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UK coach Joker Phillips says relationship with Rick Minter is great and that everyone in program is on the same page


Just as defensive coordinator Rick Minter did Tuesday, Kentucky coach Joker Phillips has denied a Kentucky Sports Radio report that there was a confrontation between him and Minter over UK’s defensive play at Louisville.

When asked if he had strained relationship with Minter, Phillips said, “Strained? For what? Why would it be strained. No.”

He said their “relationship is great” going into Saturday’s game with Western and that both are on the same page.

“Here’s the thing: There’s only one page. There’s only one page and we’re all on the same page. There’s not two pages in this program. It’s one page,” Phillips.

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  1. Tana

    Thanks a million for this report from the horses’ mouths, Larry. As you have probably figured out from various posts of mine, I don’t “get into” unsubstantiated reports, rumors, etc., and, further, harm can come to both innocent people and the program itself when untruths are spread (and such is, unfortunately, particularly the case when a portion of the fanbase wants to get rid of a coach). Further, actually, an actual (pun intended), real conflict/tension or petty jealousy or general “dirty laundry” should usually stay within the program’s locker room for the program’s best interest (although something like proven player abuse, etc., as in the Gillispie era, is a totally different matter, of course). An athletic program is a family, and, I imagine most families have some fairly serious disagreements, perhaps about something petty, that are resolved and make the family even stronger and closer. I’ve spoken my piece — and thanks, Larry, for allowing both coaches to set the record straight and get busy on improving our team/program.

    1. larryvaught

      Coaches deserve a chance to tell their side of story. Even when coaches have disagreed with me Tana, I always try to share their feelings. only fair

  2. John

    When you source KSR you have to stop and think about the goofball that runs that site.
    If it weren’t for the pork chop around his neck, his own dog wouldn’t like him.

    1. Lori Metcalf

      I was trying to think of a nice way to say something like this on the other thread. I gave up. I believe that outfit appeals to the basest nature of the BBN. I no longer listen to the non-network pregame, which is sad because I enjoyed that portion of the programming when it was handled with class.

      1. larryvaught

        Thanks Lori. Miss doing the pregame, but things change. Now i get a chance to tailgate with folks, so looking forward to seeing lot of fans Saturday

  3. joe bailey

    Go Big Blue. Go Coach Joker Phillips. Everyone leave him alone and let him coach our team. Kentuckys team.

  4. P90XDude

    What were Phillips and Minter going to say? – don’t dismiss the KSR story as made up.

  5. Tana

    I, too, had always so enjoyed the pregame show, Lori. Too, Larry, I so miss that, a show that had always seemed to make me even more excited about the upcoming game. With no offense intended toward anyone, I had so valued and appreciated the knowledge that had been shared on that show, shared by folks (certainly including you yourself) who had known and loved Kentucky football for decades. I had really valued all of your opinions because of that. It had been, in my opinion, a great show.

    Further, I had felt sad as I had walked back from the Cat Walk and not seen you guys in “your” spot — as I had sometimes stopped and listened, sitting on those bleachers. Likewise in the past. my husband would listen to the show during my “Cat Walk” time. He said he had turned off the show because of the negativity and “coolness,” as he had called it, in contrast to the generally supportive and most knowledgeable analyis/discussion he had listened to for, again, “decades.” Perhaps we’re just getting “old,” but Lori obviously feels the same and is definitely NOT “old.”

    By the way, I do listen to the postgame call-in show and do not have a problem with that. For the pregame, though, again, I so miss that traditional, generally supportive and most knowledgeable analysis/ discussion of Kentucky football and the upcoming game. Just my humble opinion on the matter. GO CATS! BEAT WKU!

    1. larryvaught

      Thanks Tana. Miss seeing you as well in pregame

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