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Neal Brown: “This is a blue state. I don’t think anybody can argue that.”


Kentucky offensive coordinator Neal Brown grew up a Kentucky basketball fan and even went to the Final Four in Houston in 2011 when he was coaching at Texas Tech and UK lost to Connecticut. He says UK coach John Calipari has been a big asset for football.

“Kentucky basketball is cool. It is hip. You have (rapper) Drake as a fan. Cal has made basketball really popular among the young people,” Brown said.

He revealed he’s constantly asked if having a premier basketball program is a plus or minus for football.

“I think it is a huge plus. We scheduled official visits around home basketball games,” Brown said. “Cal has been super supportive. Any time we ask for help, he does. We have the same vision (for football) Cal has for basketball program, and it had lost some of that before he came. That is what we are trying to do on the football side, too.”

He says “passionate” fans are huge help to football as well.

“I talk to recruits a lot about this. There are no professional sports in Kentucky. There are two universities with most of the fan base. But this is a blue state. I don’t think anybody can argue that,” Brown said. “People here (at UK), you are on a big stage. A kid in Atlanta, there is a major pro franchise or two, two major colleges. There are a lot of people stealing the limelight. Here in Kentucky, there’s nothing. Fans show up at events and are loud. There is a lot of presence on Twitter, and that goes back to Cal, too.”

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  1. ukscat

    Like I said Larry, Neal is running for office – – and seems to be almost there.

    1. larryvaught

      Neal is very smooth and sharp.Stoops needs to have him out speaking all he can

  2. Ira

    We are a BlueState has always been this way. But it does goes back to the athletic department and the BOT, they did not have a vision for football the same way they did for basketball.

    Not to rehash old news but that vision would have been the same, if the fans hadn’t had our little rebellion and told them to stick it under the Joker regime.

    I’m glad they are finally backing the football program, should have done so when Coach Brooks was having his modest success. We wouldn’t be in the mess we are in now. Although I’m not complaining about Coach Stoops nor his success in recruiting. May it continue on the football field as well.

  3. Love SEC F-Ball

    I agree with Larry. Neal is very good with his PR skills.
    Proud to say that he is from here.

    1. larryvaught

      If I was Stoops, I would have Neal out speaking every day he’s not recruiting. He can vacation next year (ha ha)

  4. TrueBlueJohn

    Ira, you hit the nail on the head. Every empty seat in Commonwealth posing as a fan, sent a very clear message.

  5. Larry Pup

    I like hearing from Coach Brown anytime. I would also like to hear from our head man more too. Shucks, I like hearing from them all. This is shaping up to be quite a staff.

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