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Photo Gallery: New UK football coach Mark Stoops is introduced to Big Blue Nation

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  1. Larry T Clemons

    All those people who Bashed Mitch , should apologies…I was pulling for Petrino, but I’m happy with this Hire. Mitch was working, getting it done, with help, like you wanted…come on, Give Mitch some thank you, I’m Sorry, great Job, with all those vacancies out there, Mitch, you got us a Great Fit, Thank You….I never Bashed MB, I don’t need to say I’m Sorry, but some of you should, come on, laugh it off, MB did UK, good, ” again “…

    1. Andy S

      I believe other SEC schools have not contacted Petrino as well. He may have to take the Mike Leach route and start at perhaps a mid major school and work his way up again especially in the trust department.

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