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Neal Brown wastes no time visiting top state prospects


New Kentucky offensive coordinator Neal Brown apparently hit the ground running Monday as soon as he officially signed his new contract with the Wildcats.

Kentucky has two potential big-time receivers — James Quick of Trinity and Ryan Timmons of Franklin County — with the speed and playmaking ability to compete in the SEC. Last week new defensive coordinator D.J. Eliot went to see both players, but Brown is the one who will be coaching them if they decided to come to Kentucky. That’s why Brown wasted no time Monday according to sources going to see both players, who have yet to make their college choices.

Sources also indicated that he hoped to pay a visit to Notre Dame commit Hunter Bivin, a 290-pound lineman at Owensboro Apollo.

If Kentucky could land one of the three, that would be major progress for coach Mark Stoops and his staff. If the Cats could get two, it would be a huge boost for the program in a variety of ways.

Brown may even have found time to visit another high profile Lexington player Monday just after he signed his contract and before he hit the road.


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  1. Keith

    Who was the Lexington player Brown visited today?

  2. Larry Pup

    We all know these guys can coach. What UK needs is talent. Talent wins most of the time coupled with good coaching.

  3. Jake

    Probably Kyle Bolin. 3 star Pro-Style QB from Lex Cath.

  4. Jake

    Pup: UK has plenty of talent. Phillips could find the best 2-3 stars with potential (Trevathan, Cobb, Sanders, Max Smith, etc). UK can hang with the SEC with the kids we have now, we just have to supplement them and bring their potential to fruition.

    1. Larry Pup

      Jake they have had fair talent. Certainly not overpowering talent. I think UK has some talent now, but they don’t have a Lacy or Gurley. If UK wants to compete for an sec championship they must get their fair share of 4 and 5 star recruits that normally go to the sec powers. If our new coaching staff starts bringing a few of these in, particularly from the deep south, you’ll see UK start to win our share of football games. I don’t think you can win a sec championship, or a national championship, I don’t care who is coaching, without top flight football talent of the 4 and 5 star caliber. This is proven year after year. Just look at Alabama, Florida, Georgia, etc. Stoops and company must get a few of these and start building winning tradition. Success breeds success.

      1. Larry Pup

        Where other sec teams have an advantage on uk in football, particularly the top teams like Alabama, Georgia, LSU, USC etc. is depth at just about every position. That has to change.

        1. Larry Pup

          This staff just hired is said to be great recruiters in key areas of football breeding grounds. Time will tell. I am sure crossing my fingers. If we start to see UK’s recruiting class in the top 25, look out!!!!

  5. eddie

    sorry to burst people’s bubble we will probley get timmons i would scratch out james quick though because petrino will get him to WKU cause bobby p been recruiting him hard for a long time now.

    1. Proberts

      No disrespect intended, but Quick won’t go to WKU where he’ll be playing against non-BCS talent the majority of the time. He’ll go to a BCS school. I don’t care if Petrino has been recruiting him since he was in diapers.

  6. Jimcats

    Jake’s right, with talent similar to what we now have, we could win in the SEC (4 or 5 games) with top D and O schemes and a confident attitude. Maybe not the first year when everything is new to everyone, but soon.

  7. Mason

    I don’t think James Quick wants to play in Conference USA. He’ll end up at UofL or maybe OSU. KY has little shot but you have to lay the groundwork for future classes.

    1. Larry Pup

      I wouldn’t giveup on Quick just yet. It ain’t over tell it’s over.

      1. Larry Pup

        Eliot has already visited Quick, or attempted to. Brown is said to be on the way.

      2. Mason

        Larry if this staff can land Quick it would send quite a message. At the end of the day I think the family ties to UofL, Strong not leaving, moving to the SEC they should be in the drivers seat or if he wants to go big time then OSU. I would love it though if they could pull this out. I do think (hope), Timmons will end up at KY. Bolin is a UofL commit and coming off an ACL.

        1. Mason

          Sorry. I meant ACC obviously not the SEC :)

          1. Larry Pup

            The big test for UK’s staff is to control Kentucky recruiting, particularly Louisville schools. They gotta beat out Strong who has made great strides. They have to get the cream of the crop here at home for starters. With Strong winning at UofL, he has a leg up right now. That is why we have to kick their ass next year at CWS. That is the most important game on UK’s schedule as far as I’m concerned.

        2. larryvaught

          Just getting Quick or Timmons after being out of the picture with both would be a huge plus

    2. UKFAN197TONE

      Kentucky, Louisville, Missouri, Ohio State, Oregon, Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Illinois, Michigan, Tennessee, West Virginia.

      Those are listed teams for Quick on scout.com.

      1. UKFAN197TONE

        He’s one tough kid.

        “Trinity High School wide receiver James Quick, a top University of Louisville football target, played the final game of his high school career on Saturday night. Despite three broken ribs, Quick had three catches for 83 yards and two touchdowns as the Shamrocks decked Pleasure Ridge Park 61-7 in the Class 6-A state final.”

  8. 1catmantoo

    Eddie: No way Quick goes to Western when he can choose from Ohio State, Oregon, UK and UL. Absolutely no way. Write that down.

  9. ACE12

    UK has the talent. They just need to be coached up and developed properly. I’ve never seen so many WIDE OPEN receivers on 3rd, other than against UK. They need to be taught proper schemes and positioning. Once the players learn the new schemes, they should be fun to watch.

  10. UKFAN197TONE

    UK, at this point, is #61 in scout.com recruiting rankings. Let’s see where they go from here…

  11. NostraDanis

    The results are pending, but I love that the new staff members seem to all be hitting the recruiting trail immediately (or sooner!) after being hired. Hopefully, the days of looking at our staff and identifying the one, two or three guys that are decent recruiters are over.

    Larry, you seem to be struggling with the concept of “vacation”!

    1. larryvaught

      NostraDanis, vacation is a relative term in my business. But at least not in office and having to do all the stuff I normally do there each week that involves a lot of things besides writing

  12. UK-Cincy

    I can’t see Quick going to wku when petrino will be gone in a year or less.

  13. Richmond Cat

    I think the QB at Tech has had a couple of ACL repairs. Bolin will come back fine from that.I have no doubt he would be on Browns radar. According to the sites he is a 4 star on Scout and 247 and a high 3 on Rivals and ESPN. I have seen him several times and would love to have him great player. Would he flip Larry with a new staff.

    1. larryvaught

      Kyle Bolin grew up a UK fan but never got a lot of attention from the past staff. Don’t know if he would flip because of loyalty Louisville has shown him, but glad to see this UK staff at least wants to try

  14. RJ

    I’m puzzled by a lot of responses relative to KY’s current talent level. Yes, we have “some” SEC calibre young men but too few to hang with the likes of FL, Al, GA, LSU and, apparently, Vandy. Even with the coaching issues we had, our players, by in large, did not demonstrate a high talent level. With better coaching, we will be better but not great next year. We simply must land a few of these high talent kids to be competitive.

  15. JCC

    There was a time that UK was not even being considered by Quick, now I think they have a real shot at him. The kid they need to put everything they got towards is Montravius Adams if they could get him I think the floodgates would be wide open.

    1. LarryPup

      Right on JCC. Adams is a great one at 6’4′ 310 pounds, DT. He is a 5 star. Just look who is recruiting him. UGA is his top right now. These are the kind of footballers uk has to get. I did not see UK mentioned on his list. Get our name in the hat Coach Stoops.

      1. JCC

        http://rivals.yahoo.com/footballrecruiting/football/recruiting/player-Montravius-Adams-129984 UK is now listed. He had shown intrest before but now I think we have a shot. Also not another state prospect but UK committ Reese Phillips MVP of the Toyota East vs West Tennessee ALL Star Game.http://www.commercialappeal.com/news/2012/dec/09/east-team-takes-toyota-east-vs-west-tennessee-all/?partner=RSS

        1. LarryPup

          I understand a 4 star qb named Gillins who was committed to Texas Tech is now considering UK

  16. Seymour

    Got to get the 4 & 5 star recruits if we are to compete in the SEC. Pick any of the bigs and take a look at the players they have recruited. Kind of like playing against Calipari’s boys. May make a game out of it, but not going to win on a regular basis – takes talent to beat talent.

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