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Neal Brown: UK has “drastic improvements” that must be made


Kentucky offensive coordinator Neal Brown readily admits the bye week “comes at a good time” for UK after four straight losses to top 20 teams and losing Jalen Whitlow to an ankle injury on the second series against Alabama Saturday that leaves his status up in the air for UK’s next game.

“The truth of the matter is we’ve played four top-15 teams in a row, three of the top defenses in the country. I think you pull the positives, which I don’t know if there are any tonight, really, other than that one drive,” said Brown after Saturday’s loss. “I guess we’re the only team in like three games to score a touchdown (on Bama). Four games? Put that on the front page.

“So that’s a positive, but I think you use this. We’ve got half the season left, so I think you look at it and say, ‘Hey, here’s what we did. Here’s where we’re at. Our record’s obviously not where we want, but here’s where we’re at and this is the positives we’ve done and here’s where we need improvement.’ Trust me we have drastic improvement that needs to be made. And then you treat it like a new season from here out.”

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  1. Doug Ridley

    There should be NO complaining. Everybody who had any sports sense at all knew we were going to lose these last four games. Lets look forward to the rest of the season where we have a chance to win some games. Better times are ahead. Give these coaches 4 or 5 years and I believe we will see a different football team.

  2. Darrell

    I agree with Doug things are looking up this team does have fight in them and they just need more members. They look good for next yr and coaches are recruiting the right people and the right way!!! Go Cats

  3. Jim Harris

    I was disappointed with the WKU loss, but the rest of our first 1/2 season has gone pretty much as most of us expected. We really couldn’t expect to beat the other teams, all ranked, in that super tough first half season.

    I’ve been thinking along the same lines as Coach, that the 2nd half of the season would be a bit more reasonable–only 2 more ranked teams on our schedule–and all things considered, we’ll have a fighting chance in several of the remaining games. A 2nd season if you will. A chance for us to watch our team and staff in more realistic situations. IMO, we fans will be very proud of this group at season’s end as we look forward to better seasons when our new staff and young talent settle in at UK.

    I mentioned preseason that I’d be pleased if our team played hard (never quit) and showed improvement as the season went along. Difficult to measure improvement in such a tough row of games, but the effort has been there. I’m proud of our youngsters in that respect. However there’s no pride for my fellow fans who give up on our program before it even has a chance to get off the ground. Shallow, I say, shallow!

  4. kyjohn

    Disappointing is the way I would characterize the season thus far.Disappointing in not beating a WKU team with a new coach and staff playing a first time starter at qb,disappointment in not beating UL,and disappointing in a defense that would be hard pressed to make a stop on 3rd and long.

  5. MickintheHam

    So Larry, if Jalen can’t go against MSU, which QB does Neal lift from redshirt status? I’m not sure if it will be the improvement Neal is discussing, but the durability of Smith against a big ol defense such as the Bulldogs could come into question. I’ll be driving the bandwagon over to Starkvegas for the occasion. All of the contributors to this site are welcome to ride along. It would be great time if it is Coach Stoops first SEC win.

  6. RJ

    Coach is right on. However, even though MSU is an away game I think the game is critical for this team’s frame of mind for the rest of the season. These kids need a win. Nothing motivates like winning. Confidence is as much the game of football as smacking people in the mouth. Mentally (and physically), these kids are pretty beat up right now. They need a win.

  7. Viper

    I am hoping it was just the talent level, but we had better stop being manhandled at the line of scrimmage on offense! Alabama is an entirely different animal and so is Florida to a degree. However that should not happen against Louisville and WKU. We finally took a little control and completed most of the blocking assignments for a quarter against South Carolina and the offense ran the way it was supposed to (mostly). Now, we got some help from S.C., but that seemed to inspire the line (both sides) somewhat, and the game completely changed. We had better go to Mississippi State with that as job one or it will be another ugly night. Football is still won and lost within three yards of the line of scrimmage and, until they change the rules a whole lot, it will always be won there.

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