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Patterson has not declared for draft yet or hired agent


Tywanna Patterson thought it was just going to be another ordinary day, or as ordinary as days could be since the University of Kentucky lost to West Virginia almost two weeks ago in the NCAA Tournament.

Instead, while she was at the mall in Huntington, W.Va., Wednesday night, she started getting text messages, voice mails and phone calls from friends congratulating her on her son, Patrick, leaving UK for the NBA.

“I thought, ‘What are you talking about.’ Then I found out UK released a statement saying Patrick and the four freshmen are leaving for the NBA and will declare for the draft,” said Tywanna Patterson Wednesday night. “I said, ‘Really, nobody told me.”

Since her son is 21, she thought maybe he had made that decision on his own even though when she last saw him Sunday the plan remained for him to wait a few more weeks to make his final decision about whether to return to the Wildcats for his senior season or not. Underclassmen have until April 25 to declare for the draft and have until May 8 to withdraw their name from the draft even though Patterson would not have that option since he did that last year. The 2010 NBA Draft will take place on June 24.

She tried to call her son but could not get him to answer his cell phone. Next she called DeWayne Peevy of the UK sports information office. He told her the statement from UK “wasn’t official” but that coach John Calipari had released a statement that the freshmen along with Patrick would be declaring for the NBA draft and leaving UK.

Once her son called her back, he told her he still intended to think about it a “week or two and then make a decision” just as they planned.

“We were confused people by then,” she said. “I have a problem with it going out and not being official. It is his decision. He has not declared for the draft and once he does he can’t back out because he declared for the draft last year. But I am very upset with all this because the statement Patrick gave to DeWayne, he didn’t know it was being released tonight.’

Tywanna Patterson also tried to call coach John Calipari, but he did not return her phone call.

“Me personally, I think it is Cal’s way to get recruits to commit and wants to make sure they know John (Wall), DeMarcus (Cousins), Daniel (Orton) and Eric (Bledsoe) are gone along with Patrick,” Tywanna Patterson said. “Pat didn’t know they were sending that statement out tonight.”

Her son asked her to not comment on what happened because it didn’t impact what he had planned. If he does declare for the draft, he plans to call a press conference to explain his decision just as he did last year when he returned to UK.

However, she still wants to make it clear that he has not signed any papers declaring for the draft — and he has not hired an agent as was being reported Wednesday night.

“I have had agents contacting me through various people and friends. We have not signed anything with anyone,” Tywanna Patterson said.

She hopes Kentucky will release an official statement today clarifying the situation. Patrick Patterson ranked second in the SEC and 12th nationally in field goal percentage (.575) last season and he ranks 13th on Kentucky’s all-time scoring list (1,564) and sixth on Kentucky’s career double-double list with 30.

“I want to thank the fans who have supported me all three years,” Patrick Patterson said in the release from UK. “I also want to thank the coaches for putting me in a position to showcase other parts of my game as well as my versatility. Lexington and UK will always be a special place to me.”

Tywanna Patterson said Peevy apologized to her and told her he thought Patrick Patterson understood a statement was being released.

“But they made it sound like Patrick was leaving for sure. My son has not yet decided. Maybe he will go, maybe he won’t,” she said. “This wasn’t done in a good way.

“We are going to do it right if Patrick does leave. That is how Patrick is. He will have a press conference and tell people what is going on. It will be his day and his decision. That’s the way it should be and not the way this was handled.”

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  1. Mayor Jeff

    Love to see him back; no doubt that gets his jersey in the rafters. I hope the mixup is just that and he takes his time to decide. Already his example of a three year starter graduating in three years is an awesome legacy.

  2. TJ


  3. MAP

    That Patrick is having a tough time deciding to leave UK makes me love him even more. It would be absolutely fantastic if he stays! But no matter what he decides to do, he is one of my all-time favorite Cats.

  4. ali Guest-Kneip

    Stay one more year Patrick we would love it

  5. Tywanna Patterson

    Thanks Larry for posting this! I was told that the UKY release was not official, yet when I am on http://www.lex18 news, they say that it is official? I just wanted to set the record straight and let it be Patrick’s decision.

  6. UK Forever

    Ugh… just one more instance of Calipari making our legendary program look foolish. I was excited when we hired him last year, but now I realize we paid way too much for this clown. It’s only a matter of time before the NCAA comes knocking on our door and slapping us with some sanctions. My fingers are crossed that some NBA team buys him from us so we can hire an honest coach.

  7. Doogie

    Calipari hasn’t announced yet that he’s leaving UK either.

  8. aaron

    there are certainly insurance policies for protection for Da’Sean Butler like injuries.

    you can’t really put a price on getting a Master’s Degree, getting your jersey retired, and possibly being UK’s all time leading scorer.

  9. JR. Bates

    We love Patrick and everone I know would love to see him back. But we have been so blessed by him and his family we really want what he wants, that is what is most important to him and his wonderful family. He will go down in Big Blue history with the all time greats of the program, I think he is even a better person than a basketball player. Thanks and we love you to the entire Patterson family.

  10. james

    WE LOVE YOU PPATT! Come back get that #1 spot on the scoring list, and double double list.. Get that Jersey hung in the rafters! But whatever you do.. You’re always welcome in the BBN

  11. uk

    wow.. Calipari will say ANYTHING to get a few recruits.

  12. Jim Boyers

    How, EXACTLY, does this sort of thing happen?

    Either he signed the paperwork or he didn’t.

    Jumping the gun is NEVER advisable.

    Everyone knows what happens when you ASS-U-ME!!

    I have just 3 words for this:


    3 more words:

    GO BIG BLUE!!!!

  13. steven g.

    The line that concerns me the most in this article is the one speculating that an early annoucement is a tool Cal uses for recruitment. Not that I disagree with Mrs. Patterson but more if anything it reveals how disposoable his players are to him.
    Patterson has put a lot of time in at Kentucky and deserves his own press conference rather then to be used as a bargaining chip for future recruits.

  14. JT

    IMO, Patrick Patterson was grossly under used this past year. You could tell who Cal’s favorites were. I honestly feel like Cal didn’t have 1 play designed around Pat and that is a shame. Everything he got was from offensive rebounds or he got open from the three. Everyone knows Cal’s golden ticket is getting “FRESHMEN” into the NBA, he doesn’t care about the upper classmen.

    Sadly, I feel Pat has nothing to gain by staying, he can always return in the off season to finish his degree. Patrick, thank you for coming to Kentucky you will always be a Cat.

  15. Dave Fox

    This is the Coach you all worship. He isn’t running a program. He’s running his career. Take a step back and look what he is doing to your pride and joy.

  16. RH

    Whatever you decide, you can’t go wrong. If you stay one more year, you’ll be successful. If you leave for the NBA, you’ll be successful. You have truly blessed the KY faithful with your play and I know you’ve made your family proud the way you’ve conducted yourself while under the spotlight at UK. My best advice, follow your heart.

    Go Cats!!!

  17. elaczi

    WE LOVE YOU, PAT!!! Take all the time you need.

  18. Disappointed in Calipari

    I think John Calipari owes the Patterson a HUGE APOLOGY. I think Mrs. Patterson is correct in her assessment of why this was released like it was by UK. It is time Calipari starts to respect the kids, not just himself. He did not even return a call to Mrs Patterson? Humm. Wonder why.
    Obviously this was released by UK as a huge recruiting stunt for Calipari. Cal needs to know that perhaps he needs to recruit kids that love Kentucky basketball and not just assume money is God to everyone.
    Man up Cal and make a public apology!

  19. Mary Jo Perino

    Mrs. Patterson,
    This is Mary Jo from LEX 18, we had on our website that it was official simply because that’s the word we got from UK and didn’t think there was reason to believe any differently. When I saw the first report, I tried calling but for some reason couldn’t get a hold of you. I apologize and hope we can have a statement from you today. Again, I apologize and like almost every single UK fan… would LOVE it if Patrick stayed! But we will respect whatever decision he makes!

  20. John

    Mrs. Patterson,

    I want to personally thank you and your husband for letting us share in your family these past 3 years. I would love to see Patrick back for a 4th year but will wish you all the best in whatever he decides. I just hope that when he does go to the NBA that he lands on a team I like because it will instantly be my favorite team.

    I have had the joy of watching many greats at UK but I have to say that I believe Patrick is my favorite of all time.

  21. vernon Hamby

    I hope UK learns from this. Pat has been nothing but a great example for everyone that follows Kentucky basketball. He loves to win and loves doing it at Kentucky. Mash was always my favorite player, but last year when Pat decided to come back he pushed Mash back to second. Still I hope Pat does what makes him happy. If that be the NBA he has earned it. If that be come back and play at kentucky one more year he has earned the right to decide. If he wants a press conference to announce he has earned that. I have been a PPat fan for three years and will always be a PPat fan no matter what he does. I just hope KY doesn’t make an error like this again. Not fair to him nor his family.

  22. Jonathan

    Why would Patrick give a statement to Dwayne Peevy saying he’s leaving if he hasn’t made up his mind? Also, why would you give a quote saying you’re leaving and then expect it not to be released. I love the Patterson’s but honestly this just sounds like Patrick and his family wanted to hold their own press conference and are ticked off that UK jumped the gun.

    UK as it fault to for not making it 100% clear what they were doing and assuming that Patterson had made a decision.

    I do agree that Cal wanted to get the statement out there for recruiting purposes considering, Knight, Lamb, Selby, and Leslie are all planning on announcing their decisions this week.

  23. UKFMLY

    The “Voice” strikes again.

    Hey Pat if you return you have a shot at true UK immortallity! You could be the all time leading scorer at the all time winningest program in college basketball History! Say that nice and slow in front of the mirror than make your decision. What ever you chose the entire BBN will be behind you.


  24. Grammy Rosebud

    Whatever decision that is made by PPat and his family will be in Patrick’s best interests and will be one that has been thoroughly thought out. I have no doubt of that. We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to them for the three wonderful years since they came into all of our lives. It is not very often that such a suitable ambassador as Patrick Patterson becomes affiliated with an athletic program. He has endured many things that we don’t even know about but he still stood by his commitment. Was it necessarily a commitment to the University of Kentucky? No. Was it necessarily a commitment to the Wildcat basketball team or program? No. Was it necessarily a commitment to all of us in Big Blue Nation? No. Then who was the commitment to? It was a commitment that was within Patrick Patterson — it was commitment to himself and his parents that not only would he graduate from college but that he would also become the best student — the best athlete — the best man that he could be. Patrick Patterson’s decision to stay at the University of Kentucky this past year told me all of those things. I already knew Patrick Patterson, the UK basketball player. Now I know a little more about Patrick Patterson, the man. I like what I have seen. My selfish side wishes he would stay for just one more year because he’s wonderful and I love him. My rational side tells me that he must make this decision without our input. He has to honor his commitment to himself. If he goes, a part of me — a part of all of us — will go with him and we’ll all join together in knowing that the best thing for Patrick has happened. My best to the Patterson family now and always.

  25. Debbie

    The Patterson family is FIRST CLASS!!! Patrick is a player with great character and he continues to demonstrate it through his actions!

  26. John

    Patterson and family are first class…. UNLIKE his coach, John Calipari, unfortunately.

  27. Jack

    I’m not here to try to talk Patrick into returning. I would love it if he did. He would be the star next year he deserved to be this year and could become UK’s all time leading scorer. But he could also be a lottery pick and start saving his money for the possible lock out next year. He should probably go pro, but this is his decision to make on his time table.

    Whatever is going on with that public announcement is just wrong. Patrick shouldn’t be pushed out the door. He should get his own press release anyway – not be lumped in with our gaggle of one n dones.

    When Patrick makes up his mind, I’ll support him and follow his career where ever it leads.

  28. AZ

    Today is the first day coaches can travel to visit recruits before signing day on Wednesday, April 14. I am guessing UK wanted to get the statement out to confirm to recruits that they would get playing time. KU, Ohio State and other schools have already done so and could have had an edge on UK this week if it were not for the statement.

    I think it was a very difficult situation for Coach Cal, which is why he waited until the last minute. You want to respect the players that made UK so proud and give them space, but you also have to worry about the future especially when you consider that these guys are almost definitely leaving. Very tough call.

    Having said that, there is no recuit in the country that can replace Patrick in any way. I hope he comes back but I am sure he’ll be successful either way.

  29. taylor

    I agree with, Jack. That announcement is terrible. And I don’t blame Peevy, I blame Cal. There is no question that came from him, look at his twitter. Especially given that if Patrick announces he’s gone he can’t come back, whether he hires an agent or not. Patterson deserves better than this. I think he should go, he’s done more than enough for us and it’s in his best interest to go get paid. However, it would be awesome if he decided he wanted to play one more year and be the man again next year.

  30. wscomb0

    Ms. patterson, you should be proud of raising such a wonderful young man. No matter what his decision, he is going to be a succesful individual in whatever endeavors he moves toward. We in the big blue faithful were blessed to get to watch him the past three years and will always call him one of our own. the other four young men were better because of him and vice versa, but he’s my favorite and i think thats not just my opinion either.

    wendell combs

  31. Darrel

    Why not just keep it quiet like Patrick ask you to do. Pat is a super guy and understands how things work on the college level with sports and recruiting.
    Cal loved Pat and would love for him to be back next year but at the same time he knows where they are at and what’s best for them, and yes he has a job to do at UK and part of it is recruiting………

  32. gmoyers

    Everything will eventually work out for Pat. He’s too classy for it not to work out. Still expect him to go and still expect him to have a farewell press conference. Hope the other guys will as well at some point
    And no doubt Mary Jo and WLEX were just going by the release like I was until I talked to Tywanna

  33. skm

    Wow, sounds like Cal would do just about anything to win. What a dbag.

  34. FredO

    It’s easy to see why Mrs.P is upset with Cal.He’s more interested in the new class coming in …….and figures this class(including PP) is GONE.

  35. CatMan2000

    This coach (?) cannot even pick up the phone and return a call to players mother??? What’s that tell you about him? Releasing information to the media that the kid has not even sighned off on? The only motive as his mother stated would be to “reload” with one and done players. We will regret the day this guy became our coach just like UMASS and Memphis did.

  36. trublue

    Wow! all the people putting down Cal.Must be UT,UL fans.How does it feel to be a fan of a second rate program.Wow

  37. RD

    Patterson you should have gone to Florida!
    Your career would have been greater -you would have reached the Final 4 in your freshman year. That Gator team was stacked with Calathes, Speights, Parsons, etc. You were the missing piece!
    Florida would never jerk you around and try to push you out the door before you were ready like Kentucky’s Calapari!

    It’s ironic that you didn’t come to Florida because you thought Billy Donovan would not be there if you came. Didn’t you go through three coaches at UK: Tubby Smith, Billy Gillepsie, & Calapari (rent a team annually coach).
    Your current coach did not even let you & your teammates celebrate winning the SEC championship!
    Good luck in the NBA!

  38. Erin

    It’s pretty obvious that Pat has already decided to go pro and given quotes to Peevey to be released. I can’t understand why this is even an issue. This week is critical for recruiting if we want to field a team next year and it needed to be public.

    Sorry Patterson’s, but causing this big of a ruckus over a press conference seems selfish and not putting the program first. The right thing to do is let Pat and UK handle it instead of airing it in the media.

  39. kynut

    I have said all along that if any of the five returned it would be Patrick. Why? Because he obviously is a Wildcat to the marrow of his bones and, while money is important, it is not the main factor in his decision like it is with the other four. I respect Pat all the more because this decision is so difficult for him. Do what’s in your heart Patrick. All true Wildcat fans support you 100%.

  40. Red Mile Smile

    This fanbase is absolutely ridiculous…. You can not make them happy no matter who is the coach. They whined about Tubby not bringing in enough talent, they whined about Gillispie not bending over backwards at their every concern, and they whine about Cal trying to do his best to restock the cupboards and run a successful program.

    Patrick Patterson is my all-time favorite wildcat and will be regardless of what he decides. I full agree that he deserves his own press conference and day no matter his decision. But people give the Cal bashing a break. You all act like 5-year olds that can never satisfied with anything. Either support our coach and program, or find another one to root for. You people have no clue who is at fault here but have no problem laying down the blame. If I am PPat and I am giving out farewell quotes that is being put together by Peavy, I am MAKING ABSOLUTE CERTAIN what/when he needs them for and IF I haven’t made up my decision yet, then I AM NOT going to give him a quote basically telling everyone goodbye. On the other hand, everyone is probably right about Cal being the one trying to speed this up.

    You guys may remember last year when Jodie held out for the longest time and it cost us a guy by the name of Xavier Henry.

    Pat we love you, and I will support you and your family for the rest of my life!! You are forever welcome in Lexington, and I hope to see you in the blue and white for one more year!

  41. Andy P.

    Very disappointed in some of the comments here directed at Calipari. This was a bureacratic oversight, nothing more.

  42. Jeff Hamlin

    You people need to get off Calipari’s back and quit making such foolish comments. Everyone makes a mistake. If we win a title next year, you will be the first to congratulate him.

  43. RckChlk88

    Some of you need to lay of the Big Blue Kool-Aid a little…do you see what Cal is doing to your program? As one commenter stated previously, this isn’t about making Kentucky a better program, rather it is about furthering his (Cal’s) own career. It’s disgusting how he uses his players to further his own value. I have so much respect for the UK program, and I just hope that it (UK bball) isn’t seriously damaged while Cal continues on with his skeezy, car-salesman approach. Does two vacated Final Four runs not mean anything to you all??? Let your own players break the news for gosh sakes, and let them do it on their own accord!

  44. Really?

    I understand the Patterson’s frustration at how these statements were released but I refuse to believe that some of you posters are even UK fans. If so, the way you turn on people (Calipari) is sickening. Too many people around here want to act like this is one big Soap Opera. IT IS NOT. A mistake was made. Get off your high horse. Like I said, I believe some TCP trolls from other schools found this link and are now posting here. I truly hope so.

  45. Tony

    Coach Cal is a dbag, a clown, classless, selfish, disonest, overpaid…etc. This is one of the few sites I often visit bc I can get some reliable and interesting info on UK bb. Also, one of the few sites I can read some reasonable mature comments. But comments like these force me to now wonder if UK fans are out of touch with reality. You are calling your coach names you are questioning your program’s integrity (you notice usually when I comment I use “we” when referring to the wildcats, but now I use “your” instead of “our”), you are masking your “drama queen syndrome” with a pretended loyalty and the “we know best” attitude, you are evaluating situations pretending you know the details and the insights, you are always ready to crusify and harshly criticize your coach and the program, you have short memories and you are validating your life through the success of others. You are miserable UK fans.
    Did the comments from the players last night appear to be taken from a social gathering in the mist of playing a video game or did they appear official interviews? Unless you believe the comments of the players were fabricated and fictional. You can argue the logistics and technicalities of the issue (agents, filling papers, official etc) but at the end of the day last night’s players comments suggested only one thing, all five of them were declaring (unless you believe they were lies). You are eager to criticize and condemn any coach’s recruiting abilities every chance you get, but when coach Cal uses the correct timing for recruiting purposes using the draft declaration (which is unavoidable and inescapable) as leverage, you are so eager to be his enemy. Don’t forget the season’s success was attainable only bc of coach’s recruiting. Don’t question his motives and don’t bastardize the program’s integrity, you’re cutting your own throat. I have been a cat fan for 30 years and an alumni and I will always be, I will watch all the games and I will support the team and the program but some fans are nothing more than a cancer to this program. You are pretenders and give UK fans a bad name, am I over reacting, I don’t think so, I’ve been hearing and reading comments like that forever and am sick and tire of it……So, you want something official to contemplate until the next jury session or until your next opportunity to criticize your coach, your program, or players, that is nothing I want to participate in. “THIS ONE IS DEFINITELY OFFICIAL”

  46. dat dude

    Calipayme is a joke… Who does this to one of the greatest players in UK history

  47. Tom West

    I will miss all of the players who leave, but Patrick most of all, if that is what he decides to do. The freshmen have been entertaining and yes we love them.

    But with Patrick it is different. He has been more than “entertaining.” He has embodied everything it means to wear the word Kentucky across your chest. He IS the epitome of what being a Wildcat once meant and hopefully will mean again.

    I get choked up about several UK players and what they have meant to me as a fan… Kyle Macy, Jamal Mashburn, Chuck Hayes, and Patrick Patterson.

    Thank you Ms. Patterson for sharing him with us!

  48. Al J

    Give Cal a break, he is trying to recruit. If we have a weak team next year you critics who are poor mouthing now will be the first ones to criticize Cal. Grow up and let him coach. Everythign isn’t life and death and isn’t worth your ranting!!! You are simply giving the Memphis malcontents fodder for their crying.

  49. Judi Cole

    Agree that some on here have jumped the gun when criticizing Cal’s intentions. Nothing has transpired to warrant that kind of talk. Yes, we all love PPat AND most of us love Cal too – can’t we do both!

  50. Lori_MD

    I somehow don’t think the wonderful Patterson Family will miss all of the off the court drama.

  51. LYNN


  52. Tywanna Patterson

    Good afternoon and thank you Larry and fans for understanding. As you know, Patrick feels a strong connection to the fans and loves the fan base and UKY as well. It is his plan to issue his final and official decision on his own terms and in his own way as he did when he chose to return to UKY. Whatever his decision, he wants to be given that chance to address the fan base as well. Perhaps the freshmen may want to do that as well, I am not sure. I understand that Cal has recruiting to do and that’s a big part of his job, so be it. Cal has a job to do and so do I as a parent. I am moving on from this and going to concentrate on preparing for Graduation and keeping Patrick focused on completing his classes and final exams. Thanks Big Blue Nation for supporting Patrick and this special team. I have definitely learned a lot as a parent of a student athlete!!

  53. LYNN


  54. Laura

    I would love nothing more than for Patrick to come back for a final year!! He’s an outstanding man and athlete; quite the quintissential Wildcat. It’s been a blessing to have him be a part of this team! We hope you son loves us as much as we love him!! With his intelligence, why not continue to a master’s degree? :) But, regardless, we hope he does what is best for him and the family.

    We hope to see you back in 2011 Patrick!! Go Wildcats! :)

  55. Jim Barr

    Tywanna, you need to write a book.

  56. Judi Cole

    Great idea for you, Tywanna – you have such a fine spirit and great experiences for writing your memoirs. We’ll miss your online comments if Patrick leaves the university, but we know that you’ll always be a Big Blue fan!

  57. Harold

    Hey Al J,
    True Kentucky fans have the right to pour mouth Calipari when he dishes one of the best UK players in Kentucky history. Many fans are starting to wonder if Calipari is just about Calipari.
    Saying 5 kids are going pro is a great recruiting tool for Cal. Too bad thats all he is concerned about. Patterson deserves better. One thing for sure, Tubby Smith would have never treated a kid like that. Tubby had too much class. I wish Cal did too.

  58. Tywanna Patterson

    Thanks Jim adn Judi….also that book sounds like a good idea. I have so much to share with other parents and student athletes!

  59. Jeff Hamlin

    Gotta love RckChlk88 making comments in here. How did it feel to lose to Northern Iowa, LOL!

  60. gmoyers

    Thanks to Tywanna for her accurate, quick responses here. Just got back from Pigeon Forge where I spent time with my grandkids, but Tywanna was gracious enough to talk to me late last night when this all broke and even provide more info today while I was driving and unavailable. Pat will have a lot to say when he makes his decision and I can’t wait to be there to hear him and his parents. And if she writes a book, it will be a dandy because she is also a talented writer

  61. rob thomas

    Once again as with a lot of things with uk basketball all of this is being blown way out of proportion. I am sure it was a misunderstanding between a young man that cares alot about uk and uk that cares alot about him also.Lets give it a rest we all love pp and we are all human none of us are perfect so come on go big blue.

  62. jake

    Does anybody think it’s classless of cal not to answer her call? I mean he could only be so fortunate to get pat back, and I and probably the rest of BBN know it’s not going to happen but you just don’t treat people, or on a better note you don’t treat the PATTERSONS that way….venting done!

  63. gmoyers

    Cal must surely have a good reason for not calling. Hopefully he will call soon and all this will end well for everyone

  64. Lora

    Just want to say we all love Patrick and wish him the best in whatever he decides is right for him !!! Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to the bball program at KY Patrick. All the fans love you ! Your one of the most outstanding young athlete’s(on and off the court) to come to KY and we sure hope for more like you! You know us fans would love to have you back but whatever you decide is best for you is what we want for you. Good luck in whatever you decide! Thanks for your story Mrs. Patterson and congrats on raising such an awesome son!

  65. EllenH

    I hope Pat considers becoming the time scorer! If he doesn’t he is the best!!!

  66. gmoyers

    Agree Lora and Ellen H. NO matter what he does, he’s one of the all-time favorite Cats

  67. MAP

    After reading through all of the comments, it’s pretty obvious to me that we have a TON of rival trolls posting. Positively sure of a Florida fan and a Kansas fan, (and I’m guessing a fair amount of Louisville fans as well). How did they get here?? It tells me they found this link on a message board. Very few UK fans would print such negative garbage about Coach Cal and UK.

    Tywanna, I hope you consider this.

    P.S. Tell Patrick we’re all pulling for him no matter what he decides!

  68. gmoyers

    Some stories just generate a lot of comments, and this was one. No way for sure to tell what team a particular poster might be for, but educated guesses certainly are possible as you noted MAP

  69. Tom West

    Tywanna, I am not a parent, nor was I a student athlete in college, but I would stand in line to buy your book. I encourage you to write one. It would certainly provide a perspective fans don’t usually get.

    Let me add I am a Patrick fan and support him and your family no matter what he decides.

  70. Tywanna Patterson

    Hi and thanks, that is sweet of you to say! I am definitely thinking of writing one, will keep you posted! Have a great weekend!

  71. gmoyers

    That book would be a best seller in Kentucky for sure

  72. Angela Carter

    T… I get to take the picture for your book! :)

  73. Karen Sprinkle

    I think it would be a best seller in places other than Kentucky, too. I’ve been very impressed with Mrs. Patterson’s posts on this website and her overall comments. It would be great to read something from the perspective of a parent of someone who is as classy and talented as Patrick.

  74. john cody

    Eventually Cal will say he knew nothing about this, just like he know nothing about what happened at Massachusetts and at Memphis. Why did UK hire this man? what a desparate attempt to buy a national championship — All he is good for is “one and done” players because that’s his selling point. Hate to say it, but the way to win it all is through team buiding, just like, ouch, Duke did this year. Bobby Knight says Cal is the posterboy for everything that is wrong with college basketball. Hope you enjoy what you got — and, by the way, I don’t think Duke’s title will be vacated by the NCAA via the Calapari method.

  75. John Wall

    hey guys i still dont know my decision on coming back or not but i jus wanna say that you all have been great in supporting me. the fans at uk are the greatest. and i say 75% of me says i wanna come back next year, but it depends on my draft stock.

    thanks uk youre the best.


  76. Leslie Carter

    I think we all wish that Patrick, John Wall, Bledsoe AND Orton would come back and play another year. This year has been so much fun for everyone! And all of the UK fans LOVE these guys so much!!! But I think we realize that the four freshman are leaving, but feel that there is still hope for Patrick to stay. Not only do I love watching him play for UK because he’s so good, but also because he plays so hard and with such passion! Stay, Patrick, stay at Kentucky!!!

  77. Leslie Carter

    John Wall — if that is really you who posted today, I think it’s amazing that you are considering coming back to UK! That says so much about you, knowing how much you are worth in the NBA to even let it cross your mind to stay at Kentucky!! I know it would be taking a chance, but you would throw so many people for a loop and shock the world if you stay at UK another year!! Make those NBA coaches drool for one more year!!

  78. gmoyers

    I think we might have an imposter who slipped in, but at least it is still fun to think about that Leslie.

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