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Neal Brown on Georgia game: “It didn’t feel like we had the same fight”


Offensive coordinator Neal Brown says player suspensions were no excuse for Saturday’s loss at Georgia.

“I think what happened earlier had very little outcome to be honest with you. Got rules and regulations we have and we have people that broke them and suffered consequences, but that’s no excuse for coming out and playing and coaching how we coached. They didn’t have any outcome on that to me,” Brown said.

“It’s hard to know until you watch it, but I was as disappointed as probably any team I’ve ever been a part of in the third quarter. I don’t know. It didn’t feel like we had the same fight (in) us, but I can’t really tell you. That’s just the feel. It’s hard to watch all 11 people. Obviously the performance wasn’t very good.”

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  1. Andy

    Hang in there coach. Its tough right now due to a lack of playmakers but this has also provided experience for these young freshman in the SEC. Coming next season there will be an upgrade in talent and this team should be much improved.

  2. Ira

    Indeed, probably one of the toughest coaching seasons for Brown.

    But go back and if fumble fingered Sanders can’t get it done, there is Kemp, who busted a 69 yd TD run against the dawgs??? Been saying its about time Dyshawn Mobley got a few more carries and look what happens. Feed him more.

    Beat UT, gain some mojo for the offseason and we may start a rivalry back up against UT that’s been dead for close to 30 years. Man that would fire me up like nothing else to get it restarted.


    Plain and simple,UK does not have enough suitable SEC caliber athletes on either side of the ball.There aren’t suitable blokers on the o -line,the d-line is horribl slow,and defensive backs are non existent.Add that with questionable coaching and you have a recipe for the lackluster play witnessed last night.

    Until UK can beat the likes of UL,and WKU,don’t expect any SEC wins.The losses to WKU and UL at the beginning of this season were very telling in what was to come.

  4. Gene T.

    KyJohn, I could not say it any better. I just really hope we can put together a heck of a game and close out the season with a huge victory over UT. That MO and the recruits could put us on the road to where we want to be. GO CATS!

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