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Neal Brown says two backs “have kind of raised themselves” above others


Kentucky offensive coordinator Neal Brown noted Friday that there has been some separation in the running back competition.

“Two guys have kind of raised themselves. Jojo (Kemp) and Braylon (Heard) have kind of performed the best so far this spring. I’m interested to see how it looks when the lights come on (Saturday in the Blue-White Game),” Brown said.

“But, I feel good about those four guys. I really do. Mikel (Horton) he’s a little ways off because he’s got to learn how to play. He’s not as consistent. He gets fatigued and really there’s a fall-off when he’s fatigued from when he’s fresh. Then Josh Clemons is doing well. I’m excited about him. We put him in the scrimmage a couple Saturdays ago, and I thought he did well. “

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  1. Andy

    This is good. I am glad there is an established order. It will take a while for Hortel to adjust considering he is still a freshman and the D has gotten bigger as well so the hits hurt harder.

  2. Larry T Clemons

    When Leadership at key Positions stand out, other will stand up in respect….and Play Harder.

  3. Gene T.

    They all seem like quality backs. I hope all of them can play this fall and make plays. Fresh legs with talent can make a big difference. I like our running backs. I also hope we use all of them.

  4. Edward

    Congratulations Neal Brown & Chad (RB Coach) on a fine Blue-White game. Our RB’s are fantastic and will only get stronger andi mprove prior to August 30. It is safe to say that the QB play made ALL the fans breath a little easier knowing much improvement has been made at that position. Still a work in progress, but now it is fun to watch. Josh Clemons made a statement yesterday!

  5. sluggercatfan

    Andy…Coach Korem and his crew will do wonders for Mikel in the summer conditioning program…Great job yesterday by the players AND the fans at CATWALK…I think Mr. Harris and his mother were quite impressed!!

    1. Edward

      Really good news to hear slugger, really good news about Mr. Harris!

  6. jimharris

    So often we hear announcers talk of the RB getting stronger as the game goes along and his attempts pass 20 or 25. I’m strongly in favor of choosing a top every-down back and another for special occasions and pretty well sticking with them as long as they are healthy.

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