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Photo Gallery: UK falls at Tennessee

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  1. Karen Sprinkle

    Ryan looks like he is praying for strength in the first photo. I hope his prayers come true!

  2. Mike

    Pretty good pix….Ryan off in lala land where he plays and Poy…well he is always the same…never changes body language or look on his face. These guys appear to be nice guys, but man I hate the way they play.

  3. Larry Pup

    Give em a break, they were getting their brains beat out. You ever been there?

  4. Mike

    Larry Pup…were u watching the same game? It didn’t bother them a bit…no fight at all.

    1. Larry Pup

      I was watching the officials call cheap touch fouls on UK the whole game and let UT get away with muggings from start to finisih! It takes a toll on you Mike! It takes away the game plan quick if they are not going to call it fair. WCS is playing with 2 or 3 fouls early, same with Poy. Both fouled out. I didn’t like the way our guys played. But there has to be a reason. Either they are over rated, or there is bad blood, or UT was just that much better with Nerlens out. I think these coaches have to shoulder some blame. There job is to get these guys ready to play. They simply ran into a buzz saw.

  5. Mike

    Larry P….They did run into a buzz saw. It was the perfect if UK didn’t come prepared to compete. It makes one wonder what they were doing most of the week in practice. I also don’t agree with Cal calling them out and then reversing course this morning. He was tried working both sides all season and nothing has taken hold yet. I maybe didn’t see all the fouls called on WCS or Poy but the ones I did see certainly looked to be callable. I haven’t been happy with a lot of the officiating this year but think it does tend to balance out over course of the year with possible exception of one ref. I also think a couple of these guys were overated and that there has not been good team bonding chemistry as well. On top of that, I guess you can add on that they haven’g exactly been drinking Cal’s kool aid either. It looks like it will just be one of those years that no one could have predicted.

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