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Patrick Towles named starting UK quarterback

Quarterback Patrick Towles rolls out during last week's Blue-White Game. (Clay Jackson photo/all rights reserved)

Quarterback Patrick Towles rolls out during the spring Blue-White Game. (Clay Jackson photo/all rights reserved)

Sophomore Patrick Towles has been named the starting quarterback for the University of Kentucky football team, according to a tweet from coach Mark Stoops.

The tweet from @UKCoachStoops read “After thorough evaluation and a hard fought competition, we are naming Patrick Towles as our starting quarterback.”

Stoops followed that up on Twitter by saying, “This competition has brought out the best in our quarterbacks and I’m confident in Patrick moving our team forward.”

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  1. Ira

    Congrats young man! You worked extremely hard this off season to turn yourself around, took the bull by the horns and made it your missions to be the starter. Be a leader for the team, for yourself and lead Kentucky yo victory. GBB!

  2. Ira

    And spell checker gets me again lol! That should have been to at the end

  3. Andy

    This is great news. I am glad the coaching staff decided on a QB. Now Patrick can get most of the first team reps and get this thing going. Makes sense to red shirt Barker with Philips being a rock solid back up.

  4. Larry Pup

    This is news all of BBN has been patiently waiting on. I trust these coaches, and I wish Patrick great success on the grid iron this season. He has a great arm, and he will be a great UK QB. To the others, Max, Reese, and Drew, stay focused, and never give up or quit. You are a play away from seeing action at any given time. It was a good competitive process, and I truly feel these coaches gave them all a fair shot, and every opportunity to be the chosen one. Maybe it was drawn out a little to long for the likes of some of us, but then we don’t coach this football team. Thanks Coach Stoops for settling this issue so this team can begin preparations for UT-M. On On UK.

  5. David

    Congrats Patrick. I trust the coaches made the right decision, now it is time for you to make the right decisions on the field and win us enough games to get to a bowl game. Go Cats!

  6. RJ

    Congrats to Patrick. He has worked hard for it. However, let’s be real here. I wouldn’t give the coaches too much credit. It was the safe decision. I hope it works out for the team and for Patrick.

  7. Edward

    Congratulations to Patrick Towles starting quarterback for the Kentucky Wildcats for the 2014. What an honor for you to lead this new team into SEC play. Whatever it takes Patrick, get’er done this year. “til the battle is won”

  8. CatsCatsCats

    Isn’t picking the best QB always the safe decision?

    1. larryvaught

      I don’t think Neal or Stoops believe in safe decisions but rather as CatsCatsCats and Edward noted, they make the best decision

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