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Neal Brown on recruiting and family


Offensive coordinator Neal Brown talks about recruiting and how his family has handled Kentucky’s 2-6 start this year.

Question: What are you mainly telling recruits when you are talking to them now?
Brown: “That we are getting better and we are playing a lot of young people and the system works. You could look at past results even though we have struggled. We have some good pieces but we need to add some quality pieces. But we have the core of our football team coming back and really, most of the core back for two and three years. I just stress the positive and about where we are right now and what we are doing on a daily basis to get better.”

Question: What do recruits ask you the most?
Brown: “They are asking the same. The guys we are recruiting are positive. Even the (20)14-15-16 kids are that way. They see that we are making progress. They see the inroads we are making in recruiting. They know that we are going to be better. They have kept the faith. You always go back to what you have done and how it should look and what it can look like when we get everybody together.”

Question: How have things gone for your family since even with the win UK is now only 2-6 in your first year here?
Brown: “They are fine. The people have been fine. We have got some criticism, but when you are 1-6 (going into last week’s game), you are going to get some criticism. When you haven’t played great on offense, there is going to be some criticism. I can make all kind of excuses for it, but it is what it is. It has been good. People understand where we are at as a program and that we are making some strides.
“I would love for it to happen yesterday also, but it is a process. You are not going to … you are steering a ship, not a speed boat. Myself personally and (my wife) Brooke, she understands coming from a coaching family … my family understands that criticism comes with it but at the same time they see the every day process is getting better.”

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  1. Jim Harris

    I hate it that a Kentucky Son comes home with a great background and high hopes but has to endure such a painful interlude as he tries to build a winner at one of the toughest places on earth. In a couple of years the same folks that are now worried, falling (or jumping) off the wagon,etc. will be singing his praises and talking ” Oh, my! What must we do to make sure we don’t lose our great young coach to the powerhouses who are snooping around these days?” Worry. Worry. Worry. Maybe that’s just the life of a BBN football fan.

  2. shinny

    Jim count me as one of the BBN that is NOT worried. This group of coaches are the best since Bear–Collier days! Having said that I see a statement win for this progrm in the VERY NEAR future!!

  3. Ira

    The problem everyone contends with..is what have you done for me lately crowd. You can’t listen to this as this staff builds this team up. first to where Brooks had it. Then second move beyond that where we are at least contending for the SEC East, and Finally winning it.

    We have to recruit and we are kids that can do the above. The rest of the SEC has been out recruiting us for ages. We are in catch up mode. But catch up mode was only a partial signing class last year. Barker’s class the Class of 2014 will actually be Stoops 1st full year recruiting. We have to have 3 more years of kids like them to build on quality and depth. Looking forward to the next few years.

  4. Larry Pup

    The biggest question for UK football right now and in the future is the QB position. They seem to sign great HS QB’s but have not developed one yet. If they don’t get that position in good hands next year they will continue to struggle. They need a great field general that can throw it. This year has been hard to watch but the good thing is, apparently, help is on the way. The QB battle going into the 2014 season is critical IMO. Jalen will have a leg up due to game experience, but will he prevail with the talent behind him? More power to him if he does. I think he as made strides, and he is a great athlete, but is he the QB UK needs to win in the SEC? I just don’t know. I agree with Ira that great recruiting has to continue on and on for UK to become a winning football program. This year has been a let down for sure after so much hype and saber rattling. The WKU game was a complete disaster and set the stage for the games to come. If they can beat Tennessee this year it will make amends for much that has happened IMO. That to me is their bowl game. I hope Coach Brown is correct that the young men they are recruiting stay firmly in UK’s camp. They need them desperately.

  5. RJ

    Lets take them one at a time. It’s Missouri this week. We’re going to have to look smart, be sharp and make no mistakes against this team.

  6. Ira


    I agree with you we still have to take it one game at a time, but it sure helps having a QB that at least looking like he knows what he is doing out there. Hope Whitlow Takes another leap forward in his progress as a QB. it will only help in our recruiting. The problem is we our short of WR’s this week. 2 are out, and we will be depending on a couple that gets minutes in a game compared to starts. Badet LeGree. Hopefully these 2 will shine in a big way, and whatever funk Darryl Collins has been in, he is finally out of it and play like he was recruited for. I’m wondering if we will see another walkon WR play this week like the Cameron Fogle kid play?

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