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Patrick Towles offers insights on help, support his parents gave him


Question: How much help have your parents been from a support standpoint the last two years?
Quarterback Patrick Towles: “Huge help. The parents are the people who are going to be reassuring no matter what is going on. If you are really high, they are going to bring you down a level and if you are really low, they are going to bring you back up. I had some highs and lows. My dad, mom and whole family, including my sister, were great about staying on me and just making sure I was alright.”

Question: What was the best advice your parents gave you?
Towles: “Just keep a level head. Playing in the SEC, there is going to be a lot of great and lot not so great. They have really been helpful.”

Question: What did they do to bring you up when you were low?
Towles: “Nothing really … just talking to me. I talk to my parents every day. My mom and dad. Sometimes I don’t want to talk to them every day, but it nice them being around and just being reassuring.”



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  1. RJ

    Not to mention shelling out big bucks for an expensive QB school….Who knows, maybe it will help us win.

    1. Larry Pup

      I agree RJ, and as far as I know the QB race is wide open. I hope these coaches call it early. I don’t want to go through another season not knowing from week to week who the signal caller is for the Wildcats. That hurt instead of helped IMO. Sink or swim with your starter and have the backup as ready as possible.

  2. Andy

    I really do hope one of these guys separates themselves from the others to give us a clear starter. Also, last week on KSR they brought in Jared and Tim Couch and while they heaped praise on Towles and Barker, there was no mention of Reese. Its as though he is not on the team. What gives ?

    1. Larry Pup

      I agree Andy. It is indeed strange. I hope these coaches give Reese a fair shake. The media types sure do not. If you base the call on spring practice, and finally the spring game, I don’t think Towles out shined Reese at all, nor did Barker. I’m not saying Reese should be the starter, but he sure deserves a little more coverage than he’s getting to be a potential UK starting QB.

      1. Andy

        I am glad I am not the only one who feels this way. If i had the chance to call in to the radio show last week, I would have asked Jared and Tim why they never mentioned Reese. So what if he is not from KY, the kid has heart and no one has won the job yet, so I don’t understand why he is being written off by the media analysts just yet.

  3. Ira

    Reese Phillips is not a Ky boy by the local writers. He isn’t going to be given a fair shake apparently. He is now by being on the team regardless and he should be given the same regard no matter the state he was recruited from. He is a Wildcat now.

    As far as I saw in the spring game no separation between Phillips and Towles. Towles did have a very nice 2 minute drive in the first half, but does that overcome all the work that Phiilips did during spring?

    1. Larry Pup,

      Something sure ain’t right Ira. That’s for sure. With all the coverage Towles gets without a single win under his belt is absolutely amazing. Now before you guys jump all over me, Towles has the potential for greatness no doubt, but so do the other two. Towles needs to earn the coverage he’s getting on the field of play. Until these coaches decide who is under center for UK come August, all three young men deserve coverage if they are available. Availability may be the problem right now too for Reese. By the way, I’m not blaming these coaches for the coverage Towles is getting, they are not at fault. Been saying it for months now, Reese Phillips is a forgotten athlete on this UK football team by the media, and has been from day 1.

  4. Ira


    At 1st I hadn’t paid attention to it, but then I to noticed how he gets slighted in all the media reporting. But I listened to the coaching staff over the spring, and many a time it was Whitlow and Towles who were impressing. Well Whitlow has transferred, then you hear by Coach Stoops if I remember correctly whomever starts the spring game has a leg up on everyone else, well it’s Towles. So then after the game, Brown comes out and says… Yes Towles was more consistent in the game when the lights were on, but Phillips was actually more consistent all during spring.

    Conspiracy theory… Phillips won the job it’s all been subterfuge since early spring lol. Not really, but like you till someone has won the job, then they should have equal articles written about them. Not gonna happen but it should, decent thing, and the right way to do things as well

  5. RJ

    I’ve seen things like this play out before and it always ends the same way – poorly. It’s how coaches get fired. They pick the wrong guy for the wrong reasons and he lays an egg; or, they pick the right guy and create dissension and the team performs poorly. I hope Stoops is smarter than that.

    Whomever they go with, it has to be a long term decision to let the guy grow into the position. I also believe that Philips has gotten the short end of the press stick from day one. One thing is for sure, when they put the pads on and start playing teams for real, the team will know who the winner of the QB position should be and who they will play their guts out for. It’s all about team chemistry.

    Let’s hope the coaches are smart enough to see it.

  6. Larry Pup

    I also heard that Reese’s arm strength might not be as strong as Towles and Barker’s. With that said, it still does not justify the silence Reese is receiving from the media. We don’t even know this kid. I have a hunch they are going to go with Towles when it all shakes out. If he is the best at the position, so be it. My gripe is that they all deserve some coverage until Coach makes the decision.

    1. RJ

      Yeah.. You will here a lot of things when one guy is preferred over the other. His arm strength was good enough to recruit early and hard. Even if he does not have as strong an arm as Towles, completions and good decisions are what matters and, according to Brown, Philips has been the most consistent in the spring. Therefore, I don’t get the silence from the coaches.

  7. David

    Hi guys, made it safely to my site in Afghanistan and now tracking what is being discussed here on my favorite site Vaughts Views when not working. I have to agree 100 % with all of you about media coverage being slighted towards Patrick and Drew. I have said this a many a time here when I posted. Reese in my eyes is a Kentucky boy as soon as he signed on the dotted line to play for the Wildcats. He deserves a fair shake from the coaches and I believe he will get that and he deserves equal treatment from the press. I for one just want the coaches to play the guy that gives us the best opportunity to win games in and out of the SEC.

    Great being able to read everyone’s post

  8. Love SEC F-Ball

    Glad to hear from you. Stay safe & hope to hear from you often.

    Good statement “He is a Kentucky Boy as soon as he signed on the dotted line”!.

    I also agree that he will get a fair shake from our Coaches.

    Larry Vaught had some great articles on Reese when he first arrived. As for other media,
    Who knows what they will write.

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