The Next Big Game!

  • UK FB Blue-White Game:
    in 2 days, 23 hours, 55 minutes

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Photos by Victoria Graff, and property of Schurz Communications, Inc., and All rights reserved; images may not be reprinted in print or online without permission of the owners. Reprinted images must be attributed to and linked to the original site.

15 Responses to Photo Gallery: Tour Kentucky’s new Rupp Arena locker rooms

  • Larry Pup says:

    Great pictures. Millions spent. What are we doing for our football boys?

    • They have a Plan…it’s being executed and Millions are being spent at CWS, as we speak…

      • Larry Pup says:

        Larry T..can U be a little more specific. I have not heard of any renovations going on at CWS. Last I heard it was before the legislature for money issues, etc. I hope you are right.

        • arry says:

          The site,, gives the most comprehensive look so far at Kentucky’s wish list for how it wants to “re-invent Commonwealth Stadium” with a price tag of $125 million….

          • Larry Pup says:

            There are many projects in the hopper it looks like. Football is just one and It is a wish lsit of renovations to CWS based on funding. We shall see. Thanks Larry T.

        • Larry Pup says:

          Let’s see some pictures of football facility improvements. Start with their locker rooms. I would like to hear about and see improvements being made for football at CWS. That would be good news and needed news.

  • ” THE GOLD STANDARD “, Fort Knox just got some competition ! Just to see the Faces of New Recruits walking thru, for the First Time, ” Priceless “….

  • Karen Sprinkle says:

    Sweet! I think my favorite photograph is the “banner” wall. Lots of room to add more banners as the need arises.

  • Ben says:

    Larry, can you put a scrolling feature on the picture section to make viewing easier? It would really help!

    • larryvaught says:

      Ben, wish we could but way we have to set it up. Know it can be a bit frustrating, but just smile and enjoy the photos

  • LindaS says:

    When I saw these pics, I thought of the horse barns on Versailles Rd as you go into Lexington. Puts those barns to shame. Nothing to good for a Thoroughbred Wildcats!

  • Theresa Crow says:

    Thank you, Larry, for posting these photos. It truly looks wonderful. For those of us who will never get to see it in person, it gives an insight into where the team is before and after the games.

    • larryvaught says:

      Victoria Graff did a great job with these photos for us. Glad you enjoyed them Theresa.
      Eric, what counts with players/recruits is right now. Cal has embraced UK history, and my guess is that he will change lot of things annually at Rupp

  • eric says:

    I don’t understand one thing-Is the 2012 Championship the only thing important? The renovation is amazing and locker rooms etc, are beautiful, but in case I am incorrect, there was basketball played before Cal got there. There is no mention, or photos of anything but Cal’s time in Lexington. A little disconcerting.


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