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New UK Hoops assistant Adeniyi Amadou plans to expand UK’s international recruiting

Assistant Coach Adeniyi Amadou

On what he knew about UK prior to taking the job …
“I knew Adolph Rupp and I knew the history of the school a little bit, and obviously you know about the men’s (basketball) program. But, we played Kentucky about two years ago in the NCAA Tournament, so I was familiar with them and I knew a little bit about the program. Over the past two years, I have come down here just to watch practice, both men’s and women’s, just trying to study a little bit. I was a little bit familiar.”

On if attending practices was the start of his and Coach Mitchell’s relationship …
“No, not really. When I came down, I had a friend that worked on the men’s side. I would come down, watch workouts and sometimes he wouldn’t even know I was there. The relationship came later.”

On if he thinks he can help expand UK’s international recruiting base …
“Yes, definitely. What was happening before at the University of Dayton, I felt we had the right structure, but maybe the platform wasn’t loud enough to attract the top international players. At a place like Kentucky, you can feel that effect already on people even across seas, the success of the men’s program that helps a whole lot. The resources are in place. Some of the top, top, top European players have the tendency to stay in Europe and sign professional. This is the right kind of school and if you have the right kind of people in place, you can really reach out to them.”

On his reputation of being an ace recruiter …
“I think when I arrived at Dayton, it was the right platform that allowed me to grow as a coach. I’m a bit surprised. People talk a lot about recruiting, but what really drives the recruiting is player development. Ultimately you want to train a particular kind of kid and if you’re genuine in your approach, I think that translates in recruiting.”


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  1. David

    I like this guy and his work ethic, from what I have read so far he must be a very personable type of person. I think his hiring will help put Kentucky women’s basketball right up there with Connecticut and will be on par with what the men’s basketball team. Good pick up coach Mitchell and welcome Adeniyi your going to love Kentucky

  2. David

    with what the men’s basketball team. should have wrote and meant to say. with where the men’s basketball team is at

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