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Noel falls to No. 6, then apparently traded to Philadelphia

METAIRIE, La. (AP) — A person familiar with the situation says the Pelicans have traded Nerlens Noel to Philadelphia for point guard Jrue Holiday after selecting the Kentucky center with the sixth pick overall in Thursday’s NBA draft.
The person spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the trade had not been announced. The person says
New Orleans also sent the 76ers a protected 2014 first-round pick and received the Sixers’ second-round selection — 42nd overall — in this year’s draft.
The 6-foot-4 Holiday, a four-year pro, averaged 17.7 points and eight assists for the 76ers last season.
The 6-foot-10 Noel averaged 10.5 points per game and 9.5 rebounds per game, and blocked 106 shots as a freshman. However, left knee surgery is expected to sideline him until December.

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  1. Karen Sprinkle

    I don’t follow the NBA closely enough to know the needs of the various teams, but this seems to be one of the weirdest NBA drafts at least in recent memory.

  2. Eric

    N.O. should have kept him. Would have been a great tandem.

  3. steve

    poor decision to trade him. the block party would have been very entertaining and isn’t that what new Orleans is all about.

  4. cats79


    Hooray for the sixers and ditto for the N.O they just gave away a sleeper they will regret.!!!!

  5. King Ghidora

    I was glad to see Goodwin make it in the first round. It proves he made a good decision going pro IMO. He would have struggled for PT on the next Wildcat team and that’s not good for building up your draft stock. Still it would have been UK and not some podunk college we’re talking about. Even non-starters get drafted from UK teams. But IMO the draft will be much stronger next season which would have made it tough for Archie too. There are lots of benefits to being a first round pick over going in the second round and I’m glad he will get them.

  6. LindaS

    I wanted Nerlens to stay in NOLA so we could call it New CATleans! I could see Nerlens and AD blocking shots left and right. Needless to say, I am a little disappointed. Oh well, that’s life! I was very much surprised he did not go sooner, very surprised.
    I loved the jersey inside the coat and he had on a Lane Goodwin Cancer Ribbon, that young man gets it. He has as big of a heart as anyone!
    On a side note, there was a young man here today installing my new internet service. I cancelled insight and now have AT&T, hope that is not a mistake. Oops, Time Warner was cancelled.
    Anyhow…The young man was from Memphis. Of course he saw all my UK things on my porch and door and in the PC/TV room. He WAS a big fan of Cal until Cal left. He kind of feels the same way about Cal that I feel about little slick quick rick. He said Cal left for his dream and he does not hold that against him. But he felt Cal was building a dynasty in Memphis and would have been a legend in Memphis. He thought Cal could not do that at Kentucky.
    I disagree, big time. Cal has a dynasty and he will be a legend. 13 First Round pics in the NBA in four years. Who else can do that? NO ONE!

  7. dennis

    here’s a comparison for you, KG was taken 5th in the draft, NN 6th, KG went on to become a great player, NN I predict will also. You cant teach what both of them have, desire, attitude and a willingness to lay it all on the line…in 2 years, the teams that passed on NN will be saying what if what if, too late, NN will blossom at Philly and it is a great fit

  8. Karen Sprinkle

    Good comparison, Dennis. If I’m not mistaken, Nerlens has said the guy he most admires playing-style wise is Garnett.

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