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Neal Brown will throw a lot at UK quarterbacks quickly to determine who is No. 1


Maybe he only did it because he knew he was meeting with the media before the Greater Louisville Alumni Association luncheon Friday in Louisville, but offensive coordinator Neal Brown met with quarterbacks Reese Phillips, Maxwell Smith, Drew Barker and Patrick Towles Friday morning.

“I’ve got a good feel for how they learn, what makes them learn, what makes them tick, what motivates them,” Brown said. “Now what we’re going to do is turn up the heat on them. I’m going to try to put a lot of pressure on them early, see which one of them reacts.”

Players report Aug. 4 for preseason camp and Brown says settling on a starting quarterback quickly is a priority.

“We’re going to throw a lot at them and try to put them in tough situations,” he said.“I think they’re fresh, which is important at this time. I know they’ve got a much better feel for the offense than they did even in the spring. I’m excited to see them.”

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  1. Larry Pup

    Sounds like a plan, but I would think Brown has a mental leader right now in his mind, and will give the others a chance to challenge for the job early in camp. This decision needs to be made asap IMO to get the young man prepared mentally to lead his football team. I hope the right QB is calling signals for the Wildcats come Aug. 30.

    1. Edward

      I think it is #12, but I will be happy with the QB of his choice!

      1. Andy

        Is 12 Towles or Philips? I can’t remember their jersey numbers.

        1. Larry Pup

          12 is Phillips, Towles is No. 14. I don’t necessarily think Towles has a leg up just yet on winning this job, but then I wouldn’t bet the farm on it either. One of these guys needs to rise up and take the job..

  2. Mike

    Andy, I agree with your call on this. Towles does seem to have the slight edge now, and I have always liked Phillips because he has been under the radar and apparently more consistent than the others.

  3. David

    Well this should be the test of let the best man win. I am sure the coaches will go with the best man. I trust that they want to win and know the importance of what winning will do for recruiting this year and next. I also hope yestedays anouncement of George Brown lights a fire under everyones A$$ and we go down to the swamp and kick a little bit of Gator Tail.

    1. Edward

      Preach David, preach it. Let’s go down to the Swamp and just totally smash their faces in it.

  4. RJ

    How many times has everyone seen the starting QB lose the job to the backup the first time the stuff hits the fan in a game? ie, the guy that everyone thinks has all the talent folds under pressure and the backup goes in and pretty much saves the day or at least stabilizes things. With two QB’s with very little game experience something like the above could and very likely happen. As I said in another post yesterday, it’s going to boil down to which QB has the moxey for the game.

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