’t based on assumptions despite what you claim. It’s funny how you are so far out of the loop really when I see you act like you know so much.

          1. Kokamo Joe

            What loop are you talking about? King, Sutton is part of our history. I just don’t agree with your stand that UK did nothing and that the big old bad NCAA decided to lower the boom for no reason and that UK’s president sold out the school. That appears to be your position. Please correct me if I am wrong.

            Sutton could have been a good coach, but he had a terrific alcohol problem, a problem that continued at Oklahoma State, and ended in disgrace in a drunken stupor on his way to board a plane with his Oklahoma team. I personally think that alcohol caused him to lose control of his UK team.

            I won’t go into the violations, (but will if you want to open that can of worms) but logic tells me that if they were totally untrue UK would have fought the charges. I believe that the UK president saw the evidence and decided that stone walling would bring a death penalty.

  23. Kokamo Joe

    I wish that the moral fiber of this country had not changed. But it has. Sadly, what Pitino did is accepted by many as not really too out of the ordinary. I was very young when John Kennedy was killed and I thought that he hung the moon. Since I matured I have discovered that Kennedy had numerous out of wed lock affairs, including a 19 year old college freshman and he shared a girl friend with Chicago Mafia leader Sam Giancana. He had the morals of an alley cat, yet he is revered by the American people. Ditto Bill Clinton. Men marrying men. Who would have thought that possible?

    How did Pitino get to keep his job? Times changed. The culture changed. Sadly what was taboo in 1970 is now considered normal. There are numerous examples of infidelity which are explained by saying “what he does in his private life has no affect on how he does his job.” I don’t agree. But I am in the minority.

    1. King Ghidora

      Good grief. Now it’s “times have changed and morality too”. Tell that to all my friends who died from AIDS. Wait. You can’t. They’re dead.

      You can’t change God’s laws and He is the one that decided out of wedlock sex was a bad idea.

      I just saw a CDC report that said there were over 100 million STD infections in the US alone. Whole countries are dying from AIDS. Yeah “free love” was a great success if you want to see great destruction.

      1. Kokamo Joe

        Did I say that the moral climate is good? Do I approve of what Kennedy, Woods, Clinton, Pitino and countless others have done? I do not. I don’t have to approve of things in the new culture like free love, same sex marriage, and sex outside of marriage. Used to be if a girl got pregnant in middle or high school she was out of school. Now they hire a staff to guide the new mother and baby sit the child.

        A Kentucky governor left office under the shade of infidelity. Now he is president of a Kentucky college. I could go on. All those friends of yours who have died of aides…..they accepted the culture change. People just don’t care about morality any more. I wish it was not so.

        1. Larry Pup

          I agree with you that many people today don’t care Joe. But some of us still care about morality. God has certainly not changed His mind about it. Gal. 5:19-21, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10. I am not one to judge anybody, but God will per Romans 14:10, Rev 20:11-15. They better care. God is not mocked.

          1. Kokamo Joe

            Saw news about the Masters this AM. Tiger Woods was front and center. The announcer said that when Woods teed off he would get the loudest ovation. The world is changing and I don’t like it.

  24. Uncle Big

    90% of UofL fans rooted for UK last year? 90% of UK fans are rooting for UofL this year? What color is the sky in your world? A good friend of mine used to say that anybody that claims to like both is a saint or a liar. He changed that through the years to say that they are just damn liars. I was indifferent to UofL until I moved to Louisville after I graduated from UK. After being around UofL fans, I have gotten to the point where I wouldn’t root for UofL if they played the al Qaida All Stars, the Taliban Tigers, or the Hell National Team. By the way, my wife of 36 years is a UofL graduate and she said anybody that went to school there and doesn’t hate them is a fool.

    1. LindaS

      Smart man and smart wife!

    2. Kokamo Joe

      Big Big:

      So it goes around. A minority of UL fans hate UK because they have encountered hostile UK fans. A minority of UK fans hate UL because they have encountered hostile UL fans. For most of us, arguing back and forth is fun. I have a good friend who is a UL fan. We say all kinds of things to each other. But it is all in fun and neither of will go so far as to push rumors or lies to prove our point. I called him to congratulate him this AM. He called me last year. His sun will come up tomorrow, just like mine did last year.

      Wonder how many UL fans have been pushed to hate by reading what some write on message boards? Or vice versa.

  25. Little Baron

    I appreciate the way Rick Pitino worked and worked to rebuild UK from the ashes left behind by the ncaa crooks. He took the genuine Kentucky born players, without the talent level of most players in major programs, added Mashburn, an All-American, and instilled confidence and parlayed Kentucky pride into an Elite 8 team the first year we were allowed back in the Big Dance (following UK being #1 in the SEC the year before, which was only the 2nd year of “recovery”!) and then led the CATS to the FF the next year… eventually leading UK to 3 consecutive Title games (he coached 2 of them & his players coached the 98 team!)

    Thanks to Rick for that run. So, he went to Boston. Get over it. He was available again and all UK had to do was have an AD with a backbone and a lick of sense, and UK would have had Rick back at the helm and run TLT (Ten Loss Tubby) out of town. Instead, our lame AD gave a SECRET (shall we say shady?, illegal?, shameful?) contract EXTENSION to the coach who was racking up more 10 loss seasons than all of UK coaches in history… a coach who STILL has NEVER recruited a player who made it to the Final Four!!! And some folks defend Tubby… what a joke!!!

    So, back to Rick… thanks to him for leading UK to…
    Elite Eight… 6 in 7 years (’92, ’93, ’95, ’96, ’97. ’98)
    Final Four… 4 in 6 years (’93, ’96, ’97. ’98)
    Finals………. 3 consecutive years (’96, ’97. ’98)
    Champion…. 2 in 3 years (’96, ’98)

    Some may ‘argue’ that TLT was the coach in ’98. I beg to differ. He was NEVER the coach at UK… yes, he got paid, but never really recruited, developed, coached any players to the level a REAL coach would have accomplished.

    I would have been DELIGHTED to see Rick come back to UK after he left Boston, and even when TLT FINALLY LEFT!!! OR EVEN AFTER BILLY THE BOTTLE WAS SENT PACKING… but it didn’t happen. UKAA did not get it done.

    I am DELIGHTED with Calipari. I believe Pitino is a better game coach, but also believe Calipari is light years ahead of anyone when it comes to recruiting AND developing players QUICKLY to reach their potential. Rick is good, but no match for Pitino in recruiting, and Calipari definitely (usually) gets the maximum out of players IMMEDIATELY. (the past season was an exception… and I believe one player in particular “led” the team down the path of disbelief).

    So, though I am not a fan of UL, I still like to see EVERY school in KY fare well, in every sport and every academic challenge and every political venue (in DC) though I don’t like hardly ANY politicians.

    Thanks Rick, for doing a great job of getting UK out of the low state it was in. And thanks Calipari for reviving our program which had been all but trashed by the likes of TLT and Billy the Bottle.

    It is EMBARRASSING that UK has fans who have been so rude, trashy, filfthy and disgusting toward Rick Pitino and his wife. The very coach who put us back on the map after the ncaa devoured the Big Blue Nation because someone illegally opened a package and slipped some money into it, while it was in a distribution center very close to UCLA.

    Next year… it will be a Kentucky program winning the 3rd Title in a row… but it will be back in Lexington, where the real Champions run!!!

    1. Larry Pup

      Yeah, but he still sold us out Little Baron. You can color it any way you want. Nobody in BBN I know diminishes what RP did for UK, and I don’t ever condone being rude to the man’s wife. RP made the choice to leave UK and he made the choice to go to Louisville. We owe him nothing now. He coaches our biggest rival. I’m over him leaving, we got our own future hall of fame coach now, we are fully over it. But there are some of you who expect UK fans to kiss his ass, and the ultimate request to root on Louisville to No. 3. I will have no part of it, no sir!! You are to hard on your fellow Big Blue fans IMO. It looks like UL is gonna pull it off, so that should make you and Kokamo Joe real happy until all these arrogant Louisville fans start running their mouths tomorrow.

      1. Little Baron

        I don’t think any UK fans need to pull for UL or Rick. That is an individual choice. I like to see all teams in KY win at anything, but if some want to root against UL, so be it. I agree UK fans are not indebted to Rick, don’t owe him anything. He chose to move on. As for taking the UL job, it is a location way ahead of many other universities which were looking for coaches in the early part of the past decade. He could have racked up a number of Titles had he stayed at UK, or if he had returned (to replace Ten Loss Tubby). He is human, and made a major mistake leaving UK, but when someone is from the Northeast and has a chance to coach the Celtics, it would be enticing. It would be like Travis Ford or John Pelphrey getting a shot at coaching at UK… a dream job.

        So, I rest my case… no one owes Rick anything (he was paid very, very well for his services). No one has to pull for UL or Rick. I just don’t believe trashing folks the way many have done Rick and his family fuels those who find reason to hate UK. I am a UK grad from many years ago, and appreciate so many things about UK and the great state of Kentucky… but the image some portray because of their relentless hate toward UL and Rick is sad indeed.

        UL won. I would sleep fine either way – win or lose. I am fine that they won. They are in the great state of Kentucky. I lived in Louisville, working after graduating from UK, and was offered opportunities to go see UL, by a friend, who had prime seats. I never went to one game. I’m not a UL fan. Just an ol’ guy from Kentucky :)

        It’s great to be a UK grad… now, in the next several years, we will be enjoying UK football while celebrating more Titles in basketball… starting with #9 in 12 months!!

        1. Larry Pup

          Little Baron..I enjoy your posts, I really do. I know you are a great UK fan. I am amazed at your knowledge of UK history. I just will never pull or root for Louisville. I just can’t stomach them. I would not call it hate, just a deep down gut feeling of dislike for them. I have long ago written off Pitino after he left Boston and took the UL job. Oh he had a right to, but he shouldn’t have. There would have been other jobs he could have taken in due time. There is something amiss about that guy. It pained me to see them win No. 3. I’m just being honest. But as you say, life goes on. UK will rise again. GO CATS!!!!

    2. King Ghidora

      Yeah I think it’s embarrassing that some people think they can bash others for thinking what they want to think. There are things you don’t know, I can almost guarantee that. You’re the one taking pot shots at people here. Pitino got paid to accept a certain role. He takes what comes with the role. I’m here because I want to be and if you said something like that to most people on the street where I come from they would likely adjust your attitude. And that includes my time I spent living in Lexington outside of my time in school there. Who are you to talk about other people like that?

    3. King Ghidora

      I forgot to add that envelope story was a fairy tale. Why do you think Casey won all that money in the lawsuit? Boy people think they know things and they miss the most obvious points going. You probably believe Rupp was a racist too don’t you. Well read this and think again:


  26. AhugeEnes

    If his time at UK was Camelot then his time at UL was cumalot ……..

    1. LindaS

      good one

  27. King Ghidora

    Since Joe in the past has condoned the tactics of CBS when they took a poll designed to paint Calipari as the most hated coach in sports, capitalizing on their own mythology and the jealousy of every program that isn’t #1, I think we should all vote on who the most disliked person is on this board. I’ll open the nominations since I’m conducting the poll. The first nominee is:

    Kooky Joe

    The nominations are now closed. Anyone wishing to vote can respond publicly or by secret decoder ring. All decisions are final and I am the final decision maker on who won the poll.

    The case against Kooky Joe is as follows:

    1. He actually accepts that Sports Illustrated treats UK fairly. Now surely this one reason is enough to put Kooky Joe at the top of the list but there’s more.
    2. He likes Indiana. He tries to deny it but he showed up here to defend Indiana from the start.
    3. He likes Louisville. Does anyone else suspect he isn’t a UK fan at all?
    4. He’s always telling us what to think – like we would all want to think like him – yeah right.
    5. He accepts the faulty, secret polls of CBS as accurate. So I guess he won’t have any problems with this poll either.

    OK that should be enough. Winners err… losers will be announced in 5 minutes. Let the voting begin. If no votes are posted here it’s because they came through my secret decoder ring. It’s all above board. I’m a journalist and I said so therefore it must be true.

    1. King Ghidora

      I thought I should include a quote from Kooky Joe’s post on the CBS fake poll. He said:

      “Fans who whine that “the press always picks on UK” should realize that a free press is vital to keeping all college sports program honest.”

      I’m just keeping in line with Kooky Joe’s admonition that a “free press is vital”. The fact that a mountain of proof exists that Joe’s comments about the press always picking on UK are just proves that the facts never got in the way of a good line of bull. Who cares if it’s true or not, right Kooky? As long as it sounds good it must be good. What could be wrong with that thinking?

      Take the Bledsoe story. The free press nearly destroyed the life of a young man and clearly it had nothing to do with being anti-UK. The press always takes a hard line against other players like Corey Maggette, and the whole North Carolina sports department and John Wooden. They clearly treat everyone fair. Then there’s Kooky Joe’s favorite, the magic envelope. Eddie Sutton caused the envelope to spring open at the exact time a group of UCLA fans were standing around and either $1000 fell out of the envelope or out of the wallets of those UCLA fans. Joe says Sutton did it even though it was Casey who mailed the envelope. The courts said it was the UCLA fans. But the media said it was Sutton so Joe knows it must be true and it didn’t have one thing to do with anti-UK bias.

      And I wonder if Kooky Joe knows about the Rupp bashing program about the Texas Western game that ESPN happened to air once a year coincidentally right at the start of the spring signing period. That surely had nothing to do with being anti-UK. And then there’s the mad dog rant of Dick Vitale (are you really Vitale Kooty Joe?) warning all college coaches to avoid taking the UK job and telling us what a great coach we lost when Smith moved to Siberia err… Minnesota. I wonder why Vitale (or is it Kooky Joe?) didn’t bash Minn. for firing Smith much faster than UK did. Could it be because Vitale / Kooky Joe wanted to capitalize on the racist mythology to hurt UK. Smith certainly tried that. Is that you Tubby? Are you Kooty Joe?

      Well the polls have almost closed now. There is a staggering amount of response here. I’ll announce the loser shortly after all votes have been counted.

      1. Kokamo Joe AKA Kooky Joe

        Since you brought up Bledsoe: Calipari had taken a chance on Bledsoe…a chance that he was right to take. Bledsoe’s school had closed and he transferred for his senior year. His first three year’s grades were awful and his senior grades were remarkable. The UK compliance officer looked at the transcript and compared his GPA to his SAT or ACT score and noted it met NCAA eligibility requirements. Every thing was fine, the Birmingham School board was urged by a citizen’s group to check out the academic program and Bledsoe’s transcript came under investigation. The problem was that if the school board threw out his grades Bledsoe would be ineligible to play at UK. The School board decided not to change or challenge a teacher’s grading, and Bledsoe played. The criticism that I remember was of the Birmingham school system. UK or Calipari did no wrong. The NCAA was not involved, but would have been if the School board had toss out Bledsoe’s transcript.

        I see nothing wrong with the press printing truth. I have no fear of UK actually doing anything to violate NCAA rules. Calipari may take a chance as he did with Bledsoe and the kid from Turkey. Nothing wrong with that since he won’t play a kid until he is officially cleared to play.

      2. Kokamo Joe AKA Kooky Joe

        Re: Rupp bashing

        Rupp is an icon. He was not a racist. He lived in a racist time. Some SEC teams had state law which forbad playing a contest against a team that fielded a negro.
        Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in baseball in 1947. Brown vs Bd of Education was not decided until 1954. It was in 1968s that Martin Luther King was assassinated when he attempted to integrate Memphis, Tennessee. The south resisted. Rupp would have put kids in danger if he had recruited black players.

        What I read about was the Texas Western game and how it changed college basketball. Did the movie portray Rupp as racist? Everybody will have to make their own judgment. I know that soon after that game African Americans began to play all across the south. We love our players of all races and that is as it should be. Rupp’s legacy is safe and sound.

        Finally…unlike the NCAA I think that the head coach bears all responsibility for things that go on under his direction. Casey did mail the envelope, but Sutton was the man in charge.

        Unlike some, I don’t dread picking up the newspaper or turning on the TV. I have no fear that our coach is going to do anything to get us in trouble. Chicken Little thought that the sky was falling. It ain’t.

    2. King Ghidora

      OK all votes have been tallied now. Wow you won’t believe this one guys! It was unanimous! And the loser is:

      Kooty Joe

      Oh wait. That’s not right. It’s not “Kooty” Joe. It’s:

      Kooky Joe

      It was a landslide folks. No one else received a single vote! That’s just amazing. Hang on to those secret decoder rings folks because tomorrow we vote on who on this board is most out of touch with the UK program. The nominees names are being kept in an old mayonnaise jar with some mayonnaise still in it. But I know the name on the list anyway so don’t worry. I forgot I could leak this info to the press as an anonymous source. That’s always fair. The nominee is:

      Kooky Joe!

      1. King Ghidora

        This just in. Kooky Joe has accepted defeat and has made a victory speech from his home under that big rock by the river In Louisville. Here’s the rundown of what Joe said in response to questions from a journalist.

        Kooky Joe, how do you feel about being singled out as the most dis-liked person on this board?

        It’s been my goal for a long time King. As you know it’s not easy to accept every bit of negative information you can find about a team you claim to support. People start to think you aren’t who you say you are after a while. They actually think I’m really Dick Vitale. I don’t know how they figured that out. I hid that information as best I could.

        Now that you’ve accomplished your goal, what’s next Kooky Joe?

        I plan to increase my negative image as much as possible on this board. As you know I am seriously biased against UK like all good journalists should be. We are responsible for keeping basketball honest. And if I don’t keep people distracted they will expect me to actually preform my duties as an ESPN talking head. They might even expect me to report on the UNC scandal and as you know that just won’t ever happen. I’m not dragging down any ACC teams. You can forget it.

        Well thanks Kooty Joe. Good luck making a pain of yourself in the future but we both know you don’t need luck. You were just born that way.

    3. Kokamo Joe AKA Kooky Joe

      King, reading you is fun. I don’t agree with you, but what the heck. Can’t everybody be as smart as you or me.

      So let us see:
      1. SI. I believe that I posted that the SI labeled UK as Kentucky Shame. That is true, of course…not the shame part….the front cover of the magazine part. I don’t remember posting that the SI treated us fairly. Can you find the quote? Now I did post that I do not ascribe to the notion that every body is out to get UK, and I have posted that UK is too big for any magazine, person, newspaper or NCCA to damage, unless there is a truth that they have uncovered. In that case, bring it on. I can’t see hiding a dirty program….and since there is no dirt…why run around looking under every rock thinking someone is out to get us?

      2. Likes Louisville. Well, yes if you consider liking all Kentucky teams unless they play UK. That does not mean that I will be in the Yum Center or at Western or EKU, or Georgetown College like I will be at UK. I just don’t wish to stay in a state of anger at any team or any person. That’s not good for my sleep.

      3. Likes Indiana. Why King. I don’t remember even posting about Indiana. Find it please.

      4. Always telling us what to think. Surely you know better than that. Think what you like. But I reserve to respond…read again…respond like I am doing here.

      5. Accepts polls I did once mention a Courier Journal poll. What CBS Poll? Maybe I forgot. Refresh my memory.

      Have a good day

  28. King Ghidora

    Kooky, Kooky Joe. How soon you forget your own words. I don’t forget. After a long discussion about John Goodman’s reporting brought about by statements he made during a radio interview in Louisville with Rick Bozich about Calipari getting him fired and how he could still be unbiased about his coverage of Cal it was then noted that he had participated in creating an anonymous poll that labelled Cal as the most hated coach in college basketball and another that labelled him the most dishonest coach. You said, “Unless Calipari is actually cheating nothing will come of stories like the recent ones of Goodman.” Those stories were the polls mentioned. You went on and on about stories about World Wide Wes but the recent stories were the CBS “polls”. Well what you said is just ridiculously not true. The insinuation of Cal cheating most certainly was designed to harm him and is blatant evidence of bias which you said, “Fans who whine that “the press always picks on UK” should realize that a free press is vital to keeping all college sports program honest.” That’s how journalism is supposed to work but guess what? It doesn’t work that way. And don’t tell me they don’t do it on purpose. Wrong Kemosabe. I have enough college hours to have a journalism degree but I didn’t finish it because after I was told I would be expected to shape the news to fit an agenda I told them to drop dead and left the program. They also told me the NY Times set the news cycle and decided what was really news. That would be the same NY Times that has recklessly attacked players like Bledsoe in an obvious attempt to do damage to him and UK. I’m just going to be blunt about it here Kook. You’re wackier than a loon on acid about this stuff. You are so far off base with your pie in the sky views of journalism it’s sick. Tell me why Wooden is still revered despite a mountain of evidence that he cheated like crazy. Tell me why the press doesn’t pursue the UNC scandal at all. Tell me why they turned on Enes Kanter instead of trying to help a guy who was clearly lied to by the NCAA. You will see a few reports on these things but if it was UK that had cooked up hundreds of fake classes with maybe thousands of athletes getting the benefit of those classes the press would pee their pants trying to get the story published fast. They have done it in the past. That SI “Shame” bull crap was based on evidence that was PROVEN to be wrong in court. But all you see is the negative side and you take the word of the national press. That makes you a moron and a Kook. You live in a dream world bud. I have proof of what I say. You don’t. I’ve asked you several times to tell us what Sutton did to get UK in trouble. You didn’t even know that UK forced him to dry out saying they would fire him if he didn’t. That stuff was common knowledge but apparently you lack common knowledge in a lot of ways.

    You keep thinking we are the ones who are wrong. That is laughable. Tell me why the NY press had Rupp pegged as a racist because there were no black or Jewish kids on his teams back in the 1940’s. I’ve seen the articles. I thought I saved the evidence but I haven’t been able to find it. But I know what I saw. The press totally ignored the Kentucky Day Law and instead blamed Rupp for the apartheid system in the university basketball programs.

    Yes the press most certainly is biased against UK. If you can watch that Vitale video warning coaches to avoid UK and not understand that’s bias then I have to wonder how you get your pants on in the morning. There are so many examples I could be here a week giving evidence.

    Then you claim you don’t tell us what to think. Ha! You’re constantly telling people what to think. A lot of people have noticed it and commented on it but you ignore all that in your blissful ignorance. I won’t drag them into this discussion. They can post themselves if they want. But when you talk about “people who whine” about things that’s you trying to tell those people what to think.

    You always take the opposite approach to life from the average person. That should tell you something but it doesn’t. I don’t expect you to accept everything I say of course or anything like that. But you put words in people’s mouths and hateful words at that. In fact you accuse people of hate. You make assumptions about how people know things when you could ask them about it instead. Lighten up. You come off as being very demanding and not one of us at all. If you aren’t one of us why do you come here?

    I might have wrote this better. I’m very tired right now and I’m distracted. I need to get some work done. Just take my word for it. It’s not nice to say other people hate. You don’t know what’s in my heart. Mainly I’m not real anxious to take sides with someone who has gone out of his way to go against me and my friends (not you – Pitino). I have sound reasons for thinking what I do about him and I know things about him that are’t common knowledge too. Don’t assume things because you make an ass out of u and me when you do (ass-u-me).

  29. Kokamo Joe

    King: That stuff that you must be smoking is clouding your brain. Pity.

    I can sum up my philosophy about Vital, the SI, the CJ, your imagined polls, the LHL and all the rest of the media this way:

    UK is doing fine. The NCAA is not investigating us about anything and I don’t that to come any time soon. We have the best recruiting class. We won a championship last year and are in the hunt for one next year. Calipari is the most beloved man in the state of Kentucky. In short, we are doing fine.
    And….unlike those who wear their hearts on their sleeves, I HAVE NO PERSECUTION COMPLEX.

    1. Larry Pup

      Joe, King nailed it. You are far to pushy for my taste. You seem to enjoy arguing with people instead of letting them express their opinion, be it right or wrong. You have a right to your opinion, but don’t get in my face. While you spout off about being a UK fan, you come right back and say things that leave many on this site scratching our collective heads in doubt as to your real agenda. King is right, I don’t hate anybody in the real sense of the word. This is sports talk. It is like the Red Sox fans hating the NY Yankees. I also believe the Louisville press. The C-J prints everything they can that is negative to UK, Calipari, and mark my words, Mark Stoops and UK football in due time. They give Louisville a free pass. All one has to do is read that rag on a regular basis. Lighten up pal. You are getting on peoples nerves. I don’t want to hear from somebody who claims to be a UK fan talk about how great Louisville and Pitino are all day long. If you want to like them and root for them, go ahead, but don’t bust me for not doing it and tell me I’m in the minority on this issue. and certainly in the same breath don’t lecture me on hate issues. Like King says you need to take that trash someplace else.

  30. Kokamo JOe

    I post nothing but positive statements about UK. I support the job that Rick Pitino did at Kentucky. I see no reason to get all worked up about Louisville until they play us. Louisville wining it all this year is good for the state. We will get them next year. A person has a right to work where he pleases and if a rival is successful, that just makes us better. Basically that is the jest of what I have posted and there have been other who have made the same comments. Those who label those who may disagree with them as not “true blue.” are simply saying that it is my way or else. The BBN is a big tent.

    How do you define pushy. Would it be responding to claims that Pitino was throwing his wife under the bus because he claimed she favored taking the Louisville job? What should I do, ignore it because I know it to be wrong? In this case King did the right thing and posted that his statement was wrong. Good for him that shows that he is a fair man.

    Or what about checking the UL record when it was posted that UL only became a major player after UK agreed to play them. Was that heaping praise on UL. No that was simply responding to a post that I knew to be wrong. You may disagree with me, but making unsubstantiated comments makes us look bad.

    This is a discussion board. Discussion involves more than lock step agreement. You have every right to print what you please and I respect what you write. But that cuts both ways. Am I pushy? If expressing an opinion is pushy then I am. As long as Larry allows me to post I will continue to express opinions. I don’t ask you to agree. But please do not spin my words into something that I did not say.

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