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Lakota West (Ohio) running back Mikel Horton, one of the early commits in the 2014 recruiting class,  did all he could to persuade Georgia all-purpose running back Stanely Williams to commit to UK even though they play the same position.

“It is all about recruiting guys that will make you better and putting guys around you that make the team better,” Williams said. “We will compete and both get better. That’s what Kentucky needs to be successful. He showed me he is willing to compete, and so am I. Really, you don’t get that from a lot of people. He reached out to me and told me to commit and make plays with him. We will be a heck of a combination. Coach Neal (Brown) told me he is already working on ways to put us both in the backfield.

“This is going to be a historic recruiting class with Horton, (Drew) Barker and more. They were telling me to enjoy myself and just make the right decision. But everything they said about Kentucky is true. I love it.  Just tell the fans Boom is coming to Kentucky.”

Kentucky coaches have put “Yahtzee” on Twitter when a player commits since they cannot comment directly on recruits. Williams put the same message on his Twitter account when he committed and hopes to do it a lot more.

“It’s a great tradition, and we’re going to get a bunch more Yahtzees. Just wait and see,” Williams said.

14 Responses to Ohio RB Mikel Horton did all he could to help convince Georgia RB Boom Williams to commit to UK

  • Larry Pup says:

    Those two will probably be competing against Kemp too. I look for that back to make some noise also. Looking good for the future. Need some big nasty, hungry, OL guys now.

  • Ron Rush says:

    Another reason why this 2014 class is special .

  • TrueBlueJohn says:

    I know that this year is going to be tough, but look what we have to look forward to. The best recruiting class since they began ranking recruits hits the field this fall, followed up by a class that has a good chance to be a top 10 class. Rarified air that we are breathing. Yahtzee!!!!!!!

  • MikeF says:

    This speaks to the very high character of Mikel Horton, not only a great player but an unselfish teammate that recognizes the advantage of having many great players on the team to promote a winning atmosphere. I live in northern Kentucky and am planning to go see Horton play this year! What a great kid to have coming in!

    • larryvaught says:

      Let Horton know you read about his efforts at by sending him a message on Twitter

  • David says:

    I have to agree with each and every comment made above. This 2014 Class is going to be special and I honestly think they will be beating the likes of Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Vandy and Tennessee before they graduate. They believe the coaches believe and I believe. We are Kentucky and we will not be pushed around by anyone anymore.

    Looking forward to football season!!!

  • UKFMLY says:


  • Edward says:

    David, that was a fantastic post and clearly expresses the deep longings that many Kentucky football fans have hoped for decades. We will no longer be the doormat of the South! 2013 and 2014 recruits and all present players, this fanbase will be with you “till the battle is won.” Go Big Blue!

  • Ira says:

    Yeah it seems JoJo gets a little forgotten in all of this. Bet we see him on the field as well this year along with a multitude of freshmen WR.

  • Anonymous says:

    Mikel is a fence post buster if I’ve ever seen one…one of those SEC type backs you dream about. Can hardly wait to see him explode into the line…Go Cats.

  • mikel says:

    Thanks all my UK family ya are what keeps me driving to be the best and my brother boom

  • David says:

    Mikel, we sure are glad your part of our family!

    Your going to love your time at Kentucky.

  • Larry Pup says:

    Mikel you and the other fine football players who have committed to UK are the future of this proud program. BBN is hungry for a winner, but we have always loved our football in the “Blue Grass.” It is time to turn it around. I believe your class will do just that. In saying all that, I’m looking for UK to be vastly improved this year to. GO CATS!!! BEAT WKU!!!!


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