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ESPN analyst Paul Biancardi feels adding Dakari Johnson could help UK with Wiggins and/or Randle


Once center Dakari Johnson put Kentucky in his list of final three schools, ESPN national director of recruiting Paul Biancardi (@paulbiancardi) knew there was a great chance he would pick the Wildcats over Georgetown and Syracuse.

“More often then not when they are a finalist, they are the favorite,” said Biancardi. “When you look at the rest of the Kentucky class, Johnson fits so well because he is so different. As one of the final pieces to this massive and extremely talented class, Johnson will have as much as he can handle of producing in the paint with (signee) Marcus Lee.”

Lee is one of the five players who signed with Kentucky in November and will join Johnson as part of what Biancardi says is already guaranteed to be another No. 1 recruiting class for coach John Calipari whether UK does or does not add Andrew Wiggins and/or Julius Randle, the top two players in the 2013 recruiting class who may now both be leaning to the Wildcats. Randle should make his choice in the next two weeks while Wiggins will likely decide early in April.

Biancardi says rebounding in the strength of Johnson’s game.

“Although he is improving on the inside, by catching the ball and scoring with an angle to the rim, he rebounds regardless of how he is scoring the ball,” Biancardi said. “The first way to get the fast break going is to secure the defensive board, which he will provide. His rebounding on the offensive end will provide second chance points for himself and his team.”

Biancardi says no one but Wiggins or Randle can really know how Johnson’s commitment could impact their feeling about UK, but he says from his point of view it can only help.

“Every championship team needs a center to enhance the perimeter game,” Binacardi said. “As for Wiggins, it would give him  a presence in the paint  when it comes to rebounding, changing and or blocking shots, as well as being a legit scoring threat to open the floor. For Randle, it would allow him to roam more at the high post and collectively be a front court force with Johnson.”

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  1. Gregory Bush

    I’m really concerned about the Kansas and UNC visits by Andrew Wiggins.

    We’ve been hearing about how it’s between Florida State and Kentucky just up until this past year when Wiggins commented he wish other schools would recruit him.

    Kansas and UNC jumped in feet first recruiting this supposed once in a lifetime recruit.

    I feel like Andrew Wiggins was treating himself like a free agent or a good business man by wanting to get more offers and see who in fact would offer him the best oppurtunity.

    I’m not alleging improper benefits or to cut to the chase paying a player.But UNC has already shown that it can offer fake classes and the NCAA will do nothing about UNC’s admitted fallacies.

    I submit to you that if Andrew Wiggins in fact chooses UNC it should sent out red flags that in fact Wiggins has found the best opportunity to the tune of paying him an exorbitant amount of money.

    Calipari has been recruiting Wiggins ever since he was a freshman in high school.
    Even with that much of a head-start Kentucky could lose him to the highest-bidder and proven but unpunished cheater UNC.


      I normally dont attack other posters and wont this time either but dont you realize that you sound exactly like the UK and Calipari haters out there when they accuse him and UK of paying a recruit. You have put me in the position of having to defend UNC and I dont care much for doing it but I must. I dont believe Roy Williams and UNC would ever do that as much as I would never believe that UK and Clipari would. Dont become a hater that most UK fans complain about when they do the same thing to us.

      1. King Ghidora

        I wouldn’t know about paying players but they have certainly been guilty of playing “students” at UNC that were not students at all. That’s called cheating even if the NCAA doesn’t seem to get that. They punished the football team but totally ignored the basketball team. That alone is enough reason to wonder what else is up at UNC. Obviously they are not above playing outside the rules. It’s also pretty obvious we wouldn’t know about it if they were caught red handed unless it was a mistake. That’s the only way we found out the basketball team was part of the scandal involving the football team. The NCAA certainly didn’t say anything about it. Given how much they cover for the east coast teams and give them special treatment it isn’t outside the realm of possibility that they would be paying players. How exactly did that Duke player, Lance Thomas, get all that money he was spending on jewelry anyway? And Duke and UNC have been joined at the hip as the poster teams for purity and clean living according to the NCAA despite such things as the Corey Maggette situation. I just heard again last week how clean K is. And I wondered how the world got to such a point where obvious scandals, scandals that would result in the death penalty for UK, would just be ignored and the team deified instead of being vilified.

        So while it is true that it sounds like the UK bashers to say players are being paid there it is not without evidence like the UK bashers are. There have been two horrible cases of scandal at Duke where absolutely nothing was done and very little was even said. So why it’s a stretch to think they could be paying players I just don’t know.

        In short I wouldn’t say such things without some evidence but there is evidence at both UNC and Duke that players get special treatment. They cheat friend and so does the NCAA. It’s plain and simple and it’s without doubt.

        1. Gregory Bush a.k.a. @UKCatsRedsColts

          Nice rebuttal,I had some of your arguments but I just didn’t go into detail about Duke.I was mainly focusing on UNC’s fake classes that were offered,because of Wiggins recruitment to UNC.I believe we could miss out on Wiggins.

          Hell, if UNC knows they can cheat and won’t be punished 2=2+4

          Stay thirsty my friends.


        2. Juan4UK

          Thankfully, I believe he NCAA has had so many public screw ups back-to-back-to-back the last several years that they have lost ANY credibility at all. I have gotten to the point to where I don’t even give the time to read the full articles anymore about sanctions, penalties or any of it. Cause it’s all BS. So hopefully soon, the nation will start to pull up the history books on why was Duke over looked for the same exact infraction, pretty much the same exact circumstances, that Cal, Camby and UMass got punished for just what? 3 or 4 yrs prior. Hypocrisy at it’s finest. Combine all this with the refusal to ease restrictions on some type of financial reprieve on the athletes and you have a watershed of BS from the NCAA.

  2. David

    I could live seeing both Randle and Wiggins coming to Kentucky, but I think it is a long shot that it will ever happen. I will be satisfied landing either one of these guys for the Cats.

    Looking forward hearing more success stories on football!!

    1. diehardblue

      I would like to remind UKSINCEBIRTH that both NC & Duke have been caught doing improper things and neither were ever punished. If I recall Roy Williams at Kansas was also caught there and nothing was ever done about it. If those same situations had occurred at KY the Big Blue would have been punished. All those are top programs but have you ever wondered how Kansas, Duke and UNC can keep pro-bound players for three or four years? It certainly it is just because they love basketball at those places!

      1. Gregory Bush a.k.a. @UKCatsRedsColts

        I’m glad to know other BBN members are aware of UNC’s and Dukes improprieties and realize that it is in the realm of possibilities that in fact either Kansas and UNC would compensate,offer sexual favors,create jobs for parentsand do just about anything to land the “MOST” heralded high school player since Lebron James.

        The fact of the matter is that Calipari has been recruiting him since he was in high school.
        You would think this would be enough of a lead for the nations best recruiter because UNC and Kansas just got in the mix this past year.

        I would admittedly be SICKENED if this once in a quarter century talent goes to UNC or Kansas with just a year of recruiting him.

        1. Juan4UK

          and all that once in a century stuff? John Wall, Anthony Davis, Shabazz Mohammed, each and every one were once in a lifetime, generation players. All within a span of 3 yrs, and Wiggins while an outstanding talent will be the 4th once in a … player.
          That being said, I hope like all get out we get him! It will be great fun to have him aboard next yr. and I think Cal get both him and Randle.

          1. Gregory Bush a.k.a. @UKCatsRedsColts

            Juan I didn’t say once in a century,I said once in a quarter century.

            Andrew Wiggins is being heralded as the next Lebron.He would be the #1 pick this last year,this year and years beyond.

            Admittedly he has yet to play a single minute in college or NBA.

            High praise and accolades go hand in hand with top recruits ala John Wall,Anthony Davis and Shabazz Muhammed.

            Andrew Wiggins blows those guys away in projections and can back all of that up with superior athleticism and game to any of these guys you

            I beginning to think you have to much time on your hands Juan and might not be a UK fan at all.

          2. larryvaught

            Hope you will enjoy story tomorrow with Randle’s coach where he explains why he thinks Randle is the nation’s best player

      2. Juan4UK

        diehardblue, you are right about UNC and Duke. It’s over, its done with. But the reason that K gets kids to play (in the past) for 3-4 yr is because he manipulates them from the get go about staying at Duke. And for the team, and all those things. There is a website dedicated to the nastiness of Coach K. But it’s not fair, to just start in on this kid with the rumors when there has been Zero red flags about his recruitment.

  3. Juan4UK

    Look Gregory Bush, I absolutely think you are way off base. And I don’t think you have been following Wiggins recruitment. Other than the headlines.
    Not a word, not one peep, no nothing, has been mentioned that Wiggins has a price. Financially, his parents are reported to be fine, and not desperate for a payday.
    Word would have trickled out over a yr. ago if there were even murmurs, and there have been none. So there is no reason for you to be going there.
    Wiggins, was only being recruited by UK for about a year. FSU was giving a half hearted effort until about a yr and a half ago, because nobody thought he would go anywhere but UK, period. The kid is a top recruit regardless of class and noone was even calling him because of Cal’s track record.
    The bottom line is that, and this was reported even in the headlines, was that he really did in fact want to see what else is out there. Totally logical. The top recruit wanted to explore his options and none of the top schools had the balls to go up against Cal.
    I have to continue the rest later, gotta pick up my daughter….

    1. Gregory Bush a.k.a. @UKCatsRedsColts

      I’ve been following Wiggins recruitment since he was a freshman,So I shouldn’t have to defend myself to another Kentucky fan about that.
      And by the way how else are you going to follow someones recruitment if you don’t read articles(headlines)have a membership to Catspause(headlines)follow several kentucky sports based websites and reporters via twitter(headlines).
      Youre wrong about the fact that Calipari has only been recruiting Wiggins for about a year.
      Calipari was watching this kid play before anybody was.Wiggins burst onto the scene his freshman year.

      Calipari immediately started to recruit him.

      Heres an article from his freshman year.I couldn’t pull up any Calipari ones though.


      It is UNC and Kansas that have came aboard the recruiting of Wiggins just this past year.
      At Wiggins request I might add.

      And do you really think that I somehow need a mention about Wiggins being desperate for a payday to suggest with all all the improprieties that have surfaced about UNC that somehow they’ll say
      “Well this kid doesn’t need any money we shouldn’t offer it since we’re such a fine University that hasn’t been punished for cheating but we’ve clearly been cheating but know is not the time to cheat again”

      Just read DIEHARDBLUE ‘S comment for some more outstanding analysis

      1. Juan4UK

        You misunderstand about how long I’m saying Cal recruited Wiggins. What I mean is that he recruited him for about a year before anyone got involved, I should have been more clear. So that takes care of most of your reply.
        So, is what your saying about the paying is: You do not need a headline or someone else to mention he is being offered, you’ll just draw that conclusion yourself”? Is that right?
        First off, while CatsIllustrated is a huge website, it is also the biggest roller-coaster unfiltered rumor filled website that is UK related. There are so many “insiders” on that website that there can no longer be anyone that can claim to be an insider, because if so many are insiders…. there is no outsiders left.
        And yes, everyone knows UNC, Duke, and KU all have dirty laundry. and?
        Here it is for you— When you say, what you said above it tarnishes the young mans character and his families. Is it not possible for someone to just like another school better? For whatever reason?
        Here is the thing, if Wiggins really doesn’t want a John Wall type overloaded hype filled season does that mean someone else paid him?
        Why would you even go there? Does it hurt to walk after pulling that out?

        1. Juan4UK

          and here is more…. UNC, Duke (although I hate to admit it), Kansas all have some pretty damn good above board reasons to go to each of them. We do not have a corner on the market.
          Here is another thing, if we get one of those two… Cal has to find minutes for all of them. Everyone, plus whoever comes back next year.
          That means that nobody is getting 25 minutes except the starting PG. Especially at the 3 and 4. Those positions are going to be insanely deep. While Wiggins may be a great guy, willing to share the spotlight and all that, don’t you think it is completely plausible that he just might want to play more that 22 min a game?
          Again, UK has been accused of more dirty dealing than ANYBODY! So why on earth would you just start a conversation like that based on nothing other than some half concocted paranoid idea like the one above. That kind of thinking is in fact worse that 4D and Thamel.

          1. Gregory Bush a.k.a. @UKCatsRedsColts

            The 3 spot will not be crowded as you so speak.
            I fully expect Alex Poythress to leave leaving that position void.
            I am convinced in fact you are not a UK fan but an ashamed UNC fan trying to pose as a UK fan trying to troll some remarks that bust UNC’s chops for its inproprieties.

          2. Gregory Bush a.k.a. @UKCatsRedsColts

            Andrew Wiggins is going to get all the minutes he wants anywhere he goes!!!


            IMPOSTER NORTH CAROLINA SCUM giving arguments about How Andrew Wiggins wouldn’t get as many minutes as North Carolina.

            You Sir are an imposter who doesn’t need to post on this website again.

          3. Juan4UK

            Greg Bush, do u have a sceptre or wand that you wave by your keyboard when you banish people from posting? Has that ever worked? What happens to them? Are they forever relegated to Bleach Report to write articles?
            I probably shouldn’t bait you like this, but I think it absolutely hysterical that you are so upset that I don’t give any credibility to your idea. Wave away …

          4. King Ghidora

            UK being accused of dirty dealing doesn’t mean they are guilty of it. We’ve seen how the Duke and UNC situations have been whitewashed. But it is a stretch to throw Wiggins under the bus with the UNC scandals. I see no reason to connect him to that mess and whatever goes on at UNC. The only possible reason would be that he’s even considering playing there but pretty much everyone thinks about playing there. They have the advantage of the press on their side which makes for players getting promotion over and above what they deserve without the witch hunt mentality UK players face (i.e. Cuz). UK players often attract bad press without deserving it at all and recruits probably know that. But currenty UK has more NBA players than any other school too including stars like Rondo, Cuz, Wall and Knight. Prince was a great NBA player too. He pretty much locked up a title for Detroit just with this play alone:

        2. Juan4UK

          Once again, I need to clarify the Cats Illustrated comment, not the website itself— the message boards. And since your read and obtain info from Bleacher Report (the wikipedia -anybody can write anything they want-of websites) then I can only assume you read Catspause message boards.
          The CatsIllustrated website is very nice, very nice indeed.

          1. Gregory Bush a.k.a. @UKCatsRedsColts

            Here’s where this Imposter North Carolina fan tries to backtrack his statements about CatsIllustrated.com.

            He then slanders Bleacher report who has great articles by great writers on several subjects from A to Z sports wise.

            This so called Juan4UK is nothing but a UNC troll posing as a UK fan.

            Go troll UNC websites You riddled with AIDS scum Tarheel ButtJammer.

        3. Gregory Bush a.k.a. @UKCatsRedsColts

          I’m truly convinced you are indeed a North Carolina TROLL posing as a Kentucky fan with just this comment you said to me.

          “Does it hurt to walk after pulling that out?

          Dude get a life and quit trolling Kentucky sites you North Carolina LOSER

          1. Juan4UK

            I backtracked on nothing. I clarified. Why so mad? Cause I’m not jumping on your belief that if Cal doesn’t get a recruit then somebody has to be paying? So what’s his price Mr bleacher report? Mr I get the inside scoop from Rupps Rafters? I guess u got a guy who is gonna get to see the check when it happens?

          2. Karen Sprinkle

            Gregory, Juan has been posting on this site for a long time, and if you read his posts on a variety of subjects, you can tell that he is a died-in-the-blue Kentucky fan. Just because someone disagrees with you does not make them a troll, nor does it give you the right to start calling people names.

          3. Kokamo Joe

            Calm down Master Bush. You don’t hold the title of number one UK fan. People can disagree. Troll is a strong word.

            The truth is we don’t know which of these great kids are coming to Lexington. I suspect that the ones that we covet are waiting to see which of our freshmen come back. Our type of recruits must have playing time and plenty of it. Calipari’s system dictates that kids come, play as few semesters as possible and move on in order to make room for the next great class.

            Of interest to me, if Polson, Harrow, and Wiltjer don’t transfer, how will they adjust to life on the bench?

            As far as cheating. I expect that cheating goes on at a lot of places. Our past illustrates that even UK is not above cheating. The real question is are we above it NOW. I think that we are.

      2. Juan4UK

        Let me ask ya this…. how did you feel when some random jerk reporter started mouthing off about AD’s parents asking for a couple hundred grand?

        1. Gregory Bush a.k.a. @UKCatsRedsColts

          North Carolina loser TROLL you fooled me at first but your several posts do nothing but dispel any reason why Wiggins should go to UK.

          Quit trolling Kentucky sites and go watched Duke pound your little Tarheels into olbivion.

          I’ll leave a remark that totally convinced me you were a UNC TROLL.



          1. Andy

            Your name calling is uncalled for. At this point, no one knows what these kids will do. Juan simply offered his opinion and that makes him a troll? You need to chill out or see a mental therapist. Calm down, its basketball, its not life. The first thing is student athelte is STUDENT, which is what Cal looks for as well.

          2. Andy

            If its anyone who should not post on this website, it is you sir. Its clear you can’t manage your emotions without name calling.

      3. Brandon

        Let’s just say this. If there were some sort of wrong doing from other schools and the kid were willing to take advantage of it, he’s not a player we want on our team anyway. That being said, it is extremely foolish for you to post garbage like this without any justification other than some problems those schools have had in the past. Don’t you understand that these kids read boards like this just looking to see how their name is being mentioned? It’s entirely possible that another school or even Uk has offered things that are against the rules, we’ll never know for sure until it hits the headlines. It’s also entirely possible that a recruit could be driven away from school because of the thoughtlessness of it’s “fans”. Keep stuff like this to yourself unless you have something substantial to back it up.

  4. Juan4UK

    ok, I’m back.
    I noticed that you would be sickened if we lose him. Really? Really? I think that’s a little overboard but to each his own. I thiknk it is flat out wrong for you or anybody to just start with the “well if we don’t get him then somebody else is cheating”. Wait until there are some facts laid out, because when you start talking like you are above then that is rumor mongering, and that’s flat out wrong.
    Yes, UNC just got busted big time. But that doesn’t mean that every recruit they get is going just so they can take an African studies class.
    There is nothing wrong with a kid wanting to explore his options and wanting to see whats ouyt there. After the lesson we have learned as UKsinceBirth stated, we are the biggest victims of that type of thinking.
    Understand this, Cal has enough talent on next yrs team alone to win it all, in fact a surplus as it stands right now. Any additions be it Randle or Wiggins is only padding stats. So for you to be sickened, I don’t want that for you, so step back, and think about just what Cal has coming in next year. That class right now is in the Greatest class ever assembled category. Without Randle or Wiggins. With them? UK is competing with the 96 and 2012 Cats and any of the UCLA teams for best team of all time. It is not unreasonable to think of a 20+ margin each game.
    One more time, it’s not cool to make the kind of statements you did above on this young mans family.

  5. Karen Sprinkle

    I have to side with Juan on this one. As I recall, at the time that Wiggins decided to “open up” his recruitment, I believe his high school coach said that Wiggins was a little put out that no other schools were recruiting him because even though he had made no comment on who he was favoring, “everyone” thought his recruitment was over. By all accounts, the recruiting process is stressful, but the process gives a young man an opportunity to see five different schools and different parts of the country at no expense to him or his family through the official visit process.

    There’s no need to cast aspersions against a young man’s character or the character of his family with absolutely no evidence. There are plenty of coaches who are great recruiters who have recruited a young man for years only to have the player decide to go to another school for his own reasons.

    1. Juan4UK

      This Karen is what ive been trying to say. When people accuse a school, you also accuse a kids family. I’ve becomes much more aware of that the last 5 yrs., and it ain’t right. Especially if you do it with zero evidence.

      1. King Ghidora

        Juan I hope you understand I wasn’t trying to flame you at all. I just happen to think that UNC is not a place of purity like the media tries to portray them. I certainly would never accuse you of not being a UK fan. If I had seen this part of this thread I wouldn’t have even posted. This place is usually a lot more civil as you know and I just wanted you to know that I have no interest in any flame fests.

        1. Juan4UK

          Oh no not at all King. It’s kind of my point knowing that yes UNC is now exposed to have skate classes, Duke gives high paying jobs to parents and somehow their players get $250,000 credit lines and all kinds of stuff. My issue with this guy is that just because a school plays dirty doesn’t mean the parents are open to that type of stuff. If they were, then the very first reporter that got a whiff would certainly make a UK connection out of it. None has been made by the most bias of Journalists. Then all of a sudden, 2 months before this kid signs- that parents and him are all the sudden going to start accepting money?
          Cal has really taught me about the other side of these equations, and that is to look at how this stuff affects these families. So, I’m calling this guy out about it.
          So, your fine King G

  6. Judi Cole

    AMEN, Karen! Could not have said it better myself. There’s no reason to suspect anything amiss in Wiggins’ recruitment. Sure hope he is a Wildcat next year, but he has to do what he feels is right for him.

    1. larryvaught

      I see no reason to mistrust anything going on with Wiggins either. Still think he becomes a Cat

      1. King Ghidora

        I agree with Juan that just suggesting it hurts the family and likely hurts UK’s recruiting too. I said it before. There’s no reason at all to link Wiggins with the UNC dirty tricks department. NONE!

  7. KingKentucky

    Here’s my take. I believe these kids have to make a decision. Do I want to go undefeated on a legendary team and win the national championship or not? Lets see? Im a lottery pick in next years draft reguardless of what school I go to! Kentucky has got that title on lock with whats already being hailed the best recruiting EVER…..SHEEEET…..Ill get more Publicity playing at KENTUCKY than anywhere! All I have to do is start marketing myself to the big blue nation with something unique such as a hair cut or dance and it can lead to pattons and endorsement deals once I go pro….look what it did for John Wall and Anthony Davis….hmmm?
    To me this is a no brainer if Im the next best thing. The system Cal has set up is invincible. These other coaches are taking notes and making changes to adjust to this new era of basketball that Cal is simply exposing (How many #1classes is that now….I seriously lost count). Im not saying there arent other good schools involvehere with good tradition….what saying is…. all these kids gotta

  8. KingKentucky

    ……..do is google Kentucky basketball and it’s easy to see that we’ve got the best traditio,best fanbase, and so many records its not even funny (if your an opposing fan, please google before commenting….its ridiculous how many records we hold). The other thing is since Calipari is obviously revolutionizing the current state of the game (I believe the current trend is reclassifying and leaving High School early) these other coaches simply cant keep upbecause hes always two steps ahead of the current state of the game.
    With that being said…. Ill be SHOCKED if we dont land Wiggins and Randle!! Oh….and as far as returning players from this years team….lol…. 4 current players go pro in what is being called a HISTORICALLY WEAK DRAFT. Dont be shocked to see players transfer out or decide to persue other options outside of basketball (as we have seen in the past at KENTUCKY) to make room

    1. Anonymous

      wiggins and randle that would be great !!!! you want will be greater?? if uk get wiggins and randle and NERLENS NOLE COMES BACK TO UK TO WIN IT ALL!!!! that would make my year!!!

      1. King Ghidora

        Doesn’t Magic Johnson have some eligibility left? :D

  9. coldspringmike

    Larry, you have some inside info that makes you feel he is UK bound ? I too feel he will land in Lexington with Randle headed to Kansas. We seem to be forgetting about Alex Gordon ( think that is first name ) from out west. I would be thrilled to have him as a consolation prize. The kid is a animal and would add needed toughness that is missing this year. Hope we get one of the three. Any word on the lesser known prospects Cal and Orlando have visited in the last couple weeks. Could these be back up plans in case none of the big 3 end up in Lexington.

  10. Juan4UK

    coldspring Mike, it’s Aaron Gordon. And it’s looks like he is anchored to the West Coast and won’t be going too far from home. Originally I thought he and Randle would end up at UK with Wiggins going to FSU. But now, I’m not confident about that at all.

    1. Karen Sprinkle

      Yeah, I thought we might have a good shot at Gordon. When he added Oregon back to his list after he had eliminated them earlier, I thought our chances went down. He has been thought to be a West Coast lean by what most experts say.
      It’s exciting to still have a legitimate chance to add more top 10 players to next year’s class. What an awesome job the UK coaches do in recruiting!

  11. KingKentucky

    Ill put it like this. Randle would be an idiot to go to Kansas and miss out on the title run we will undoubtedly make next year. Does anybody doubt this? Coming to KENTUCKY would be like playing for an all star team every game! It would be more exciting,they would have more fun, and its alot less pressure with more exposure! I think these kids see this way as well. Anybody that has ever played an organized sport knows it’s more fun to play with great players

  12. KingKentucky

    . Dont be surprised if all 3 came to KENTUCKY and made history once again. Everybody has Gordon pegged for the West coast. I have him pegged as a winner. Why not assume he would come to the winningest program in basketball history that has a starting five in the McDonalds All American game with him? My moneys on Cal and KENTUCKY to continue to change the face of the sport and hang banners!

  13. KingKentucky

    These kids aint stupid!

  14. Juan4UK

    and Karen, I want to agree with you on these UK coaches. Top to Bottom they do a phenomenal job with the recruiting. I haven’t worried about recruiting at UK since the Brandon Knight season ended in a Final Four and this group wrapped up this current crop of Freshmen. I just do not worry about the class we bring in. I understand the system, I get it. And, for today’s world it is perfect and Cal was the one who pioneered it. That makes him the go-to guy until he steps aside. In the mean time, we need to remember it’s not just Cal, it’s the genius of the staff as a collective that is simply amazing. So, kudos to Orlando, and Kenny Payne, Robic and Rod Strickland as the core behind this Program.

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