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Patrick Towles admits Mark Stoops got him with initial QB news


Patrick Towles said Tuesday that he didn’t know when to expect an announcement on who Kentucky’s starting quarterback would be.

“The only thing I can worry about is how I’m playing. I felt like I gave everything I had. I gave 110 percent of what I got. I found peace in that, and whatever the outcome was is what it was going to be,” said Towles.

He certainly didn’t expect the normally serious UK head coach Mark Stoops to mislead him — even if only briefly — on who the starter was on Monday.

“Last year, I guess around this time, the race was between me, Jalen (Whitlow) and Maxwell (Smith). He brought me in there and was like, ‘Hey, you’re doing a good job but there’s still some stuff you need to work on before you can really make a run at this thing,'” Towles said. “II said, ‘All right, got it.’ So this entire time I went out and fixed everything that he had said.

“So I get in there Monday morning — actually we all get up there, they separate all of us. I’m in coach Stoops’ office with coach (Neal) Brown. He sits me down, he’s like, ‘Hey, last year at this time I brought you over here and I told you you needed to get better.’ He said, ‘Unfortunately I’m going to have to ask you to do the same thing.’ Like all the color drops out of my face.

“It was bad. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh.’ Then he said ‘just kidding,’ and it was like an immediate relief. I’m glad I was sitting down. But it was good.”

Has Towles had something that mean — or funny — done to him before?

“I don’t know. I’m glad that he said ‘just kidding.’ We’ll say that,” Towles said.

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  1. Larry Pup

    Good for Stoops. A little levity. I would like to know what the reaction was from the other QB’s, particularly Reese Phillips. I hope they continue to work hard, anything can happen with the schedule UK has before them.

  2. RJ

    Well they are crazy beyond words if they don’t redshirt Barker. Smitty isn’t going anywhere and he should not. That leaves Reese Philips. He looks to be the odd man out in this entire affair. If Barker gets a RS then you’ll have PT coming in as a Junior next year giving Barker two years to win the starter’s spot and play at least two years. Reese will be a sophomore in no better position next year than he is in now. In fact, one could argue that Reese Philips will be in a worse position next year than now. If Barker does not RS, then Reese is certainly the odd man out. I cannot fathom Barker not getting the RS to be the third or forth string QB.

    This was the year to move for all of these young men. PT won the day and now everyone has to do what is in their best interest to do. Given that KY is such a parochial state, a head to head with Barker next year will probably look a lot like this year with, all things being equal, the local boy favorite gets the nod. I grew up there and I’ve seen it happen too many times.

    Therefore, if Reese came to KY to get a darn good college degree, he should hang in there, compete and contribute any way he can. But if he came to play football on a regular basis, it probably will not be at KY as of Monday.

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