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One coach says Duke, not Kentucky or Louisville, should be No. 1 going into season


North Carolina State coach Mark Gottfried is either trying to put a little extra pressure on Duke — something UK fans can’t mind — or he’s not as sold on the Kentucky and Louisville basketball teams as fans in the Bluegrass are.

Gotffried recently told David Morrison of the News & Record in Greensboro that he believes Duke and coach Mike Krzyzewski should go into next season ranked No. 1. Not UK with six McDonald’s All-Americans joining the roster or Louisville, the defending national champion that returns Russ Smith, Luke Hancock, Chane Behanan and Montrezl Harrell to go with a talented recruiting class.

“I can’t imagine anybody else being picked No. 1 in the country than Duke. There’s a lot of attention around (freshman) Jabari Parker, but wait until you see (Mississippi State transfer) Rodney Hood. He’s that good. They’re loaded,” Gottfried said.

Many feel Parker is as good as Andrew Wiggins (Kansas) or Julius Randle (Kentucky). And Hood was brilliant at Mississippi State before transferring when coach Rick Stansbury retired. However, he’s also recovering from an  Achilles’ tendon injury. But Duke also lost Seth Curry, Ryan Kelly and Mason Plumlee off last year’s team.

Duke will be good, but No. 1 in the preseason? I don’t think so.

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  1. Toicat

    NC State coach Mark Gottfried makes some valid points. No question about it, next year there will be an abundance of basketball talent spread all over. Kentucky landed some gems, but Duke, North Carolina, Kansas, Indiana, Louisville, and (fill in the blank) all have some terrific players coming on. Last season is behind us, but the lessons on team chemistry and the vital role of point guard leadership is still resonating in my head.

    If UK starts the season picked outside of the top 10, I am fine with that as long as they earn a trip to Texas in March!

    Go Cat’s Go !

  2. Anonymous

    I see Duke as a very good donut team…on a given night they will be extremely dangerous because, give the devil his due, they have a bunch of great shooters who play very good defense. Feel they’re are too thin and light in the middle to contend with the real heavyweights though.

  3. Theresa

    I have no problem with the rest of the country underestimating us–let them do so at their own peril. These kids are talented and they are developing team chemistry this summer. All that remains is for the leaders to be revealed, and, make no mistake, this team has a few potential leaders. So go ahead and drink the Duke-ade, Coach Gottfried–BBN is hoping that you eat those words…

  4. Larry Pup

    Just one man’s opinion.

  5. King Ghidora

    I think Gottfried is promoting his own team more than anything. Duke is the best and my team beat them last year when they were ranked #1. It’s classic really. It’s done all the time and it’s always cheesy. It’s strange that he ignored the thumping Duke put on NC St. in the rematch though. Still he’s trying to build up his own team by talking up a team they beat last year. It’s not working. No one believes NC St. is actually good.

  6. Gene T.

    I agree, Gottfried is building up Puke to make NC State look better since they are both in the ACC. I just don’t see Louisville being in the top top 5. They do not have a big man really.Harrell or what ever his name is can’t play more than 5 ft from the basket. The other forward Chane B. is not consitant. Smith will get his until you put a bigger stronger guard on him. I think they are just overated.

  7. grant

    He is a coach, that being the obvious, having another motive is not out of the ordinary. But I would love to see a UK and krydukskie play in the championship game.

  8. Katbluefan

    L’ville won it all last year so they are the defending Nat. Chanps. Should be a good team because of experience, but they will not have the “feel sorry” for them this year because of Ware like they did during the tournament last year. Ket the season begin.

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