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Orlando Antigua: Kentucky already “on Step 5 instead of Step 1 or 2″

Here’s what former UK assistant coach Orlando Antigua had to say in Nassau today after his Dominican Republic national team lost to Kentucky.

On coaching against his old UK team:
“It was bittersweet. It was good watching, this early on, how well they’re playing and how good they look. For me, it was a good learning experience for our guys. We’ll be able to watch the film and see what we can take away from it, how we can improve. Some of our guys were playing their third game in a row; legs are a little bit, this early on for us, a little shaky. We’ve got to keep improving. The day off tomorrow is going to help us.”

On how UK looks:
“They’ve kept it going from how we ended the year. Obviously the chemistry, the knowing one another, knowing the expectation from the coaches, all those things early on in a season that I’m going to have to be teaching our guys at South Florida, they already have. They’re on Step 5 instead of Step 1 or 2, which is what we had to (start with) the past few years.”

On if he’s jealous of that experience Cal has now:
“I cannot be jealous. I’m happy the group of guys decided to come back and I’ll be cheering my tail off for them.”

On what about the vets impresses him:
“One, they’re having a lot of fun and you can tell. They’re in great shape. And they just look like they are all off the court: a family. They look like a family. They move the ball. It’s impressive. It’s impressive.”

On hanging with UK for a while:
“We wanted to keep competing. The first five minutes of the second half, which they’ve done in every one of their other games, they get that separation. … Then you’re swimming upstream after that.”

On Eloy Vargas:
“Eloy played OK. I think in the first few minutes, he had some anxiety and wanting to show the Kentucky fans what he can do and missed a couple easy shots, but shots that he’ll make. He’s had a great year this past year and he’s been playing really well. We’re looking for Eloy to have a pretty good World Cup tournament for us.”

On what he said to Calipari after:
“Nothing. Gave him a hug and told him, ‘Love you and see you Sunday.’ ”

On Alex Poythress:
“I think everyone knows how good Alex can be, how strong he is, and Alex at times has seen and knows that he can be good. He just has to understand that he is that good. He’s really good.”

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  1. Juan4UK

    I did notice Eloy. I thought he did very well. He runs different now and looked good. And I saw a few very impressive plays he made throughout. Props to Eloy!

  2. Peggy

    Jelly doesn’t need to impress us! We’re so proud of him and he’s family!

  3. Peggy

    Eloy doesn’t need to impress us! We’re so proud of him and he’s family!

  4. Peggy

    Really don’t like auto correct!

    1. Anonymous

      THAT was funny!!!

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