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No one told Aaron Harrison about needing “long johns” at Kentucky


Freshman guard Aaron Harrison of Texas has had to adjust to the recent frigid weather in Kentucky.

“They didn’t tell me about this. You have to bundle up, but it’s OK,” Harrison said.

Didn’t Calipari mention Kentucky’s winter weather when he was recruiting him?

“No, no one told me about this, having to wear long johns and stuff like that. But it’s fine, it’ll be alright,” Harrison said.

He said his mother told him it was only 32 degrees recently even in Texas.

“That’s really cold for them. But now I really appreciate Texas and summer and stuff like that. I really appreciate summer,” he said.

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  1. Ira

    I was stationed at Ft Hood TX back in my Army days. I know what he is talking about. I remember winter in TX there. Some of us would break out field jackets when it hit the 40-50’s there. We suffered so much there lol. But mainly Winter at Ft Hood stayed in the 60’s.
    Sure was nice, cause this cold front is a pure pain for everyone everywhere.

    1. TrueBlueJohn

      Ira, I did my basic training at Lackland AFB in San Antonio. While I didn’t experience Winter there, I got enough of 95 degree plus days to last me a long time. We never got to run the obstacle course because they ran up the red flag if the temp was over 95.

  2. RJ

    Welcome to KY Aaron. If you don’t like the weather, stick around an hour, it will change again – usually for the worse! :)

    KY is one of those states that is stuck right between the frigid north and the hot south. So instead of being a nice average mild, it gets the worst of both!!!

  3. LindaS

    How many times have we seen the temp drop 30 degrees in a matter of hours? LOL Poor babies…I do feel sorry for them. People who move south and then come back up in the winter are miserable. I’m miserable and I have not gone anywhere.

  4. Gene

    I’ve lived in many places, in the U.S. and overseas
    Temperatures here are probably as moderate as they were in Alberta, Venezuela, Austrailia, Saudi, or anywhere else. (Yeah Saudi is a bad example : )) My major complaint is that so many folks in KY just can’t handle weather like we had this morning in snow and 20 mph winds or temps below 10 degrees. We live outside of Danville, not far from a fairly busy (for Danville that is) thorofare. If it weren’t so da8ned dangerous it would be comical watching these “drivers” trying to go 60mph on a snow covered road. Watched two this morning make a big donut and wind up in a four foot ditch.
    So Aaron, just sit back, shiver a bit and enjoy the show. It is hilareous at times.

    1. larryvaught

      Gene, you described most of us in Kentucky perfectly. but did make a SAFE drive to Lexington today

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