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WLEX sports anchor Mary Jo Perino touched by comments from co-workers but comments from viewers meant the most

Mary Jo Perino

Mary Jo Perino

Vaught’s note: WLEX-TV sports anchor Mary Jo Perino has just a bit over a week left on the job — and we are going to miss her dearly — and she wrote this response to the story about her last week that brought so many touching responses from you about her and her career. And the best news — she will become a regular contributor here.


First off all, to say I’m overwhelmed is an understatement.  I’m just a girl who does a job she loves, following a team she loves, and it’s rare that you get to see the impact that has on people.  I meet people all the time who want to talk about UK sports, but it isn’t until you leave I guess that you realize what an important job it can really be.

I was touched by hearing from two guys I consider family, Alan Cutler and Ryan Lemond.  Both have shown me the ropes, taught me everything I know, and have meant more to me than they will ever know.  I can’t thank them enough for turning my blood blue.  To hear from Tom Leach, that was just icing on the cake.  I have the utmost respect for Tom and have enjoyed getting to know him, Larry, and so many others along the way.  That is probably what I’ll miss the most, the comradery and friendship developed with different members of the media.

But I already knew those guys liked me :)  What meant the most to me was hearing from Theresa and other viewers.  That’s why we do what we do and to have made a connection with people, many I’ve never met, makes me know I made the right choice in profession when I got out of college.

I also know I’m making the right choice now.  To be available to spend more time with my son will truly be a blessing.  He’s growing up so fast and I’ve already missed too much.

I hope that Larry will allow me to be a contributor to the site, and I also hope to have opportunities in the future to keep my hand in the business so to speak.  I am really looking forward to just being a fan too.  Fun fact, I’ve never, EVER tailgated before a football game in my life and I can’t wait to do that!  There are a lot of things I’m looking forward to doing and, of course, a lot of things I’ll miss.

Kentucky is such a special place to be a sports fan and a sports journalist.  People crave information about their beloved Cats and I was thrilled to be a part of that.  Ten years certainly flew by, and I hope it’s not that long before we meet again!

From the bottom of my true blue heart, thank you.

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  1. Lauren

    Mary Jo is a class act, and we have enjoyed her reports over the years! I’ve never met her but I know she would be so friendly and have a big smile! Best of luck to her!

  2. Jimcats

    I’ve twittered to tell of my respect for MJ, her work and her great good looks. I don’t know any of the details involved in the job change, etc., but I will certainly enjoy her contributions online or wherever.

    MJ, looks like you’ve won the hearts of many of us blue bloods–even the ones of us who don’t live in Ky anymore. You’ve got to be proud of your accomplishments. Here’s wishing you happiness in the future. As an old guy who’s been there, done that, I’ve learned the deep truth behind the mis-used saying “You only live once”. You can’t go back for replays. And the things you don’t get done won’t get done. Personally, my late life regrets are mostly not for things I did; rather things I didn’t do. Be happy and enjoy this one way trip!

  3. Theresa

    Hope to see you at some of the sporting events with Sam. Best of luck and we sure will miss you,

  4. UKKim

    Mary Jo is the BEST sportscaster ever, & is going to be so missed!

  5. david j cochran

    Mary Jo, We will never forget You and Sam here at Boyle Co. So much fun to see you at the Rebels games. The smiles and great personality were just part of you.

  6. Arthur Foisy

    I remember when you first came to WLEX. Ryan Lemond used to call you the spark plug! So may times, while watching some other channel, I would tine in to WLEX around 5:50 pm just to see and hear you. When you went to CNN, I was disappointed but when you returned I was elated. What I will truly miss is that disarming and beautiful smile of yours. I applaud you for the courage and the maternal instinct that you have for Sam. GOD bless you and thank you.

    1. larryvaught

      Great comments Arthur. Just not going to see right without Mary Jo

  7. Love SEC F-Ball

    Mary Jo will be missed. Great sportscaster – Very well respected.
    Thank you, Mary Jo!

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