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Ohio cornerback Kei Beckham wants to be part of turning UK program around

Kel Beckham photo submitted

Kei Beckham photo submitted


Ohio defensive back Kei Beckham said “pretty much everything” felt right to him at Kentucky, so he decided there was no longer any need to delay his college decision.

The cornerback from Trotwood Madison High School gave his verbal commitment to the Wildcats Saturday night joining an impressive list of 2015 verbal commits.

“Every time I have been there, it has been like family,” said Beckham. “I also wanted to have a chance to be part of a program that was turning around and help build something going forward like what coach (Mark) Stoops is doing at Kentucky. And it’s close to home.”

Beckham says his strengths are “footwork and attacking the football” at all times.

“I like to be aggressive and make a difference on the field. The coaches think I can make a difference for them turning things around, and so do I,” he said.

He knows about winning. His high school has played in four straight state championship games he won a state title as a freshman.

“We have a lot of Division I talent on the team that I practice with and against every day,” he said.

That’s one reason playing in the Southeastern Conference appealed to him so much.

“Coach Stoops has a great defensive background at Florida State with putting guys in the  NFL and he is a great person, too,” Beckham, who said he ocasionally runs into UK fans in the Dayton area where he lives, said. “But there is nothing better than competing in the SEC. I am a guy that loves to compete and in the SEC you get to compete and go against the best.

“Guys on the team told me Kentucky is a great place to be and I know some guys from Ohio on the team and they would not lead me wrong. There’s a lot of Ohio guys there and that did impress me.”

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  1. Larry Pup

    I like this young man a lot. He wants to be at Kentucky, and he is a good athlete that can help them. BBN loves you Kei because you committed to the Big Blue. I wish you great success at UK. Be a ball hawk on the field with many “pick 6’s.”

  2. Norman Inestine

    Welcome aboard Mr. Beckham. Thanks for your commitment and confidence in Stoops Troups.

  3. David

    Welcome Kei !!! BBN forever youngman

  4. james gover

    High school football players in IL, IN, OH, MD, DC and WVA who want to play in the SEC because it is has the strongest competition yet still be close enough to home so that their families can drive to attend their football games should take a close look at UK.

  5. Nick

    Good to see up picking up some more commitments over the weekend, especially in the defensive secondary. Also, does anyone know how the Davis twins from Pittsburgh are doing? I know they were hyped up a lot when they first committed and they’ll finally be eligible this. Just wondering since the seasons getting close and haven’t heard much about them in a while.

    1. David

      Funny you should mention them, I just looked at the roster about 5 minutes before your post to see if they were still on the team. I am curious to know about how they are doing also.

    2. John

      Pretty sure the twins are no longer on the team, not sure what the reason is.

      1. Larry Pup

        That is interesting. Perhaps Larry V can shed some light on this about the Davis boys. I pilled up the roster and they are still listed.

        1. larryvaught

          The Davis twins were not going to be on scholarship this fall — maybe in January — and decided to transfer. Got offers from Louisville, but last I heard they are going to West Virginia

          1. Larry Pup

            Thanks Larry V. That is sort of a shock. I guess they just didn’t work out. They were sort of the talk this time last year.

          2. larryvaught

            Agree Larry Pup. Stunend me

          3. UKFMLY


          4. Larry Pup

            These guys done transferred twice now. Something is definitely wrong with that picture.

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