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Ole Miss coach admits UK’s length impacted game on both ends


Mississippi coach Andy Kennedy said UK’s length not only led to a 44-24 advantage in points in the paint for UK, but also contributed to his two best players — Marshall Henderson and Jarvis Summers — going a combined 10-for-31 from the field in UK’s 80-64 win.

“Their length was problematic. They were switching ball screens. We are never very proficient at the rim, but in the first half our big guys were at least cleaning up and that’s what kept us in the game,” Kennedy said.

“But their length bothered us. We couldn’t stop them. They only missed 10 field goals in the second half and part of that was at the end. An Ole Miss Rebel did not grab a defensive rebound until two minutes were left in the half. I have never seen that.”

That’s because UK’s inside players finally went to work dominating the boards led by Willie Cauley-Stein, who had 18 points (7-for-8), 11 rebounds, six blocked shots, two assists and one steal. That’s better production than he’s almost had in the past five games combined.

“He was outstanding tonight,” Kennedy said. “He has shown himself to be a complete player and his length was very bothersome. He finished everything at the basket. Even when we got a stop, he was there to clean up and finish through contact.”

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  1. Larry Pup

    How about them CATS and WCS!???? Slump time is over.

  2. Mike

    Pup…..not so fast there…is only one game but yes tonite Warrior Cauley-Stein was certainly the difference and a big SHOUT OUT to him and rest of team. I still can’t get over these slow, boring, lethargic first halfs of games. It is almost like the opposing game coaches have a better game plan to play us than we do them. We also look lost and undisciplined and can say that for most of our games. It is nice to get the W but until we always get that 6-8 pt. run in 2nd half we are doing more surviving than winning. Do you think we will ever have a game when most of our players will be on the same page and play lights out for most of a complete game? Of the first 6 players we play with, it seems that every night there are only 2-3 guys playing and performing and the rest are just existing. Young and Randle were not on their games tonight and appears Randle now in mini slump with scoring and rebounding. TG our FT’s are going. Willey was unconscious with his 3 pointers there toward the end of the game. Let’s hope these guys are finally starting to turn the corner. I would still like to see us with a more killer attitude when we get a team down, in part, because I want to see Willis and Hood get more PT. Cal talks the talk on the bench but rarely walks the walk with them.

    1. UKFMLY

      Really. Really. Really. Mike your post is like one I would expect from a ul fan. This is a young team working through being “young”. If you find fault with a 16 point win against one of the top scoring teams in the SEC Really is all I got for you. What makes this YOUNG TEAM SPECIAL is that they win despite all the short coming you pointed out and they won by 16. Really. Really, ROFLMFAO



    2. Anonymous

      Mike, please troll on some other board. Your “insights” are becoming boring and predictable. Be safe and have a great day.

  3. Judi cole

    UKFMLY, you are right about this young team. They sure proved that they have made amazing progress throughout the season. I think these young men should be proud of themselves and so should we!

  4. Larry T Clemons

    What a great Win…IMO….Also, WCS knows what he can be, now it’s about consistency. This Team is starting to like Each Other, ” A Lot.” And Alex is stable, dependable and he’s Still Growing….” Man would love for Alex to stay and get his degree.

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